Gal Metal E3 2018 Demo Impressions

Gal-Metal-Key-Art-Gal-Metal-E3-2018-capture-300x366 Gal Metal E3 2018 Demo Impressions

Metal saves the world!
Among the many offerings XSEED games had for us at E3, there was one rhythm game that stood out from the rest. With very manga-style art and animation and the ability to basically freestyle your way through the game, Gal Metal brings out the hardcore drummer in all of us while playing as a high school drummer and her band trying to save the world from alien invaders with metal!

Gal Metal

  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
  • Genre: Music
  • Release: Fall 2018
  • Publisher: XSEED Games
  • Developer: DMM Games
  • Players: 1

Gal-Metal-Key-Art-Gal-Metal-E3-2018-capture-300x366 Gal Metal E3 2018 Demo Impressions
Aliens are invading Earth! These octopus-like extraterrestrials want revenge for humanity’s reckless broadcast of the Golden Record from the Voyager probe, which ruined the peace and quiet of their corner of the universe.

After landing in Kichijoji, Tokyo, the aliens abduct an unassuming high school student and merge his soul with that of Rinko, the drummer in her high school’s outrageous all-girl metal club. Now sharing Rinko’s body, this unlikely duo will have to team up to take down the aliens with the only weapon they have: metal!

Of course, they won’t have to do it alone, Rinko’s bandmates in K.M.G. (Kichijoji Metal Girls) are ready to rock the world to safety as well! Kia, the sci-fi nerd and synth player; Mani, resident ojousama and bassist; Shiimi, the delinquent and lead guitarist; and Eri, the gentle giant and backup guitarist. Together, they’ll perfect their music to thwart the aliens and protect the Earth, all while navigating the rigors of regular school life!


Gal-Metal-Key-Art-Gal-Metal-E3-2018-capture-300x366 Gal Metal E3 2018 Demo Impressions
Gal Metal is a rhythm game designed for Nintendo Switch that turns your Joy-Con into drum sticks. The Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R) produce different sounds, and swinging them together creates a cymbal crash. The game can also be played with a Pro Controller, though we demoed it with the Joy-Con. By fashioning your own beats to the game’s library of songs, you’ll earn metal power that can be turned against the aliens.

Something that is very unique about Gal Metal is that instead of following a set of predetermined notes, the player can just come up with their own drum lines based on over a dozen beats! That means no missed notes! (And a less shattered ego at the end of the first few rounds…) You can try out the drum line to your favorite song (it can recognize some!) or just come up with your own. The point is to play along with what your bandmates are playing and rack up the points! And, while it wasn’t available in the demo, the game will include a club room practice, where you can practice your drumming and get ready for the next battle. The story mode will also involve getting to know your classmates and generally being a high school kid -very anime-ish!

Gal Metal - E3 Trailer

Final Thoughts

Gal-Metal-Key-Art-Gal-Metal-E3-2018-capture-300x366 Gal Metal E3 2018 Demo Impressions
The story is well thought out and the Japanese-style manga layout is fun and unique. It’s almost like playing through a sci-fi, music, slice of life anime! The controls are very easy to learn and the lack of set patterns to follow and learn makes it accessible for the whole family. But don’t write Gal Metal off as an easy game, as much of the challenge lies in refining your drumming abilities to earn as many points as possible! Or you can just jam out with your bandmates after school. Overall, it was clearly made as an enjoyable experience, no matter your abilities, musical knowledge, or what mood you’re in when you play.

Are you a rhythm game fan? Are you interested in trying out Gal Metal? It’s certainly different! Did you get to try out the demo? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Gal-Metal-Key-Art-Gal-Metal-E3-2018-capture-300x366 Gal Metal E3 2018 Demo Impressions


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