Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 5 Manga Review

We’re Hiding Our True Feelings
  • Mangaka : Fukuyama, Ryoko
  • Publisher : Viz Media
  • Genre : Music, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
  • Published : November 2017

Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 5 Introduction

With her mind made up to force Momo to acknowledge In No Hurry to Shout, Nino joins the other members for an intensive weekend training to turn her into a guitarist-vocalist. Momo’s animosity for In No Hurry continues to rise and things only get worse when Momo’s mother turns up unexpectedly. Prepared for their biggest performance yet, Nino has steeled her heart but Momo does something that threatens to make her resolve waver.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

After their ugly parting, both Nino and Momo end up on the same radio show with their respective bands and Momo immediately makes a dig at In No Hurry. While the Nino of the past would have just gotten her feelings hurt, today’s Nino snaps back with just as much sass and it’s beautiful to see such an evolution. Still, Momo manages to unsettle Nino and she becomes determined to play ‘perfectly’ like the other members. She’s worried her breakdowns will derail the others but loses some of her unique sound in the process of obsessing over every note. Yuzu is adamant that the other members will be there to cover for her should something go wrong.

Yuzu has Nino make up her own lyrics to their newest song. It’s a great bit a comic relief when Nino is not magically gifted at songwriting too and instead yells out MOMO’S A JERK and other insults. The way they’re transposed across a dark background with blurry points of light indicates they somehow have some element of power or mystery. The next page shows us an overwhelmed Nino talking about how lyrics really do have power. She learns that if they aren’t conveyed with emotion, they won’t reach anyone.

Nino boldly asks is she can write the lyrics to their new song and Yuzu accepts on the condition that he doesn’t have to use them. The next page shows a somewhat horrified Miou listening to Alice sing about bathwater temperature. Our laughter is replaced by confusion when the next scene shows Momo and his mother. She appears to have happened upon him by accident but something about her calm yet probing questions about Nino with the fear and agitation on Momo’s face let on to something more sinister.

Yuzu has his own mother horrors to deal with as he comes home to another fit and gets slapped again. For Yuzu to have still made music with his mother’s propensity for violence towards him, we’re reminded just how much music must mean to him too. After that horrible encounter, he’s depressed to hear Nino’s new lyrics which he’s sure will be about Momo which makes him question if it was ok to involve her. Yuzu’s dumbfounded when the lyrics are actually from his own perspective.

The next chapter has a lot of scene-building for how grand and exhilarating it is to be at Rock Horizon. Momo is shown getting a strange phonecall where he yells that Alice has ‘nothing to do with it!’ and then runs off to her. Nino is flabberghasted considering they’re supposed to be on soon at different stages but Momo surprises her further when he embraces her. He tells her that he didn’t want to disappear but that this time is truly goodbye. Every fiber of Nino’s body screams at her to chase him but memories of her time with In No Hurry flood her mind. She decides to take to the stage with her friends and use her voice alone to reach Momo.

Just as Yuzu predicted, their Alice melts down and scream-sings a different song than the one she should be playing. Yuzu, Haruyoshi, and Kuro manage to race through and then start on “Canary” to get her back on track. She does manage to make her voice reach Momo and he admits to himself that all he wants is to be with her and admit his love for her. After an incredibly wild yet passionate performance, Yuzu sends Nino after Momo. He remarks that while they’re always missing the final step in their love, all they can do is keep running.

Why You Should Read Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 5
Fukumenkei-Noise-manga-5 Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 5 Manga Review

1. There’s a Lot of Bonding for Members of In No Hurry

Not just in terms of being friendly, but they really grow together as a band. Nino is going berserk over Momo when Yuzu drops his pick seeing his mother in the audience. As if a switch is flipped, Alice plays through Yuzu’s part, saving the song. She reaches deep inside herself and sings strongly enough to snap Yuzu out of it. As soon as he does, Nino returns to her monster state but Haruyoshi and Kuro silently vow to follow wherever she leads. Despite this, Nino decides to reach Momo even if it means ruining her voice forever. Yuzu’s not about to let it end that way after just being saved by her, and he jumps in front of Nino. Looking into his eyes, Nino remembers what they’re all there for and trying to accomplish together and they all end on a strong note.

Why You Should Skip Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 5

1. It’s Back to Being Complicated with Momo

Nino was still hurting but she was standing up for herself and her new friends against Momo’s insults. Now it seems that Momo has some horrible debt probably caused by his mother who’s milking him for all he’s got and has threatened to do the same to Nino. Momo hugging Nino and looking so sad before and during his concert makes us really feel for the guy and that’s a more painful emotion than just anger.

Final Thoughts

For these individuals, music really is the channel for how they live and process their emotions. It can bring both pain and release. Momo is forced to create songs he doesn’t care about to make money and Yuzu suffers abuse from his more for creating music. Nino is able to better understand herself and her friends by singing from different perspectives. And all of these complicated students are brought together by music. It will be interesting to see what lies in store for both Silent Black Kitty and In No Hurry to Shout!

Fukumenkei-Noise-manga-5 Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 5 Manga Review


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