Have Horror Games Improved Since Their Beginnings?

We hate to sound cliché here at Honey’s Anime, but we have to admit that video games have indeed come a long way in the world. Long ago, video games were little blocks and pixels with ear piercing noises and sound. Now you have video games with 4k HD definition and ultra-realistic graphics. Every genre imaginable in the gaming landscape has improved with the evolution of games but we here at Honey’s Anime wondered recently about one genre and if it really has improved. The genre in question is horror and it led us to wonder about something rather specific: Have Horror Video Games Improved Since their Beginnings?

See The Fear Evolve

Back in the early 80s, a few horror games came out like Sweet Home and Splatterhouse. While these two titles were kind of spooky—key words kind of—they didn’t make us jump out of our seats like when we play Outlast 2 or Resident Evil 7. It’s safe to say that horror games have come a long way thanks to consoles have stronger processors and the ability to actually make zombies and other monsters seem creepier than just blocky or drawn scarily. Though Sweet Home still is kind of unsettling due to its never-ending barrage of skeleton enemies.

More Ways Than One

Most gamers are used to playing horror games with a controller or mouse and keyboard, and those are perfectly fine ways to enjoy a good game like The Evil Within 2, for example. Though you know what the last few years have bought us that didn’t exist back in the early 90s or even 2000s? VR or virtual reality. The Impatient or Rush of Blood are VR games that put the fear into our faces literally thanks to super immersive settings regular TV monitors or displays can’t do. Horror games have shown progress in many ways, but let’s face it folks, time continues to show that the gaming world isn’t running out of ideas anytime soon.

The Classics Redefined

Fans of the Resident Evil series will often tell you that most of the original titles aren’t really scary anymore and come off just as laughable now in 2018. We don’t disagree with that statement here at Honey’s Anime, but we do see strides being made to bring horror classics back from the past in new and scarier ways. Resident Evil 2—one of our personal favorite horror games—is being remade for the modern-day consoles and will allow fans of the original to experience Leon and Claire’s story in a whole new way. We have seen the trailers and honestly found ourselves awed by the way this remake looks now…also by how scary zombies look now too versus their PS1 counterparts.

Never Ending Thrills

If there was an easy way to prove our question in regards to Have Horror Video Games Improved Since their Beginnings then we could just point to one fact and one fact alone, people’s reactions. Thanks to sites like YouTube or Twitch, we can see horror games and how far they’ve come in seeing the reaction of gamers/audiences playing modern day scary games and how they react now. Go right now and watch let’s players play P.T or Amnesia: The Dark Descent and you will have your answer to our burning question. Heck, watch our faces when we watch those games and you’ll have the answer to if games have indeed improved since their humble beginnings.

Final Thoughts

Like all video games, time shows a consistent change in the way the games are delivered and presented to us. Horror games have come a long way since titles like Silent Hill and Dino Crisis and only continue to wow us in numerous ways. What horror games do you think show the best signs of how horror video games have changed the most in the last several decades? Comment down below with your titles! If you fancied this article, by the way, be sure to keep coming back to our hive for even more like it curtsey of us here at Honey’s Anime!

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