Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 4 Manga Review

In No Hurry’s True Alice
  • Mangaka : Fukuyama, Ryoko
  • Publisher : Viz Media
  • Genre : Music, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
  • Published : September 2017

Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 4 Introduction

Nino’s head is spinning from being utterly rejected by Momo and Yuzu suddenly kissing her all in the same day. With both Momo and Yuzu in such dejected states, In No Hurry’s future is at risk right before their biggest performance yet. Haruyoshi hopes that by revealing In No Hurry’s past to Nino and showing her just how important she was for its creation, perhaps he can give her a new reason to sing.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Yuzu has always been the more helpful and reasonable of the two love interests but his kissing Nino in the midst of her breakdown seems anything but. His thoughts of “I’m going to become a true friend to Alice[/Nino]” placed over and almost obscuring the kiss probably represent the disconnect of his thoughts and his actions as if he kissed her completely on instinct. Yuzu has tried to keep a tight lid on his emotions knowing Nino doesn’t feel the same and Nino is shocked into silence before running away.

Nino avoids Yuzu while still coming to practices but it’s hard to tell where her mind is at. When Yuzu stays home sick from school, her cold-shouldering comes to an end and she demands to ‘take care of him’. After burning some porridge for her sick friend, Nino tells him that she’s felt guilty and sad for hurting Yuzu all this time and has decided to leave In No Hurry so as not to bring Yuzu and the others down. Yuzu quickly puts on a big show if only trying to keep her from screaming and ruining her voice and just kissed her in a panic. He tells Nino that her voice is precious to him and he’s content with her singing to Momo because it’s those feelings that allow her to sing as she does. Nino smiles, relieved and happy that Yuzu just wants to be friends and, while Yuzu is hiding his true feelings, he vows to be the person Nino can rely on, unlike Momo.

Nino feels much better and even finds a new reason to sing. She wants to pay back Yuzu, Haruyoshi, and Kuro for their kindness but she finds her voice is lacking. As she struggles to resolve her feelings, Yuzu calls Momo to meet up under the pretense of getting his CDs back but it’s probably more so to reconcile is hatred for Nino’s most precious person and Yuzu’s affection for his friend. Based on what Momo told Kuze, it’s likely he cares for Yuzu but he treats Yuzu with the same hostility he shows Nino. Momo admits in a possessive way that he wants Nino to sing for him and only him and that he won’t let Yuzu have her and Yuzu responds in kind. Whatever hangups Momo has, Yuzu can’t stand the thought of someone so cruel to Alice taking her voice from him.

While this is going on in a different part of the school, Haruyoshi takes Nino aside and tells her about the band’s beginnings. Miou, Haruyoshi, and Kuro were friends in the hospital and Yuzu ended up in their room. Once they discovered he had a love for music like they did, they somewhat forced Yuzu to get back into music much to his mother’s fury. To make amends, Haruyoshi helped Yuzu sneak out for a few hours which is when Yuzu met Nino for the first time. After hearing ‘Alice’s’ voice, Yuzu felt a new life inside of him that even his abusive mother couldn’t destroy. Seeing now that they were all brought together for a reason, Nino finally understands what it means to be In No Hurry’s Alice.

Momo has done his best to be unapproachable and insulting, but again, Kuze translates his actions for the readers. Momo doesn’t want Nino caught up in his music he’s making desperately to absolve his debt yet he’s unable to compose music now without Nino as his inspiration. He’s so in love he doesn’t know what to do so he pushes her away. When he sees Nino in school later, he makes fun of In No Hurry and tells her they’ll never aspire to anything. Nino tells him off and that without Yuzu’s music, she couldn’t even breath. These mirror the thoughts Momo has about himself and Nino’s voice which must devastate him, but he only continues to provoke her. As Nino storms off, Momo grabs her arm as if afraid she’ll disappear. He quickly regains his composure and tells her to just go wherever she wants, which she does despite her heavy heart.

Why You Should Read Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 4

1. You Get to See Some Bonding Within the Band

This volume changes the idea that Nino is only in In No Hurry because Yuzu wanted her to be and shows us that the band exists as a culmination of Yuzu, Nino, Kuro, Haruyoshi, and even Miou. Knowing that Haruyoshi and Kuro weren’t just going along with Yuzu’s ‘selfish’ decision makes them seem more like a solidified unit and shows the power of their friendship. Haruyoshi accepts Nino as Alice in Miou’s place because of Nino’s newfound goal of singing for the members of In No Hurry instead of just to reach Momo.

Why You Should Skip Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 4

1. You Want More Music and Less Talking

There’s a lot of laying out feelings and discussing motivations in this volume. Many of the seemingly unreasonable things people do or say start to have context which we didn’t have in other volumes. There’s a look at where In No Hurry came from but less on the present. We still don’t know much about what their setlist will look like, the meaning of any songs, or the direction they’re wanting to go save for maybe having Nino play guitar at Sound Horizon.

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how good Yuzu is at hiding his emotions for Nino. While he, at first, shares some unbecoming similarities with Momo in his approach to not getting close to people he feels he’ll disappoint, Yuzu just doesn’t have it in him to continue hurting people after seeing their resolve to support him. It’s nice to see Haruyoshi have some time as more than just comic relief and learn how seriously he takes In No Hurry to Shout. Or, as Momo likes to call it, In No Hurry to Crap. But if Yuzu acted so cold to others because of his mom, there’s probably something we don’t yet know about Momo that makes him so hostile.

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