Gourmet Guild’s Greatest Girls - The Waifus of Princess Connect Re:Dive!

Gourmet Guild’s Greatest Girls - Waifus of Princess Connect Re:Dive!
Princess Connect is a fun 2020 anime that brings with it heavy fantasy elements but focuses on an interesting aspect: food! Fans of the series have enjoyed its lighthearted feel and beautiful and eye-catching animation; however, the best shows shine in this special department: characters. This time around, we’re looking at Princess Connect’s girls and highlighting who has stolen our hearts (and the show)! Careful, there are some spoilers!

-- Spoilers Ahead! --

Eustiana von Astrea a.k.a Pecorine

Our hungry princess Pecorine finds herself at the very top of this list for many reasons. With boundless energy and a carefree attitude, Pecorine’s beaming presence resonates throughout the show. She is this show’s number 1 because she is a multi-talented character with a shrouded past and incredible cooking ability and combat potential! Hiding her true identity as Princess of Landsol, Pecorine does much of the story’s heavy lifting by being a catalyst of multiple events at once. Pecorine’s character acts as a nexus that binds the characters together and as the very glue that holds this show together, it makes sense that she’s our number 1! The establishment of a gourmet guild was also her idea! Pecorine believes that people should treat her like just another person, which is why she adopts an alias.

Pecorine has many stunning fight scenes in Princess Connect Re:Dive which show off the show’s art and animation potential, giving her a kind of visual main character status as the one with the power to take down the enemy with flair.


Everybody loves a tsundere, right? Painfully dishonest about her true feelings, Karyl is a cat-eared magical girl who prefers to ride solo. Constantly admonishing Pecorine and the others’ partnership and friendship, Karyl also remains glued to their side for various reasons. Karyl was dispatched in order to assassinate Pecorine; however, she ends up joining Pecorine, Yuuki, and Kokkoro on their adventures, going as far as joining their guild – she swears it’s not because she wants to! Despite her sharp tongue, Karyl is soft-hearted and kind.

Karyl’s indignation at most of Pecorine’s actions seem like she’s being mean when in reality, she really cares for the new friends she has made. When Yuuki got sick, Karyl was annoyed at how Kokkoro and Pecorine were babying him, saying that he’s a man and that he should be better with some sleep; however, Karyl also rushed Yuuki to the hospital. Karyl talks a big game but she’s just a big softie - so catlike!


Dutiful and loyal but also a little bit of a kuudere, Kokkoro harbours an intense devotion to Yuuki, calling him her master and serving at his side. Kokkoro’s major contributions to the plot include her decision to apply for the relevant forms so that she, Yuuki, Pecorine and Karyl could form their own guild. Inspired by Pecorine’s gourmet guild idea, Kokkoro does everything to the best of her ability while trying her hardest not to step on anyone’s toes.

Despite her somewhat quiet personality, Kokkoro is really sweet and cares about her friends. She can even be overly critical of her own mistakes and her abilities as Yuuki’s guide, showing that Kokkoro is also a character who constantly considers her impact on the world around her.

Final Thoughts

Princess Connect Re:Dive’s main character trio of Pecorine, Karyl, and Kokkoro are the show’s best waifus as they bring together many different elements. Interesting personalities and a high level of aptitude in the various things they do are common traits that they share and it is some of these aspects that make them our favourite characters in the series! Who is your Princess Connect Re:Dive waifu? Tell us all about her in the comments below!

Princess-Connect-Re-DIVE-Wallpaper-2-2 Gourmet Guild’s Greatest Girls - The Waifus of Princess Connect Re:Dive!


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