The 5 Funniest Moments in Princess Connect Re:Dive

Princess Connect Re:Dive is the adaptation of a popular role-playing game by the same name. The series boasts some really funny comedic moments and art that is generally very appealing, bright, and vibrant! We’re not paying attention to any of that this time; however. We are going to lay out main character Yuuki’s highlight reel of funny moments and pick out our five favourites–make sure your sides don’t split!

5. Mmmm, Tasty Coin

This moment isn’t complete without seeing how Yuuki grows from this point in the series. In the first episode, when he and Kokkoro are in town buying crepes, she hands Yuuki a coin so he can pay for his share; however, like a baby, he starts chewing the coin! This moment illustrates how much help Yuuki needs getting around especially soon after he awakens in this strange land! Not too long after that; however, Yuuki shows how quickly he can learn when he tells Kokkoro that money is very important.

4. “It’s Not a Donkey?!”

In episode 4, Kokkoro journeys with an alpaca-humanoid called Rima and a friend of theirs. While out in the forest, the trio is attacked by bandits and the bandits rudely refer to Rima as some kind of donkey, which greatly aggravates her! She whips out a premium alpaca beatdown on the rude bandits, but not before she takes a bite of a metamorapple; an apple that grants her the ability to transform into a more human form! Definitely not a donkey!

3. Return of the Food Critic

At the beginning of Princess Connect, we are introduced to the food element of the show when the main gang of Yuuki, Pecorine, Karyl, and Kokkoro grab a meal at a local restaurant known for serving meals centered on bugs. A man claiming to be a food critic arrives and demands the restaurant’s best meal, lest he feed them to the proverbial dogs in his next review. It turns out that the guy had been paid by the restaurant’s competition to give them a bad review. Pecorine steps into the kitchen and cooks him the best meal of his life! Later in episode 5, the man is spotted by the gang when they take a sick Yuuki to the clinic, but he looks markedly different; clearly a lot happened in the time he was off-screen! He blames our main characters for his being there, and because the nurses’ attention is fixed on Yuuki, a very panicked food critic makes a run for it!

2. Poor Misogi!

In episode 8, the gang is in town when they come across a trio of little girls who dramatically pretend that one of them is in some sort of agony. The reality is that they’re a guild known as Little Lyrical, but given their age, they can’t quite participate in quests like adult guilds can, so they dramatically cry and wail in order to get the attention of Pecorine and the others so that they will be guild masters of Little Lyrical. Yuuki immediately agrees, but Karyl has her reservations, saying she feels like a teacher trying to decide what to do for the school trip.

1. Day 1: Attack of the Derpy Wolves

Yuuki’s most challenging time must have been the very beginning, when his faculties were still in a haze after he crash-landed face-first with nothing in his head but his name. Without Kokkoro’s guidance, who knows what could have happened to him; however, even with Kokkoro present to mitigate some of the wackier situations, it’s still difficult for one little elf to lug around a young man. Animals, on the other hand, have no issue with this and so soon after Kokkoro finds Yuuki, she sees that a pair of goofy-faced wolves found him first! She drives them away; however, the same wolves show up later in the episode with a vendetta, so Kokkoro encourages Yuuki to fight them. This does not go well at all, who knew wolves could headbutt like that? To top it off, the wolves come back to haunt Yuuki and Kokkoro later that night when Yuuki’s asleep, dragging him off into the dark!

Final Thoughts

Princess Connect Re:Dive had several moments that made us chuckle, which seems to be more and more the kind of thing to expect from anime with fantasy themes these days. The show was very consistent in maintaining a rather lighthearted feel and it’s evident with the 5 moments listed above, but in other moments too! What did you think was the funniest moment in Princess Connect Re:Dive? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think!

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