[Fujoshi Friday] Ikemen Battle! Saijou Takato vs. Azumaya Junta! Who’s the Most Handsome?

Welcome to Ikemen Battle, where we pit hot men against each other to discover who the ultimate ikemen is! We have a tough battle ahead of us with our contestants being Saijou Takato and Azumaya Junta from Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu (DAKAICHI -I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-). Takato and Junta are no strangers to contests based on attractiveness as DAKAICHI is about such a contest, that being ‘The Man I Most Want to be Held by’. Both have held the title themselves, but let’s see who stands out as the hottest man himself!

A Quick Look at Our Competitors:

Saijou Takato

Saijo Takato is a 28-year-old veteran actor and model. Ever since his first gig at 8 years old, the entertainment industry hasn’t been able to get enough of him. Not only has he graced several magazine covers and entranced the public with multiple interviews, but Takato was also voted ‘Man I Most Want to be Held by’ for 4 years in a row with little competition. His dark eyes and hair match his somewhat dark and mysterious aura but due to his diligent years as an actor, he can easily change his demeanor to fit the situation. He’s a cool guy who seems like he can handle anyone and any situation.

Azumaya Junta

Azumaya Junta has recently made waves in the entertainment industry, going from a low-level actor with some talent to a man who can hold his own against the master himself, Saijo Takato. It is not lightly that Takato has commended on Junta’s talent, as his on-screen passion has won him attention from both directors and fans! He has a glowing, sparkling personality and seems to be overflowing with the desire to make others happy. He seems sweet and approachable and is often referred to as an angel because of this. It’s also how he managed to take the ‘Man I Most Want to be Held by’ title from Takato!

What Makes Takato an Ikemen?

Takato has a lean build with defined muscles. His beautiful purple eyes seem to pierce right through you and in a single moment, he can size you up. His stylish dark brown hair against his pale skin is a nice contrast. He has incredible seductive power as either a seme or uke, proving his versatility as an actor who can pull off any role. With his stunning good looks and stylish outfits, it’s no wonder he’s also done a lot of modeling! Because of his commanding presence, he seems to be taller than he really is and also has rather small shoulders. He seems to attract the eyes of both men and women despite not really seeking out romantic partners.

What Makes Junta an Ikemen?

Junta may not be immediately drop-dead gorgeous with his messy hair and regular clothes, but his sparkling eyes and charming smile are where his power lies. His boyish looks and care-free attitude disarm you when faced with his incredible rock-hard abs and his tall stature. With the body of a man and the energy of a puppy, he’s wiggled his way into the hearts of everyone he’s worked with! People often find it easy to approach Junta due to his sincerity in his actions and words and apparent inability to hide his feelings.

Final Verdict:

While we have two amazing contestants, it all comes down to one winner… and that is Takato! While he may not be as warm to everyone as Junta is, that somewhat aloof nature makes him more desirable! He may be shorter but his slightly feminine build also makes him attractive as someone you’d want to go for. That doesn’t mean he can’t be aggressive and overpowering himself, though. As a master of versatility with incredibly handsome looks, Takato may not win against Junta each year, but he wins our ikemen battle this time!

Dakaretai-Otoko-Ichii-ni-Odosareteimasu-DAKAICHI-Im-being-harassed-by-the-sexiest-man-of-the-year-Wallpaper [Fujoshi Friday] Ikemen Battle! Saijou Takato vs. Azumaya Junta! Who’s the Most Handsome?


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