Grancrest Senki (Record of Grancrest War) Review – To Fight War And Chaos With Love!

To Fight War And Chaos With Love!

  • Episodes : 24
  • Genre : Action, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
  • Airing Date : January 2018 – June 2018
  • Studios : A-1 Pictures

Contains Spoilers

Grancrest Senki (Record of Grancrest War) Introduction

Theo is just a wandering knight on the road, striving to become strong enough to liberate his hometown from the chaos that plagues the world. It doesn’t seem like he will ever get there –that is, until he encounters a gifted mage named Siluca Meletes, who shares his ideal that Lords with power should shelter their people. The two strangers become bonded by a powerful oath, setting out to rid the land of chaos and war for good!

Why You Should Watch Grancrest Senki (Record of Grancrest War)

1. Each Character Treated With Care

Despite the amount of characters that Grancrest Senki ends up with, it doesn’t feel overwhelming for the audience. Characters are introduced slowly, with time for development and growth, especially later on in the war. Their relationships with one another are also given special attention, allowing characters to seem realistic in how they act with one another. You will grow to love many of the characters in Record of Grancrest War, and fear for them each time they encounter deadly situations!

2. Animation During Important Scenes

We’ll talk about the animation again in just a bit, but we wanted to point out how great the visuals are during important scenes in Grancrest Senki. However much we might cringe at how the anime looks at other times, when the characters are undergoing important moments, we can be sure that they will look amazing! Usually, these interactions are between Siluca and Theo, since they are the two main characters. We do also get some great animation during conflicts with Theo and Milza Kuches, as well as Dimitrie’s scenes. Though other visuals can appear rushed and sloppy, these individual moments stand out as gorgeous examples of how beautiful Record of Grancrest War can be.

3. Theo vs. Milza

One particular moment that stood out to us was the final fight scene between Theo and Milza, the Prince of Dartania. Though Theo has shown intelligence and prowess in battle before, this is the first time we see how much he has grown from his humble beginnings. He commands his troops with ease, working together with Siluca to create the perfect strategy and fighting Milza in a one-on-one duel to the end. Theo defeats Milza, his first true enemy in this war, cementing himself as the hero the people needed!

Why You Should Skip Grancrest Senki (Record of Grancrest War)

1. Can Be Cliché

There is just something about high fantasy that just can’t seem to pull away from falling into typical tropes, and that is the case with many aspects of Grancrest Senki. The first few episodes really feel trapped by this, with the introduction of standard characters and the certain improvement of Theo’s fighting skills. Though there are a few romances that follow along fantasy tropes, the only completely cliché one ends up being between Alexis of the Union and Marrine of the Alliance, with a Romeo and Juliet feel. Record of Grancrest War can be your typical high fantasy anime, leading to predictable moments.

2. Quality Of Animation Can Be Poor

Even for moments when Grancrest Senki can show off great visuals, there are plenty of scenes where the animation quality suddenly drops. From fight scenes to simple conferences between characters, this poor animation seems to plague Record of Grancrest War in every episode. Many viewers have stopped watching the anime altogether because of the lack of quality animation in some episodes. It doesn’t seem too consistent, with the best guess for well-animated scenes being those which are vitally important to the main characters.

Final Thoughts

Grancrest Senki had a slow start, with typical fantasy tropes and some poor animation quality deterring some people from watching. However, this anime has proved itself over time to be one of the best shows from this season, with great characters, great character development and a story that can involve political discourse, beautiful action and hope all in one! If you love high fantasy, Record of Grancrest War delivers in the best way.

What were your thoughts on Record of Grancrest War? Did you have any other points we didn’t cover? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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