Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 6 Manga Review

Always Running Towards the Same End
  • Mangaka : Fukuyama, Ryoko
  • Publisher : Viz Media
  • Genre : Music, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
  • Published : January 2018

Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 6 Introduction

Despite immediately chasing after Momo again, Nino has lost him entirely. Months later, Yuzu’s a mess, Nino is in a rut, and the future for In No Hurry is uncertain. Before that, though, the Pop Music Club has to contend with a performance for the school festival. There are a few unresolved feelings that Haruyoshi and Kuro need to address as well. Saying the things buried deep in their hearts may bring them closer together or tear the group apart.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Yuzu again pushes Nino towards Momo, knowing where her heart truly lies. After running aimlessly for a while, Nino passes out in some grass. Momo and Yuzu both happen to find her and Yuzu yells at Momo not to leave Nino and hurt her again. Momo looks pained but disappears anyway.

We fast forward and Nino and Yuzu are name-calling and insulting each other which seems more serious until the others liken their fighting to children squabbling. All it took was Yuzu arguing with Nino that she wasn’t going to give up on Momo for them to act like rivals instead of best friends. Poor Haruyoshi tries to get everyone to perform together for the School Festival but no one is in the mood.
Nino and Miou have been spending more time outside of school together which has kept Nino’s spirits up despite all the turmoil in her life. One day Miou doesn’t visit her which prompts Nino to look for her. She doesn’t understand Miou’s initial hospitality but as usual, she doesn’t listen to what the other person has to say and just does what she wants. She sings an embarrassing song to Miou to cheer up and that Nino loves her and at that point, Miou gives up on giving Nino the cold shoulder.

In a future scene with Haruyoshi, she admits that while Nino thought Miou was spending their afternoons together to cheer her up, Miou only wanted to find out what she was lacking. Miou couldn’t even get Yuzu to watch her performance but he was still making all of his songs for Nino though they were fighting. Even still, she can’t bring herself to hate Nino who won’t stop even when she’s disliked. Haruyoshi can’t stand to see Miou feeling second-rate and he admits his long-held love for her. Of course, Miou thinks this is a joke and tells him to stop as Haruyoshi becomes more and more adamant.

Left wondering what comes of that, we see Momo at his new school. He’s reluctantly made a new female friend who doesn’t like seeing him so lonely. In a casual conversation, Momo tells her what we’ve alluded to; Momo’s mother forced him to move away by threatening Nino to make music so she can use him to pay off her debts. Momo plays it off as a joke and Serizawa is shaken but still taken with him.

Back to Haruyoshi and Miou again after Kuro has both laughed at and encouraged Haruyoshi to be honest. Haruyoshi somehow convinces Miou he’s telling her the truth and to give him a chance. Even though he knows she still likes Yuzu, they both figure it’s worth a shot to change. Things don’t work so well for Serizawa in the next scene, but she spurs Momo to contact the girl he likes. Instead, he sends another lame pun to Yuzu that will set into motion other events later.

Nino is starting to get fed up with Yuzu’s distance and tries to see why he’s composing so much but he brushes her off. In trying to ask Yana, Nino overhears a rumor that Yuzu might compose for someone else and she confronts him. Because they’re fighting, she wants to act nonchalant but she ends up getting angry and demanding that every one of Yuzu’s songs needs to be for her. She doesn’t know why she’s acting so childish and runs off so she doesn’t realize how incredibly happy she’s made Yuzu.
At the school festival, Miou and Haruyoshi go on their first date. It looks like Miou’s really giving their relationship an honest go and Haruyoshi tries to be understanding of her lack of romantic feelings. However, Miou gets angry that he’s still trying to always incorporate Yuzu and tells Haruyoshi she’s ready to forget about him. Haruyoshi loses his composure and bites Miou’s ear saying “I’m gonna fill that head of yours with me”.

Momo calls up Yuzu and gets an earful before Momo’s able to ask Yuzu to compose a song for him since he can’t access his equipment. Yuzu reluctantly agrees. At first, he plans to keep it from Nino but she tells Yuzu she’s done running away and she’s going after Momo like never before. Hearing this, Yuzu decides to have her sing both the song he made for her and the one by Momo to see who would be the one to get Nino out of her slump.

Why You Should Read Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 6

1. We Didn’t Know Haruyoshi Could Be so Manly

Haruyoshi’s girly mannerisms have been a running joke in the series which doesn’t even seem to embarrass him anymore as they did when he was a child. We knew he had a thing for Miou but seeing him act on it so adamantly was pretty eye-opening. He really went from comic-relief character to eligible bachelor. We’re wanting to take his hand too!

Why You Should Skip Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 6

1. So Many Pages of Nino Pretending She Doesn’t Love Momo

Nino’s insistence that she’s done with Momo is perhaps understandable with how much he hurt her, but Yuzu knew best. Just as Momo can’t forget his childhood friend, neither can Nino forget the one she always sang with. Her willingness to try new things and even her moment of jealousy at Yuzu possibly composing for someone else pointed to her moving on from Momo. However, she was just hiding her true feelings.

Final Thoughts

Volume 6 jumps around with near dizzying effect to reflect things happening at the same time and showing how all these different events will affect each other later. Yuzu telling Nino to run to Momo inspired Kuro to face his brother’s girlfriend which made Kuro encourage Haruyoshi to confess to Miou for better or for worse. It remains to be seen if Nino’s choosing Momo at the end will foreshadow Miou going back to pining for Yuzu.

Fukumenkei-Noise-manga-5 Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 6 Manga Review


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