Free! Series is Giving Us More! (3rd xxxxxx?)

Free starting Days

What You Need to Know:

  • Sit down and buckle up. It's coming. Free! has been somewhat of a unique juggernaut against many other shows within the anime community and specifically the Fujoshi community. That being said, it's enjoyed for it's portrayal of a high school boys swimming club.
  • Free! was given two seasons as well as a movie. Free!, for better or worse, was produced by Kyoto Animation. The cause for concern is that Kyoto Animation is notorious for not making a third season of anything ever. They like to let their series die after one or two seasons by giving OVAs and/or a Movie post those series. However, today that could be changing because we could be getting a third season of Free!
  • Recently at a viewing event for the movie that was released on Blu-Ray and DVD on the 20th, the picture below was shown at the end which says that the Free! series is currently getting a new animation! There is no word of whether or not this is going to be a series, OVA, or movie. However, two of the kanji used in the announcement usually refer to TV animation which means that WE COULD BE GETTING A THIRD SEASON! Free fans rejoice!
Free Series Announcement

Source: Yaraon

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This is the first third season ever made by Kyoto Animation...
The kanji say it. This should not be an OVA.
Calm down everyone it does not say TV series.
omg omg omg

honeys anime character

honeys anime character
YESSSSSSS I have been waiting so so so long for this!!! Now I just need Haru and Makoto to like... get together already!!!!
honeys anime character
You said Rin and Haru wrong but it's ok I forgive you... this time.
honeys anime character
Please stop ruining this anime for me everyone.