Fukumenkei Noise Live Action Movie Announced!

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What You Need to Know:

  • It seems that nothing can escape the grip of live action adpatations as Fukumenkei Noise is next! Yes, the series will be getting a live action adaptation coming November 25th.
  • Starring Ayami Nakajou as Nino, Jun Shison as Yuzu, and Yuuta Koseki as Momo, the movie will attempt to recreate the story from the manga and anime, with live actors. The theme song has already been announced to be Find You by MAN WITH A MISSION.
  • The trailer for the movie as well has also been released which you can watch down below. The subtitle for the movie is "I cannot say 'I love you', but these feelings echo it".

Source: Fukumenkei Noise Official Movie Website

honey's anime character
Oh wow! Ayami looks so cute!

honey's anime character
Yuuta Koseki has the look down pat. Maybe I will go see it. ehehe~

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