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GIBIATE the Animation

Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi

Airing Date:
Summer 2020

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The story is set in Japan in 2030.
A virus has spread all over the planet.
The people infected with the virus become the monsters, and their appearances change according to their age, sex, and race.
The virus is called "Gibia (is full of variety like gibia)" for its variety in types.
A pair of individuals, a samurai and a ninja, appears in Japan in such times.

The two traveled over time from the beginning of the Edo era, and they decide to cooperate and act together with the doctor who is looking for a cure for Gibia.

So many Gibia which attack them without waiting, the outlaws who attack the travelers for food, the dangerous journey begins with the enemies around them...

Characters & Voice Actors

Kanzaki Sensui: Tetsuya Kakihara

A samurai who has traveled through time from the beginning of the Edo era. He has defeated many opponents in the Sengoku era with a Japanese sword in his one hand, while holding a European sword in his other hand, and has been called "Thousand Killer", but he swears not to kill anyone.
Kathleen Funada: Yukiyo Fujii

A girl who is an assistant of the doctor. She is half Japanese and European, and is optimistic. She rescues Sensui and others who have just arrived although she is not good at combat.
Kenroku Sanada : Hiroki Touchi

A ninja who has traveled over time from the beginning of the Edo era together with Sensui. He is a member of the Sanada family, who ruled the Shinano area in the Sengoku era. He keeps the atmosphere positive, and fights with Gibia using specialized bombs.
Yukinojou Onikura: Michio Hazama

A monk warrior in the Sengoku era who specializes in fighting with sticks. Is dynamic but also delicate.

Other TitleGIBIATE
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "GIBIATE" by Yoshida Kyodai feat.SUGIZO
  • Ending Song: "ENDLESS ~ Toki wo Koete" by Maki Ohguro
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