Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Review

Gyokou-no-Nikuko-chan-wallpaper-700x442 Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Review

Life can be quite an exciting but difficult ride, as many of you readers already probably are aware. Every choice we make can lead to great events but also lead us down paths we never expected. Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko reminds us of the real-world decisions we make and why sometimes they aren’t as glamorous as they seem at first but ultimately can lead to a special type of lifestyle. Animated by Studio 4 °C (the animators behind the Berserk: Golden Age Arc films and Memories), and directed by Ayumu Watanabe (the director of Children of the Sea), Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is a film that might surprise everyone as it has an untraditional plot and narrative, not because it’s unrealistic but because it reminds us what being human really means. Is this a film you want to watch or should you avoid it like a bad relationship? Let’s find out in our review of Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko!

The Journey of a Woman with a Big Heart

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko doesn’t waste time jumping right into telling the tale of a young woman named Nikuko, who travels the lands in search of love, big dreams, and reaching a future that even she is uncertain of. Nikuko’s journey establishes itself as quite realistic as we see this woman make some rather careless choices due to her big heart but instead of quitting and lying down and letting her choices ruin her, she gets back up and…makes most of the same mistakes again. Nikuko will easily be a character many can relate to and that is why we were enthralled by her charm right away.

The story shifts rather quickly after we learn the back story of Nikuko as Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko focuses a bit more on Kikuko but only as a means of seeing two different perspectives of our main character, Nikuko, all while seeing the growth of Kikuko. Female viewers will no doubt relate strongly to Kikuko as she endures friendship issues and embarrassment from her mom but we’re sure guys too, will relate to the latter concept. We won’t spoil some of the MAJOR twists that Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko has—though they will be obvious to most by the halfway point—and that’s why this journey is best-taken spoiler free.

Anime Life for You and Me

Relatability is probably the best way to define Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko and we can say it a thousand times but really, that’s what makes this movie shine. Watching the trials and tribulations of Kikuko are almost eerily similar to what some of us here at Honey’s Anime have gone through in life and likewise, we see Nikuko’s past being relatable to us as well. By the end of this hour and a half film, we bet some folks will be nodding their heads as they say things like “yeah that was me in school” and/or “I understand a bad relationship”. Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko really is a slice-of-life movie that knows how to express what life can be like for a person.

Rather Unique Art and Animation

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is a rather curious anime movie. At times, the film can look gorgeous with some beautiful scenery shots and some rather detailed characters. Then it can look almost cartoonish with extreme animation choices—especially from Nikuko and one of the male characters, Ninomiya—that border on the surreal. We actually kind of love this design choice as it keeps the audience from forgetting this is an anime despite the tale being told. However, there is one glaring issue with Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko and while we understand why it was done this way…it certainly isn’t going to be loved by all. Yes, if it isn’t obvious we’re talking about the main girl herself, Nikuko.

Maybe Not the Best Portrayal of a Female Lead

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is an anime that is obvious and as in most anime, the main characters can look strange and quite unrealistic. That is the charm of animation, making MCs that look cool or have a uniqueness to them you can’t find in the real realm. Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko’s main lead Nikuko…probably isn’t one of the best female leads we’ve seen due to how she’s not only animated quite strangely—literally sometimes turning into a blob of meat a few times to convey her large nature—but kind of goes against the attempt at making a fully relatable protagonist. Nikuko’s daughter Kikuko is the polar opposite as she looks like a typical young woman but we have to wonder if animating Nikuko the way the studio did was the best decision. As we said earlier, many will relate to Nikuko and probably Kikuko but many will have to wonder if Nikuko was made a bit too oddly.

Final Thoughts

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is like a fever dream and one we don’t mind having. While it can be unrealistic looking and has a female lead that is almost comically animated, Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko knows what story it is trying to convey and does it without missing a beat. If you’re tired of the usual slice-of-life movies and want something different, you’re going to want to watch Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko!

Thanks to GKIDS for allowing us to review and watch Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko! We hope many of you will support this incredible animation by Studio 4 °C and directed wonderfully by Ayumu Watanabe! Did you readers enjoy Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko or did you miss out on the screening? Comment below to let us know! Keep stuck to our unique and relatable hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime reviews and articles!

Gyokou-no-Nikuko-chan-wallpaper-700x442 Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Review


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