GAEMS Guardian Pro XP - E3 2019 Impression

Logo-GAEMS-Guardian-Pro-XP-Capture GAEMS Guardian Pro XP - E3 2019 Impression

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, Honey’s Anime is back with another E3 2019 coverage. We had the privilege to meet with GAEMS, the leading manufacturer of traveling consoles for the traveling gamer! This is definitely something for the streamer on the go. If you are someone who is always on the move but wants to get as much gaming in as possible, GAEMS is right up your alley! Or perhaps, if you are a streamer by career, then this is your savior/love song.

GAEMS is a company that is made of gamers. These people have been gaming since gaming was a thing. Nay, even further beyond the gaming industry began. These people are just like us, and they have worked in the industry for YEARS which is why they feel their product, the Guardian Pro XP is the answer to everything. And I mean everything! GAEMS has been around for some time and they have been finding a way to connect gamers to their games when they are mobile, on the go, or just plane away and wish they could game. If you haven't heard of them, it’s about damn time!

Since, GAEMS has hired many veterans in the gaming industry in order to learn more about it and find out what gamers are really craving and needing in the community. GAEMS has been hiring influencers since the old days just so they can grasp what the average gamer needed/wanted in gaming and then it became evident after following the needs of one individual. Harley Morenstein!

Harley was one of the first people that GAEMS has come across who took GAEMS design and makeshift it in a different direction that was more catered to himself. This was when GAEMS realized that they could cater to the traveling gamer and design the best traveling case possible. They saw that Harvey had a makeshift Camera setup that clipped to the top of the Vanguard case, GAEMS’ previous design of the traveling console, and added other features to it as well. It was the first time they saw something like that happen, one of their products being hacked by a consumer to fit their needs.

Logo-GAEMS-Guardian-Pro-XP-Capture GAEMS Guardian Pro XP - E3 2019 Impression

GAEMS designed a monitor in a box for gamers and they apparently took off from there. So they wanted to act fast and try to provide gamers with what they needed without having to take extra measures to fulfill their needs. In addition, GAEMS really realized what they had when a company bought their product and turned it into a traveling PC which gave them the idea of partnering up with this company and producing a travel console for the PC gamer. That is how they came up with their next idea which will be revealed soon but has not been completed quite yet! All we can say is that GAEMS engineers have found a nice way to compact a 2070 GPU type, i9 Processor, and other components which the heat isn’t really an issue at all considering the Guardian has built-in ventalation in the rear of the case and inside the case is layered with heat absorbing foam and the frame that screws on tight keeping the console or PC snug and in place, is non-heat conductive so you are good to relax and feel at ease that your PC won’t overt.

We wanted to create the capture in a box concept. That is what we did and GAEMS has continued to adapt to the idea and develop more as a company from it. The Guardian Pro XP has a WQHD IPS 24” monitor that will be more than effective in producing the best quality of gameplay visual you will ever experience on the go. This is a platform that will expand with you and be what you want it to be if you choose to see it as a tool for income or something you want to have fun with. This 24” monitor was designed with them in mind as most content creators need their monitor to produce fast framerates to the point that they don’t need to worry about the color of the picture being produced, they just want the content to push out faster with no latency. The GAEMS Pro XP monitor can do just that and then some. Even high-end TN panels won’t do the trick of an IPS so GAEMS delivers the best IPS panel for your streaming needs, WQHD panels.

This is perfected because GAEMS has installed a specific processing chip to handle the load of the video quality being produced from your PC or console to the built-in monitor provided by the Guardian. In fact, GAEMS has dedicated processing chips for not just the video monitor, but for the audio and the media center as well. Having a dedicated processing chip for each is an important aspect of the GAEMS travel station.

Logo-GAEMS-Guardian-Pro-XP-Capture GAEMS Guardian Pro XP - E3 2019 Impression

The video processor helps push out more video quality that matches or is better than any IPS monitor on the market. The audio processor helps with the audio production via the travel station so you are able to hear exactly what the game should sound like when you play it. This may extend into having the ability to add external speakers later on but for now, GAEMS’ awesome built-in speakers will have to do and they do a great job. Every GAEMS product does come with 2 AUX jack inputs so 2 people don’t have to share the same headphone jack or headphones.

Lastly, the third processor chip is for the media center, which allows for the recognition of your console to work with whatever it is plugged into that is compatible with the said console. This is a no brainer to have so it was necessary to implement this into their newest model. This allows for an automatic pass-through charging with no limits to what you can charge ether. If it has a USB port, it can be charged. This also allows for the Guardian to pre-map and stay on if it needs to which is perfect for keeping your console in rest mode.

GAEMS also has a USB output slot in the rear of the Guardian case which can be dedicated for use of your capture device. Granted, this puts the frequency of the game at half delay from when the game is on and being played but what it is doesn’t do is tarnish your experience on the monitor which is your preview screen when streaming. The video integrity is kept intact and you would never be able to tell the difference.

When speaking about the mounting rails on the cover of the Guardian case, you can now mount your high-end camera to the case with ease and knowing that it is safely latched on. This is also the same with your lighting and any other mounting devices or products you may need for streaming on the go. The mounting structure can even hold RED One camera, so that should be a good comparison if you needed one. GAEMS also has separate extensions you can purchase and use for additional devices or gear. You never know when you may need more mounting space!

Another great feature about GAEMS’ travel case is that the power supply and the components used for it, are low heat conducting and are tested to be lower than the conventional household appliance. The material inside the case is to blame, as it is better and more efficient than wood and glass, which keeps your consoles nice and cool all the time. Each product is packed with UVA foam or Heat foam which is resisting heating at levels that are noticeable to the average person. These are absorbing silicons and that have tested lower than the average home, which is about 2º lower. Of course, when adding a new variable—which is a PC—to the mix, GAEMS wanted to make sure there is extra heat being ventilated in addition to the ventilation discussed earlier on in this article.

When talking about surge protection, they never had an issue partly because their consumers will use a surge protector regardless and they are using quality materials to manufacture their products. So you have nothing to worry about there. They really don’t deal with surge protection, to begin with, because it just adds weight to the case and that is something they wanted to focus on, less weight.

One thing to note is that they did not want to add a power plug to the case which means you still have to plug in your console to the outlet on the wall. This eliminates needless weight and space that could be used for other things like your controller or camera, for example. Technically, GAEMS would own your product if it were to be plugged into their own source for the case and they didn’t want that as warranties would be waved and then you’d be stuck with a product that can’t be fixed because of the housing unit it is in… GAEMS doesn’t want to inhibit you from that perk so that is the reason they don’t have an outlet attached to the case.

Logo-GAEMS-Guardian-Pro-XP-Capture GAEMS Guardian Pro XP - E3 2019 Impression

Now, when talking about building a PC version of the Vanguard, GAEMS answered with the Guardian. GAEMS knew that when they entered the console market for portable gaming, the next immediate step was bringing PC gaming into the mix. They actually came across a company that was utilizing their cases and fixing full builds of PCs in them and reselling them to the open market. GAEMS could’ve been a negative Nancy about it but they did the best thing ever, they partnered with that company and with it, the birth of the Guardian and the later PC build version made for the Guardian that we are very excited about. And that company was Alienware, not to be surprised.

The big question for GAEMS was that if they were going to go into the PC gaming market, why the hell would they design a case with a 720p display for PC gaming when monitors are much better…? That is when they knew they had to upgrade their monitor as well. This is why they used WQHD because no matter the hertz or resolution being produced from the PC, the human eye is not really going to notice the difference in visuals unless it was used properly in WQHD, which GAEMS has done. Seeing the case in action, we can tell you, for a fact, that this product is a Titan in its category and is bringing new heights to online streaming by making it mobile.

This also helps influencers on the go as the 24” WQHD monitor is capable of handling all stream elements used while broadcasting. The cases base weight is about 18 pounds including the PC and it can be quite the haul so this is something not for everyday use of carrying it around and whatnot. GAEMS has options if you want to budget and/or go on the lighter side of travel, just with some compromises, of course. Nothing that will really keep you from streaming or enjoying your gameplay. The monitor in the Guardian is also low heat producing and when next to the console when the case is closed, so like really close to each other, the WQHD monitor has no damage or any problems with heat or pressure if it occurs.

The price for the Guardian without the PC that goes with it, is around $699 and starts shipping out at the end of July. The Guardian which will bubdle with the Pro XP, that will come out at a later time and the price for it is still TBD. The Guardian is “TSA Friendly” but not necessarily “Approved” but from what we heard based off of the creator's experience, he has had no real problems other than being questioned about it from time to time. It will also not fit in the overhead compartments, but it does fit under the seat in front of you. Again, this is not meant for everyday travel so try not to do it too often. Not only could it be an extra hassle along the way, you also risk damaging the contents in the case if something were to happen like dropping it from a decent height.

Of course, this brings us to the stress test video for the first Vanguard back in 2013. It shows you what you can and can’t do with the Vanguard, just think about how the Guardian is better!

GAEMS Stress Test Video

GAEMS’ philosophy is if you can kill a console like Xbox inside their product, then you’re doing something wrong. They’ve done things that surprise them till this day, about how one particular console just won’t die and that is the console in the video above and the goal GAEMS wanted to achieve: the safety of your property!

Honey’s Final Thoughts

Overall, this is every streamers love story. If you have to travel from time to time, then the Guardian is right for you! The PC version is still in development so that is why we haven’t talked too much about it. The basic concept is squeezing a gaming PC into a small area of specified dimensions and making it feel like you’re right at home or better! GAEMS is and has achieved this. From the USB ports available, the 2 phone jacks, dedicated processors to enhance and take care of your experience while gaming, the heat foam and ventilation system GAEMS has come up with, the beautiful WQHD monitor—gosh, it was gorgeous—, and much more, GAEMS is your one-stop and only shop for this type of product. We see there is a competitor out there called Buddha Tek, which is more on the luxury side but doesn’t compare in our eyes. Not after seeing what we’ve seen!

If you are thinking about getting this wonderful piece of machinery, then head over to GAEMS website at They have several models to fit your desired needs if you don’t plan on traveling to much but need something to at least use while gone, GAEMS has it. We do plan on saving up for this lovely little thing here, the Guardian that is, and then we’d be able to stream no matter where we are! No excuses. Hmm, “no excuses” huh… Gotta think about that…

Have a burning question or you would like to share your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to answer them the best we can.

Ja ne!

Logo-GAEMS-Guardian-Pro-XP-Capture GAEMS Guardian Pro XP - E3 2019 Impression

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