Godzilla S.P. (Godzilla Singular Point) Review – Turn Off Your Brain and Enjoy

While anime and kaiju (giant monster) movies both originate from the same country, it isn’t often that they cross over with each other. But Godzilla Singular Point, an original anime that just finished airing in Japan and released on Netflix on June 24th, brings the two together for a rip-roaring apocalyptic adventure featuring engaging new characters and just about every kaiju you can possibly think of. Does it really manage to pull off this ambitious concept, though? Let’s see!

A True Celebration of Kaiju History

Whether you’re a veteran Godzilla otaku or your knowledge of the iconic giant lizard stops at “he’s an iconic giant lizard” (don’t worry—we were in the same boat when we started the series), you’re bound to appreciate how much love this anime shows for its scaly source material. The main concept is that this mysterious red dust is summoning all kinds of primordial monsters from the sea, every one of which is either a fresh new take on a kaiju classic (Rodan, Manda, Anguirus, etc.) or a new creature inspired by those groundbreaking predecessors (Kamanga, Salunga, Godzilla Aquatilis and Amphibia, etc.). Studios Bones and Orange bring the anime’s near-future world to life with their signature high-quality animation, meshing 2D and 3D elements well enough that you’re unlikely to notice the difference. And even though the big man himself doesn’t show up in the flesh until late in the series, you’ll never be starved for kaiju content.

The Plot Kind of Makes No Sense

We adore the human cast of Godzilla Singular Point—really, we do. Mei is an awkward but plucky grad student who just wants to prove herself and Yun is a sarcastic engineer who plays the straight man to both Mei and the gaggle of weirdos who work with him. The side characters like the constantly evolving Jet Jaguar and the suspicious journalist who knows more than he should are also a joy to have onscreen. However, the great scientific mystery that they’re all trying to solve which supposedly holds the key to defeating Godzilla... kind of makes no sense when you think about it. That’s typical for a disaster story, though, so just treat it as Very Important Science Stuff ™ that moves the plot along and you won’t need to care about what an Orthagonal Diagonalizer is or how it relates to the alternate timelines that the Archetype creates or... ugh, this is giving us a headache.

Final Thoughts

Godzilla Singular Point has a solid plot (with some extraneous scientific nonsense thrown in for flavor), likable characters, well-integrated kaiju of all shapes and sizes, and an inviting atmosphere that makes it a great entry point from which new fans can start their Godzilla journey. But what did you think of this anime? Are you going to watch it again on Netflix? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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