Here’s Why You Need to Watch 7 Seeds

7SEEDs by Yumi Tamura was one of the big hit manga titles of the 2000s, and it won some awards. Its visual style and story of survival certainly knew how to walk the line between Shoujo and Josei. For 16 years, the series was in publication it and released its 35th and final manga back in 2017. Now that two years have passed since the manga ended, an anime adaptation has been long overdue and we’re getting it on Netflix just a few weeks shy upon the drafting of this article. So, we thought it would be a good idea to share why you NEED to watch 7SEEDS.

The Story Is Complete

Since the manga ended a couple of years ago, not adapting the anime in full is about as inexcusable as the Seahawks’ final play in the 2015 Super Bowl. Gonzo has about 16 years’ and 35 volumes’ worth of material to adapt. Granted fashion and visual styles have changed between then and now so some slight changes to the designs are understandable to suit contemporary times. However, unless Tamura insists on any changes in relation to the execution of the story, there’s no reason to make it lets say 10 episodes or whatever and end it on an ambitious cliffhanger. In other words, don’t make the anime just a glorified commercial for the manga!

It Re-Evaluates Shoujo and Josei

In addition to Basara, Tamura’s hit prior to 7SEEDS, the series finds its own way to challenge the tropes of Shoujo and Josei. Though Madoka has done that to magical girl this past decade, we have to put in context that the original manga to 7SEEDS debuted almost 20 years ago so 7SEEDS technically did it first. Considering that the characters largely feature teenagers, it is natural to assume that it is Shoujo in regards to that trait. However, due to the post-Apocalyptic nature of this series, it also goes into Josei territory by portraying mature situations and themes. It deals with death and survival in a world not just gone wrong, but crazy. Though it barely goes to the same extremes as Hokuto no Ken, the characters do face situations and choices in instances you don’t see in any other titles published in manga magazines aimed for female readers.

It Is Getting Some Good Music

For those already familiar with the manga, classic music plays a part within the story. Considering that songs referenced in the manga such as Pomp and Circumstance, Nutcracker Suite, and Die Fledermaus, we’re sure their roles can be better emphasized since anime includes audio. Considering the public domain nature of classical music, we’re positive they’re easily to implement as they were in the original Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime series.

In addition to its homages to classic music, Ark and WISH, the respective opening and ending themes, also do an excellent job of not just getting audiences pumped out, but capturing the dark and yet optimistic qualities the series represents.

It Has a Solid Seiyuu Cast

Throughout the 2000s, 7SEEDs was briefly released as an audio drama, which largely covered the first four volumes of the manga. Thankfully, a small number of seiyuu featured in the audio drama are coming back to play the same roles in the anime. For example, Kazuhiko Inoue, who we have previously covered, is back to play Kaname. However, the majority of the characters are given new seiyuu, but we are positive they are great selections. Playing the role of Natsu, the lead character, is Nao Touyama, who you may know as Reina from Macross Delta, or Chibi Sosuke in Naruto. For Hana, we are getting Youko Hikasa, who you may know as Yao from Gate and as Rafta in Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. In addition, we’re also getting Jun Fukuyama (the voice of Lelouch from Code Geass) as Arashi, Nozomu Sasaki (or Yuusuke from Yuu Yuu Hakusho) as Takahiro, and Kenta Miyake (the voice of Scar from FMA: Brotherhood) as Akito. All we can say is the list of stars this anime is getting goes on, and we’re confident they can capture the characters and the dire situation that they’re in.

Final Thoughts

If the anime finds itself with another delay, you can still give the manga a shot to get yourself a preview of what is to come. Yes, it can give you spoilers but even when you watch it in anime form, the colors, angles, animation, framing, music and voice acting can still make it feel fresh and enrich the experience even more. As we previously said, there could be changes at the insistence of Tamura but when that time comes, we can hopefully make a manga and anime comparison between the two. Until then, put this on your list of potential best anime of 2019!

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Author: Justin "ParaParaJMo" Moriarty

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