Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!
That's the best way to describe the first half of Gundam: Reconguista in G. This anime is all over the place with its story, pacing, and tone. But, if you can look past that you'll find some moments of greatness and even some unexpected laughs. Mostly laughs about the absurdity of some scenes, but they're amusing nonetheless. If you enjoy Gundam action, and this anime has a ton of it, then I encourage you to watch this show. This guide will help you piece together the story that, at times, can be difficult to follow.

Episode 1-3

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri Zenam

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Raraiya Monday

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Aida Surgan

The Gundam G-Self is being chased by some Grimoire mobile suits (Amerian) and a Caitsith suit (Capital Guard). Just as it's about to be captured, the pilot (Raraiya Monday) ejects from the Gundam. The Caitsith pilot (Delensen Samatar) catches her and they descend towards the planet. A Grimoire pilot (Cahill Saint) secures the G-Self and takes it back to his base.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

The scene changes to an orbital train (Crown) heading up through space. Onboard a lesson is being conducted by Instructor Dellensen with members of the Capital Guard. It's obvious that Bellri Zenam is a gifted student. He's a younger pilot who skipped two grades. Some cheerleaders interrupt the practical exercise to cheer them on. Raraiya is shown again, however she does not speak much. She may have suffered mental damage from her ejection out of the G-Self.

The studies resume. The students have to try operating the Recten mobile suits for the first time. Minovsky Particles are released and disrupt communications within the Crown.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Some Amerian army mobile suits, mistaken for space pirates, attack a descending Crown. The G-Self attacks Bellri's train. Bellri and some other students subdue the Gundam and bring it back to the Crown. The Gundam's pilot introduces herself as Aida Rayhunton. Bellri seizes the opportunity to enter the Gundam cockpit. To Aida's surprise, he is able to operate it with ease.

Next, we see a meeting between Colonel Cumpa and another officer taking place back on Earth. He recaps the events that took place on the Crown. Then Bellri is shown talking with some classmates back on campus. Shortly after, he and Luin Lee are ordered to report to a higher ranking officer. A party takes place that night. Crown Operations Director (Wilmit Zenam), Colonel Cumpa, and high priest are among the guests. Suddenly, Minovsky Particles disrupt communication again. Raraiya and some other girls are heading to the party when something falls out of the sky and strikes the reception building. Grimoire suits float down into the area.

Bellri heads for the Prisoner's Tower to secure Aida from the Amerian troops (though at this point he still believes these men to be space pirates). While searching for her, Bellri runs up a flight of stairs and crashes head first into a wall. (This isn't something you'd expect a genius pilot to do, right?) They grab her and take her to Hangar 25, where the G-Self was kept.

Instructor Kerbes shows up to help them cross the canal and avoid enemy fire. He had received instructions to get Bellri to the Gundam and fight the enemies with it.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Captain Cahill observes from afar and comments that Bellri and Aida both have "Iris Signs".The team works on starting the Gundam and getting it out of the hangar, just then the building gets surrounded by enemy mobile suits. A barge moves the suit out of the hangar and then Bellri uses it to fight off some mobile suits while Aida is screaming because she's falling out of the cockpit. In an attempt to protect Aida, Bellri shoots Cahill's mobile suit in the chest and kills him in the process.

As Aida mourns the death of Cahill, the Research Division shows up with Colonel Cumpa.

The Colonel tells Bellri he did a good job and Aida is taken into the Research Department's custody. In a short scene, Luin is confirmed to be a Kuntala by Captain Becker. Bellri and the others are taken back to their campus. They arrive to see the high priest leaving from Wilmit's office. Bellri asks his mother to have Aida transferred back, but then his mother changes the subject overreacts to a cut on his hand.

Lieutenant Klim Nick shows up among the Amerian soldiers. He wants to attack the Capital army in order to quickly retrieve Aida.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Back to Bellri and Noredo, they head over to the research center where the Colonel is expecting them. As they arrive there, Aida and Raraiya enter the room as well. In the middle of the conversation, air raid sirens go off. Lieutenant Klim shows up and demands to have the Gundam and Aida returned. Dellensen and another pilot (Kerbes) enter a room filled with members of the army sleeping, they yell at the sleeping pilots to get in their suits and fend off this raid. Dellensen and Kerbes work together to get a Caitsith suit into battle.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Klim easily fights off a few mobile suits. Aida pilots the G-Self with Bellri, Noredo, and Raraiya in the cockpit as well. Dellensen shows up to fight him. Kerbes' ship is greatly damaged in the fight, but Dellensen continues without him. The G-self team helps Kerbes land to safety then it heads back to help Dellensen. They arrive and Aida signals the Montero suit (Klim's) that she is OK.

She pilots the Gundam back with Klim to the Megafauna.

Episode 4-6

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Noredo Nug

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Dellensen Samatar

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Klim Nick

G-self team follow Klim to a spaceship hidden in a cave. Immediately, Bellri doesn't seem to like Nick. Back at the Capital Army base, soldiers are notified that long distance radars were put on a crown that will be installed on the 1st Nut. Meaning, Capital Tower will now have the power to respond to threats instead of only focusing on trade and industry.

Dellensen is ordered to rescue Bellri and the other “hostages” that were taken. Director Wilmit asks the Colonel if he got the holiness's permission and he did but only because civilians were taken by the Amerian army as well. The Colonel secretly allowed Bellri and the others to leave in order to carry out this operation and increase the Capital Army’s resources.

Bellri and the others talk to the Captain of the spaceship (Megafauna), he remarks that the Capital Guard are violating "the taboo" as well. Both sides are increasing the military size and designing more powerful mobile suits. As G-parts are loaded onto the Megafauna,Klim comes in demands Bellri to operate the G-self. Klim's mad that he couldn't move it himself, he puts Bellri into the cockpit.

Aida has an important flashback. In the memory, Cahill brought the G-Self to Bequest Island after Raraiya ejected from it. The Arcane suit is being maintenanced on the island also. Klim is shown unable to pilot the G-Self. Aida inadvertently turns on the G-Self and it gives her a "gold trinket". The same one Bellri received the first time he operated the G-Self.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Back in the present, the Caitsiths are on their way to save the hostages. Raraiya is shown to have a very childish mind and still doesn't speak much however she enjoys looking at watery things. She still has “amnesia”, so she will stay be in a childlike state for the time being.

Bellri operates the G-Self and puts it into flight. Klim enters the Montero and Aida enters the Arcane. Dellensen's squad arrives and demands the hostages back.

Bellri agrees to stop the Capital army attack in order to repay his debt of killing Cahill. Dellensen enters the fray and finds the G-Self. Dellensen asks him for his surrender. Just as Bellri is about to tell Dellensen who he is, Klim attacks Dellensen and they begin to fight for a bit. Bellri is then attacked simultaneously by three Capital army Caitsiths. He shouts out “SU-Cord” and his golden trinket glows brightly. Suddenly, a forcefield surrounds the G-Self and pushes off the attackers. The Caitsiths flee.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

After the skirmish, Dellensen mourns the loss of some soldiers who died in the battle. Back on the Megafauna, maintenance continues on the Arcane. Aida is revealed to be Aida Surugan, daughter of the Inspector General of the Amerian army.

The crown is shown in its repainted Capital army colors. The military seems to gain more support and is growing with new mobile suits. Luin has joined the army and wears a new type of mask/monitor. Rose of Hermes blueprints are mentioned again. They are apparently very strong weapons that are taboo to use. It seems that the Colonel's agenda is to secretly make these weapons and add them to the army.

It’s briefly mentioned that Towasanga is where the G-self was created. A new Amerian soldier is introduced, Mick Jack (female), and brings a purple mobile suit, The Hecate.

The Megafauna prepares to go into sub-orbital space. The Capital army attacks the Megafauna and Amerian soldiers again.

Bellri puts on a pilot suit and gets ready to fight alongside Aida and Klim. Many Caitsiths and duo type suits (Elf Bullock) are deployed by the Capital army.

Klim initiates a frontal assault while Aida protects the ship. Luin/Masked Captain begins to fight Klim one on one and it appears that Luin is gaining the upperhand.

Meanwhile, Bellri has trouble putting the Core Fighter back into the G-Self. So he flies off in the Core Fighter towards the skirmish. He manages to drop a water orb on Luin's mobile suit that disrupts his attacks on Klim. Then he flies back into the G-Self and operates the suit.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

He has no backpack for flight installed. So with a flying limit of 45 seconds, Bellri heads back toward Luin and damages him enough to scare him and the other Capital army suits to flee. Something funny to mention is that during these 45 seconds of fighting, a mechanic was stuck to the G-Self mobile suit and was pumping up Bellri during his battle.

After the battle, it's revealed that Aida is supposed to become a princess. She then cries over Cahill's death and how she just thanked Bellri for his assistance (even though he is the one who killed Cahill).

Capital Tower is being occupied by the Capital army. Dellensen is determined to rescue Bellri (he’s one of the few Capital army soldiers with good intentions).

The Megafauna reaches sub-orbital space.Wings are attached to the G-Self. They are able to reflect beams as well. Noredo and Raraiya sneak onto a smaller ship in hopes of escaping the Megafauna (the small ship propelling the G-Self into space).

The Megafauna hopes to attack the Tower and act as decoy until more Amerian forces show up. Bellri is able to view the incoming Amerian army warships, he photographs them and saves the intel on the "gold trinket" (he somehow knew it was a data storage device).

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Dellensen initiates a fight with the G-Self. The shield converts the enemy's beams into energy for the G-Self. Klim interferes in the battle and the two of them start to fight Dellensen. Bellri dodges an attack from Dellensen and shoots him in the chest with a beam rifle. At that instant, they understand who is in the opposite mobile suits (they hadn't up till now). (The whip-like move and dodge was reminiscent of an early exchange in Episode 1.)

After that fight the G-self and Montero are pulled down by the planet's gravity. Bellri uses the full charge from the reflector to protect himself and Nick in the descent.

After the battle, everyone returns to the Megafauna. Bellri cries over the death of Dellensen (his former instructor). The Megafauna returns to Earth as well and they land back at Bequest Island.

Episode 7-9

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Luin Lee/Masked Captain

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]


Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]


Luin is shown talking to group of other Kuntalas who have been chosen to become part of the Garandan Masked Corps. We learn that Kuntala refers to a class of inferior people used as food in a past era. Raraiya has a close relationship with the G-Self. She even takes a nap in its hand.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

The 1st nut is now completely a Capital army base. Director Wilmit is not pleased about this change. The Capital army has found footage of the Megafauna (a decoy actually) so, they prepare another attack on it. In a strange scene, Wilmit walks past a mounted hippo’s head in her office. She suddenly bursts out laughing and continues toward her desk. (Just another one of those ridiculous times in this anime.)

Commander Jugan was shown in the previous episode but was not named. Here he orders Captain Beck to follow the Director around.

Back at Bequest island, mechanics continue to work on the G Suits. Nick persuades Raraiya to pilot the G-Self.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

On the 1st Nut, Director Wilmit hops in a Glider. She starts pushing buttons and tells Captain Beck how these are important historical objects. Suddenly, it gets ready to launch (she frantically screams when it closes) and it blasts off through space. She was acting as if she didn't know what was happening. In actuality, she was using the Glider to head towards Bellri's location.

Luin and the other Masked Corps prepare to attack again, while Raraiya and Nick (in the Montero suit) are already out testing the G-Self.

Bellri boards a standard Amerian suit (Jahannam) since he can't use the G-Self. The Jahannam and Arcane suits head towards the attackers.

Luin begins to fight Klim in an attempt to seize the G-Self. Raraiya is saved by Bellri. He gets her out of the G-Self and pilots it himself then heads off to help Klim.

The Arcane is overcome by an enemy, but Bellri arrives just in time to help her. Bellri then begins to fight Luin. A far off beam from Amerian reinforcements shoots some Capital army suits and temporarily disengages them.

The Director's glider enters Earth's orbit and prepares to head toward Bequest Island.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Inspector General Gusion of the Amerian army arrives on the island. The fighting continues but the G-Self and Arcane take a brief break on the island. There Bellri meets the Inspector General.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

The G-self gets a new pink pack installed and then he heads off with the Arcane to continue fighting.
Luin also gets a new backpack in the midst of combat and continues to press towards Bellri who is unaccustomed to his own pack. The pink pack absorbs beam energy and releases an image of the G-self that attacks Luin’s Elf Bullock suit and disrupts its systems. It creates an opening for Bellri to punch the enemy suit out of combat. He then flies off to help Aida.

She had gone off to intercept the unknown object headed their way (the Glider). We are shown again that Aida is actually not very good at controlling the flight path of her mobile suit. However, the G-Self meets the Glider first. The Director makes contact with Bellri and he "catches" the Glider in his chest. Aida gains control of her mobile suit and all three head down towards the island.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

The Inspector has a discussion with Director Wilmit, Aida and Bellri. He mentions that he has no connection to the Rose of Hermes blueprints. Aida shows them all a picture of the moon, there's a lot of activity around it. The Director recognizes the Kashiba Makoshi (people who create photon batteries). The Inspector says they need Universal Century technology rebuilt if they want to deal with the threat presented by the activity. The Director becomes agitated and demands to leave.

Luin reveals himself as the Masked Captain (which was obvious all along) to a fellow Kuntala.

Klim leaves the ship, in an Armorzagan, to act as a decoy so the Megafuna can reach the mainland.

Bellri enters the Megafauna flight deck where he asks Inspector General Gusion if they can use the ship to enter the Capital Territory. Director Wilmit decides that it's better if she makes a call and gets an escort to take them to Sankt Porto (where members of SU-Cordism go to pick up photon batteries). They are hoping that the SU pope can make contact with people from Kashiba Makoshi and find out what’s going on around the moon. The ship heads towards Izanellian Continent (Capital territory).

On the mainland, Noredo mentions to Aida that there are rumors that Bellri was adopted by the Director's family. They reach a home in a small village and make the Lan call for the escort.

After that, they head towards the Capital army's warning line. There the Capital Guard will pick them up.

Instead, the Capital army shows up. Aida and Bellri fly up to face them. They release the Montero suit as well (it is on auto-pilot); Bellri and Aida fight Luin, but reinforcements arrive to save him.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Luin falls out of his mobile suit but is saved by a Capital army ship.

Instructor Kerbes Yoh and other soldiers arrive, at the Megafauna, in mobile suits and they escort them. They arrive at a hangar hidden by the surrounding jungle. They station the Megafauna and mobile suits there.

The group then head over to Biclover city. There they speak to the SU Pope. In the middle of a conversation between the Inspector, Director, and His Holiness, Colonel Cumpa shows up. Aida asks him about the Rose of Hermes blueprints. Capital Guard soldiers immediately come to take away Bellri, Aida, and Raraiya.

Episodes 10-13

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]


Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]


Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Montero mobile suit

Gusion is troubled when he learns that the Amerian President is about to launch a space fleet toward the Capital Tower. Inspector Gusion and Colonel Cumpa have a discussion about the space colony Towasanga on the far side of the moon.

In a different scene the prime minister is speaking to a large group of people including Senators about developing new mobile suits (such as the Wuxia), they need funding from these Senators to continue making Capital army mobile suits and fighting this war against Ameria.

Kerbes and the other guards take Bellri and Aida back to the Megafauna, where a new High Torque pack is installed on the G-Self. It seems Kerbes stole it from the Capital army.

His Holiness agrees to visit Sankto Porto and the Inspector says he'll meet him there.

As the Aida and Bellri prepare to launch they are met by a group of Recksnow (that are piloted by the Capital Guard) which will help them.
Wuxia and Caitsith mobile suits head towards the Megafauna. And the Crown takes off and makes its journey towards Sankto Porto.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

The fighting begins and Aida gets knocked around by a couple of Wuxia suits. The leader of the Wuxia unit threatens to destroy the Megafauna if they don't hand over Bellri and Raraiya. Just then the G-Self is ready to be deployed, with its new pack. He quickly launches and tries to find Aida. Bellri finds Aida's location and notices she is being overpowered by a Wuxia suit. He disengages the new pack and sends it flying in Aida's direction as a decoy. He follows it up and beats the Wuxia suit into a nearby swamp. He re-engages the pack and carries the Arcane back to the Megafauna.

We are shown that Colonel Cumpa, Luin, and Barara (another Wuxia pilot) are also onboard the Crown that is carrying the Director and His Holiness towards Sankto Porto. Inspector Gusion is on a Glider heading toward his home country to speak to the president. Shortly after, we see the Space Garanden ship take off and head toward geo-centric orbit. It will rendezvous with Captain Mask and then begin operations to prevent the Amerian army's attack.

The Megafauna heads into geocentric orbit. The crew works to repair scratches and leaks in the ship. The Inspector is on his way to New Ark and is worried after hearing that the Presdent launched the space fleet without consulting him.

A Pink mobile suit flies near the Crown and Luin is shown to be its pilot. Apparently, Luin took some valuable mobile suits from the Capital Tower and brought them to the Space Garanden. The Salamandra, the main battleship of the new Amerian fleet, starts firing on the Inspector's glider because it thinks he is an enemy. He skillfully dodges and makes his way towards New Ark.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Klim is leading the crew of The Salamander. He scolds them for failing to shoot down the glider. Then he pumps them up for an attack on the Capital Tower. Meanwhile, at New Ark, the President is making a speech about war. Gusion arrives and is told by President Zucchini to attack the Capital Tower. He agrees to fight.

After hearing intel from Gusion, the President plans to take the SU-Cordist pope captive in Sankto Porto, he launches the new fleet to support his son Klim and the Salamandra.

Luin and Barara launch their new Mack Knife suits (the pink ones shown earlier) and head towards the Salamandra. The Montero and Hectate suits try to fend off the attack, Luin captures Kerbes' mobile suit and uses it as a hostage. Bellri exits the G-self and meets Luin. They have a short hand to hand fight and then enter their suits again. G-Self tears a leg off the Mack Knife suit and forces Luin to retreat

The Garanden continues to head towards Sankto Port to protect the pope.

Raraiya is actually speaking now and saying she doesn't like the new assault pack on the G-Self. The mechanic working on the G-Self mentions that the assault pack was created in the Amerian Caribbean Laboratory but it wouldn't work on the Arcane or Grimoire suits. He didn’t know why but apparently it was based of the Hermes blueprints.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Captain Mask's unit attacks the Salamandra again. Bellri and Aida head toward the Salamandra to protect it. Both sides begin firing artillery towards one another.

Klim and Mick start taking out enemy mobile suits. Bellri and Aida arrive and convince all mobile suits to retreat and not fight in front of Sankto Port, which is considered a sacred land.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

The Megafauna enters the space colony just below Sankto Port. Meanwhile, the Salamander was allowed entry into Sankto Port because they used the Gavial (Gusion’s ship) as a pretext to get in.

The Arcane hauls the G-self (like a prisoner) up towards the port which is now occupied by the Amerian army. They are allowed entrance into the space colony but the G-Self remains tied up.

The group head towards the pope's location. The Inspector, Colonel, and Gusion are already there. As Bellri and his group arrive an emergency broadcast occurs.

It shows the Gavial being shot down, apparently it is a warning to the Sankto Port. We then get a small glimpse of a new space fleet (neither from the Capital army or Amerian army) hovering above Sankto Porto.

Bellri and the others quickly prepare to board their mobile suits. At the same time a call comes in for Inspector General Gusion. He is told that the Garanden is offering to work together to fend off this new fleet that destroyed the Gavial.

The G-Self gets yet another backpack installed and is told that the Amerian army will be working with Capital army to fight off this new threat. They head towards the Garanden ship.

Manny (the Kuntala Luin revealed himself to previously) reunites with Bellri and Noredo. Barara Peor introduces herself to the group, but the Masked Captain doesn't reveal himself to the others.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

Bellri, Captain Mask, and some others head back towards the port in their mobile suits. There Klim reveals his plan to fake a surrender and then take out the main enemy warship. They group together and fly toward the mysterious fleet.

The fleet fires at the team of mobile suits heading towards them, their plan didn't work. So they retreat.

An envoy of negotiators lands on the space colony and meets the pope and other leaders. All the main mobile suit pilots head towards that location as well.

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]

The short meeting between these two factions ends with a proposal that they meet again and put their terms in writing. But before the meeting ends there is a small bit of information given about the Reyhunton family and Towasanga. Aida decides to prepare the Megafauna for trip to Towasanga.

That’s the story so far. I left out many ridiculous scenes.
But, every episode has something funny happen to one of the characters. The first season will have a total of 26 episodes. So, there is still a lot of story left. That also means there will be many more Gundam battles to watch.

I really hope that the introduction of a third group makes the story deeper and more interesting. Right now, the story is a bit superficial and repetitive. So, if you’ve invested time in the first half of the season stay strong and continue until the end.

I’ll be right there with you!

Bellri-Zenam Gundam Reconguista in G [Mid-Season Review, Recap & Summary]


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