Girly Air Force Unveils Three Episode Impression! Should You Watch It?

Girly-Air-Force-300x450 Girly Air Force Unveils Three Episode Impression! Should You Watch It?

Girly-Air-Force-300x450 Girly Air Force Unveils Three Episode Impression! Should You Watch It?

Girly Air Force

Sci-fi, Mecha

Airing Date:
January 11 2019


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A mysterious flying threat known as ‘Zai’ have appeared. They crushed any sort of aerial military force that humans had. For the purpose of resisting against these Zai, humanity remodeled existing machines known as ‘daughters’ and those who can pilot them are known as ‘anima’. That is when she appeared. Kei Narutani met a crimson red fighting mecha and the anima who controlled it, Gripen. The story of a boy yearning for the sky and a girl who is humanity’s ace in the hole starts now.

Three Episode Impression

Kei Narutani and his childhood friend Minghua Song have taken refuge in Japan. As they are fleeing Shanghai from the Zai, they witness an aircraft fight off the threat and then promptly crash into the ocean! Kei swims over to save the pilot, and meets the mysterious “Anima” flying it, known as Gripen. Wanting to join in the fight against the Zai in any way that he can, Kei ends up working with Gripen to help her learn to properly fly.

Gripen and Kei become close as they work to protect humanity together. However, Gripen is not the only Anima in existence, as we will soon come to see... Despite being more of a military-focused anime, Girly Air Force impresses with colorful, crisp animation, especially when it comes to the Anima designs. And from episode one on, this series continues to interest us with its plot, following Kei’s path as a refugee in the midst of a war as well as Gripen’s journey as a humanized, but hated, creation. Girly Air Force even has moments of comedy and peaceful moments, as Kei shows Gripen what regular humans live like. Though Kei can be a bit bland as the main character, this is an interesting anime we recommend you try out!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kei Narutani

Voice Actor: Ryouta Oosaka

Kei is a high school student who has fled from the threat of the mysterious creates known as Zai and arrived at Komatsu City. While he was fleeing, he was saved by Gripen. For some reason, he aspires to become a pilot.


Voice Actor: Yuuka Morishima

Gripen is an anima who can control the swedish fighting mecha gripen. While being both the ace in the hole for humanity and possessing a doubly strong sense of duty, her behavior is erratic and dodgy.


Voice Actor: Hitomi Owada

Eagle is another anima girl who has come from the military base in Naha. Eagle possesses an excellent military record, is innocent and carefree while being very confident in herself. She is always upbeat and innocently shoots down enemy mecha.


Voice Actor: Shiori Izawa

Phantom is an anima girl who has come from the military base in Misawa. She may appear sweet, but on the inside, this cool realist has a few idiosyncrasies.

Mingwah Song

Voice Actor: Lynn

Mingwah is Kei’s childhood friend and was born in Japan, but raised in China. She has fled with Kei to Komatsu City. She concerns herself with something about Kei.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Break the Blue!! by Run Girls, Run!
  • Ending Song: Colorful☆wing by Gripen, Eagle, and Phantom (Yuuka Morishima, Hitomi Oowada, and Shiroi Izawa)
Light Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kouji Natsumi
  • Director: Katsumi Ono
  • Series Composition: Shingo Nagai
  • Character Design: Tooru Imanishi
  • Animation Director: Tooru Imanishi
  • Original Illustrator: Asagi Toosaka
  • Music: I’ve Sound

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