Fortnite Hidden Battle Star Locations - Week 6

Hope you’re confident in your speed, because week 6 will put it to the test. You’re going to have to farm up a lot of materials, loot chests in the loneliest region on the map, and spray like you’ve never sprayed before. Sounds easy enough.

Free Tier Challenges:

  • Deal 500 headshot damage to opponents - 5 Battle Stars
  • Harvest 3000 building resources with a pickaxe - 5 Battle Stars
  • Search where the Stone Heads are looking - 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Search 7 chests in Lonely Lodge - 5 Battle Stars
  • Complete 5 timed trials - 5 Battle Stars
  • 2 Minigun or Light Machine Gun eliminations - 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate 3 opponents in Tilted Towers - 10 Battle Stars

Search where the Stone Heads are looking

You’ll find the answer to this riddle just south of the S in Salty Springs up on the small mountain or hill. It’s dead in the center of the slope, just climb up or land on it and it’s yours.

Search 7 chests in Lonely Lodge

12 chests spawn in Lonely Lodge, but the spawn rate is tragically lower than you might expect for such a big area. In a sense, it really is lonely. You can usually find two at either the log cabin or the watchtower locations, so it’s best to try to land at those first. You might also find a straggling chest at one of the northern cabins.

Complete 5 timed trials

You might have spotted an eerie glow coming from the ground shooting into the sky at specific locations. Upon closer inspection, they’re markers for time trials. Activating these gives you a test of speed in building or running through a course to collect beacons to finish the challenge. There are 7 across the map, but if you want to do them on foot, you’ll want to avoid the ones at Snobby Shores and Lazy Links as they require an ATK. Doing the others should get you the 5 completions you need.

Road Trip Hidden Battle Star - Week 6

Week 6’s Battle Star is on the back of a pickup truck closest to the projector screen at Risky Reels. Depending on when you visit, you might find a few more travelers to this out of the way location as there’s a movie playing. It’s alright to stay and watch, but make sure you don’t die in the process!

Final Thoughts

Have you gone through all 6 weeks of challenges? If so, you’re more than half done with season 5. Next week will be the dawn of the Road Trip skin. If you’ve seen it, it looks pretty impressive. What are your thoughts on the season so far? Let us know in the comments!

Fortnite-Capture-2-700x394 Fortnite Hidden Battle Star Locations - Week 6


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