[Loli Meets Military Winter 2019] Like Girls & Panzer? Watch This!

Girls & Panzer's basic premise is almost too weird to work. The anime drops charming girls into World War II era tanks and tells them to compete in the world championships to determine the best tanker in the game. Yes, a sports anime about tanks! Girls & Panzer focuses heavily on the core friendships between the five main girls, while also showing a great deal of respect to the tanks acting as the heart of this universe's strange sport. Military hardware is not typically considered to be "cute," but Girls & Panzer somehow hits the spot! Want to see cute girls doing unconventional cute things? Check out these two anime!

Like Girls & Panzer? Watch Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai (The Magnificent Kotobuki)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2019 – March 2019

Taking place within an alternate reality loosely based on the mid 20th Century, The Magnificent Kotobuki centers around the Kotobuki Squadron, a freelance group of female pilots typically employed to protect cargo from enemy planes. While the girls are quite young and free-spirited, they constantly risk their lives in dangerous dogfights while piloting their Hayabusa fighters. When even the tiniest mistake is the difference between life and death, Kotobuki's girls have to work together to ensure they get to fly another day!

Major Similarities Between Girls & Panzer and Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai (The Magnificent Kotobuki)

1. The Rush of Battle

Losing a battle in Girls & Panzer may not equal death, but there is a great deal on the line in every contest. Failure is not an option. The Magnificent Kotobuki takes this to the next level by eliminating the sports angle and basically dropping the characters in the Wild Wild West. Everyone is out to protect themselves. Both anime focus heavily on the actual encounters, with Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai's episodes typically dedicating more than half their run-times to dogfights!

2. Attention to Detail

Just to be clear, neither of these two anime are historical dramas. Liberties are obviously taken in the way the military weapons are implemented into these universes. Putting aside everything else, The Magnificent Kotobuki recreates the Hayabusa fighter plane in great detail. The girls could easily have been made to control a completely fictional vehicle, but the anime opted for a historically significant piece of machinery. While quite a bit of military jargon is spoken, the rhetoric stops just shy of tedium.

3. The Girls Inside the Planes

Girls & Panzer is just as much about the former as it is the latter. Tank battles are frequent and often highly entertaining, but none of this comes at the expense of the core relationships. In fact, the main girls are arguably the principal reason to continue watching. Although the dogfights are prioritized over the cast's daily interactions, Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai does not neglect its pilots. The girls have clearly defined personalities that shine through during the action. Girls & Panzer is an origin story, while The Magnificent Kotobuki's team are already the finished article.

Like Girls & Panzer? Watch Girly Air Force

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2019 – March 2019

What if the girls are the panzers? Girly Air Force takes this concept and runs with it. When the sudden appearance of dangerous airborne creatures threatens humanity's survival, specialists perform some science and createan incredibly powerful jets called Daughters. As a plane is merely a hunk of metal without a pilot, AI humanoids are also designed to merge with these instruments of destruction. For reasons that should be obvious to everyone, these beings are crafted to look like your average anime waifu. Science need not make sense. Let the battle for humanity's survival begin!

Major Similarities Between Girls & Panzer and Girly Air Force

1. More Girls, Less Panzer

Even though humanity is in the middle of a devastating war against an unknown enemy, Girly Air Force still finds time to engage in a bit of teenage flirtation. Satelight's anime does not take itself particularly seriously. That's not to say none of the action scenes are effective, as most are quite interesting, but the girls spend more time on the ground than in the air. Luckily, the characters are generally quite funny and slip seamlessly into their roles. Girly Air Force definitely qualifies as a "cute girls doing cute things" anime.

2. Colors of the Sky

Girls & Panzer's colorful visuals serve to distance the story from the history surrounding the eponymous tanks. While the vehicles are largely devoid of personality, the lively environments and moe characters echo Girls & Panzer's lighthearted tone. Girly Air Force's planes hold a closer resemblance to action figures than real jets, and the anime seldom tries to paint itself as anything more than a fun romp through the skies featuring a band of adorable waifus. Satelight's animation is vibrant and exciting!

Final Thoughts

Girls & Panzer's brilliance stems from the anime paying just as much attention to the vehicles as the girls. Girly Air Force and The Magnificent Kotobuki may feature planes rather than tanks, but both series are just as passionate about their hardware!

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