Gintama (2017) - Anime Winter 2017

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Gintama (2017)

Action, Comedy, Historical, Shounen

Airing Date:
January 9 2017

Other Seasons:

Bandai Namco Pictures

Honey’s Highlights

bee-surprised1 Gintama (2017) - Anime Winter 2017
WOW. I am surprised to see this is coming back so soon. I mean... Gintama is a classic anime. I cannot believe that it is getting yet another season, but I am sure glad it is! This makes this the official fifth season no?
bee-surprised1 Gintama (2017) - Anime Winter 2017
Correct Bee-kun. Gintama° aka Gintama 2015, ended in March of 2016. It is good to see Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura and the rest of the characters coming back! Yorozuya is back in business!
bee-surprised1 Gintama (2017) - Anime Winter 2017
How do you even compare the giant that is Gintama to other series? I mean.... there is SKET Dance, but.... What is like it? Comedy with parody and action and more? Gintama is just.... love!
bee-surprised1 Gintama (2017) - Anime Winter 2017
Well there are other shows, just with not all of the exact same features. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Cromartie High School, Beelzebub, Hayate no Gotoku!, heck even shows like One Punch Man and Birdy the Mighty all share similarities! Give them a shot too!

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This is the next season of Gintama that is a sequel season to the Season that began in 2015. Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura, and more will be back as the members of Yorozuya come together to engage in even more shenanigans!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Gintoki Sakata

Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita

Gintoki is the leader of Yorozuya which will undertake any request made to them. Gintoki has a sweet tooth that is so bad, if he does not get sweets in a certain amount of time, he becomes irritated and angry. Usually Gintoki is apathetic and lethargic, but actually he is a go-getter samurai. He is a former warrior from the Joui war who was known as the “Shiroyasha” or “White Demon” and was greatly feared for his extensive swordsmanship. However, now he only carries around a wooden sword. His favorite vehicle is his scooter.

Shinpachi Shimura

Voice Actor: Daisuke Sakaguchi

Shinpachi is the son of a kenjutsu dojo master who had to effectively halt all swordsmanship due to the ban on swords. Not only has all of that transgressed, Shinpachi’s father passed away as well. He is a freeter but he cannot even be satisfied by working behind a cash register. Due to the fact that he was able to save his sister with Gintoki’s help, he has begun to work under Gintoki at Yorozuya to learn his ways. However, he quickly begins to regret that decision… He is a fan of the popular idol Terakado Tsuu and is the leader of her fanclub, Terekado Tsuu’s Imperial Guards.


Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya

Kagura is a member of the strongest and most evil space tribe, the Yato Tribe. She heard that by coming to Edo she could become rich, but she was coerced into becoming a bodyguard for the Yakuza. However, she hated the job, so just as she was about to run away, she met Gintoki. She yearns to return home, but needs money to do it, so she has joined Yorozuya as an uninvited part-time worker.


Voice Actor: Mikako Takahashi

Sadaharu is the slightly large pet of the Yorozuya. Right when he was about to be thrown away, Kagura saved him. Through his large body and superhuman power, he is constantly putting the lives of his owners in danger. At first glance, he looks like a dog, but actually he is an Inugami or “dog god” who is tasked with the defending and protecting the Ryuuketsu or “Dragon’s Lair” on Earth. With strawberries and goat’s blood (milk is also possible), his original power can be awakened.

Other TitleGin Tama, Gintama.
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Kagerou by ЯeaL
    Kyou mo Sakura Mau Akatsuki ni by CHICO with Honeyworks
  • Ending Song: SILVER by RIZE
    We Gotta Fight by XY

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hideaki Sorachi
  • Director: Shinji Takeuchi
  • Editing: Takeshi Seyama
  • Sound Director: Shinji Takamatsu
  • Music: Audio Highs
  • CG Director: Tomomi Suzuki
  • Art Director: Kouki Fukushima, Nami Maniwa

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