Get Down to the Beat and Style on em' ! Floor Kids out NOW in North America!

What You Need to Know:

  • Ever wanted to become a bboy/bgirl but just didn't have the flavor nor the actual skills to pull it off? Don't worry, now you can visualize your talents on screen with Floor Kids, the creative and funky dancing title from MERJ Media which is officially out NOW for Nintendo Switch in North America!
  • Take your breakdancing skills to the next level as you choose from a large selection of dancers, all with their own unique skillsets and watch them break it down on the dance floor to secure victory as the bboy champion! Travel across the city in search of hungry combatants and impress the audience with your flare, creativity and flow! All you need to do in this game is just tap according to the rhythm along with the corresponding direction/motion on your Joy-Con, and the magic happens right before your very eyes! If you want to invite your friend along you can do so with the multiplayer mode! Duke it out to see who the real Floor Kid is!
  • Discover stylized hand-drawn graphics by award-winning animator JonJon set to an original soundtrack by world-renowned scratch DJ/producer Kid Koala!
  • Test out a variety of skills ranging from Top Rocking, Power Moves, Freezes and more! Bring your skills. Build your crew. Find your style.
  • Floor Kids is available now in North America with the European & Australian release dropping December 18th. The game will be priced at $19.90 / £15.99 / €16,99. We hope to see you on the dancefloor! Check out the hip trailer down below!

Source: Official Press Release

Official Trailer

Floor Kids Release Date Trailer (North American version)

honeys anime character
Oh it's about to go DOWN baby!

honeys anime character
No one's going to stop me! I'm all warmed up!

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