Soul Calibur VI E3 2018 Impressions

What can I say about Soul Calibur VI that hasn’t already been said about Hot Cheetos & Takis?! You can’t! The hype is real that it has me sitting in a rocking chair holding my knees, panting frantically while saying repeatedly “This is it?! This is really happening?!” And, it sure is!

Coming to consoles and PC on October 19, 2018, Honey’s Anime had the privilege of trying out the demo of Soul Calibur VI! Going back the 3D fighting mechanics of hand-to-hand combat with camera angles for sensational finishers, we have some memorable characters returning to the fight! With SCVI, players will also be delighted with a story mode taking place in its 16th Century setting, SCVI has implemented new characters from different gaming timelines, and some other key features.


Soul Calibur VI is, for the first time, being run on Unreal Engine 4! Geralt, from the Witcher universe, is now part of the fighting roster in SCVI, as Bandai Namco and CD Projekt Red worked close to bring us all Geralt and his fighting abilities. New battle mechanics have returned and some have vastly improved! As you read on in the impression article, you will end up just like me, in a rocking chair holding your legs and panting frantically! Let dive in, shall we?!

Critical Edge

Critical Edge has returned from previous SC games and is one of the most sought out features players wanted back so Bandai Namco listened, and in turn, answered! Now, essentially being a super move, Bandai Namco wanted more cinematic entertainment and for players to be able to have some sort of advantage when thinking about others who played for days on and you barely taking it up. If Critical Edge is successfully executed, it will provide a slow-motion sequence for the player who activated it, to have the chance to land some critical hits to get the upper-hand.

When in this sequence, the player will have to play in a rock, paper, scissors style of game where visually knowing what move your opponent will make next is key to gaining the advantage in a limited number of options type of situation, if you know what I mean?! This helps the novice player while the veteran player will get the chance to build up their gauges/power-meters for special moves, and it will also help achieve Critical Edge and Soul Charge FAST!!!

Soul Charge

Now, Soul Charge is coming back—obviously just mentioned—enabling you to power yourself up to deal more damage on your opponents and also gain additional access to skills during combat. Each character will visually have a power-up scene that looks amazing so make sure to power-up your character and use them to the fullest.

Lethal Hit

Lastly, Lethal Hit has returned to SCVI. This feature, if you land one, allows you to control speed to give you the advantage of landing more precise hits on your opponent, stunning them, thus giving you an extension to your combo or starting one. Another thing about this feature is that landing hits on your opponent's armor or clothing will show wear/damage on the character when struck by the other.


Let’s talk about the story! From what we were told, every character will have their own chronical story mode and it is the largest in the Soul Calibur franchise. Not sure if these stories will be branching stories into other character stories but one can hope. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate Geralt’s story with the Soul Calibur universe, but I only have high hopes for that! Unfortunately, there really isn’t much else to talk about so we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out.

Final Thoughts

When we played the game, it was amazingly crisp in visuals, smooth transitioning camera movements, and had responsive controls. The art and design, as well as the characters, was on point and beautiful. The action sequences of the characters and the scenes showcasing their abilities was also a delight, as everything about Soul Calibur has been introduced in one awesome compilation of badassery!

Now, on that note, what do you all think about the game so far? Are you hyped for the game as I am! Let us know in the comments below!

035 Soul Calibur VI E3 2018 Impressions

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