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In 7Seeds, the world is re-born thanks to a meteor shower, but it wasn’t a sudden one. For years, scientists and governments around the world have known about it and knew the world was doomed. In order to save mankind, they started the titular 7Seeds project where select groups of young people are to by cryogenically frozen to be awaken at a later date in the future and save humanity. For today’s article, we wish to share some top 5 scenes from part 1 of this Netflix hit. And of course, THERE ARE GOING TO BE SPOILERS!

5. Team Autumn (Episode 4)

When Natsu, Arashi, and Semimaru first go out on their journey to the East Japan area as they start from Nagasaki, they stop by Kobe to find another group of survivors, Team Autumn. They have established their own community with effective agriculture since they were awaken 3 years prior to Summer B. However, it is ruled under the iron fists of Akio and Ran as they force the rest of the community to make quotas in regards to their respective jobs, and make them refrain from sexual activity so there won’t be any children. Failure results in severe punishment. Initially, you would think it’s nice to see that there are other humans that are surviving, but on the same token, you see how the situation has warped their views. Through this, Arashi declares that he won’t break and that everybody should be treated as equal and that everybody should work together in such a crisis. However, Autumn’s longer experiences in the world effectively contradicts his ideals since they know the reality they’re in.

4. Haru’s Performance (Episode 4)

If you’ve read the original manga, then you know how music plays an integral part of the original story. You first get a taste of this in anime form when Hana and Haru find an old wedding chapel with an organ. Haru, who was an accomplished musician prior to the meteor shower, was initially happy that he didn’t get to play anymore due to the pressures from his family. For Hana’s (and old time’s) sake, he plays the keys on the broken organ from memory. Though Hana does not hear it, the anime still give an audio symbolization that he’s playing Morning Mood by Edward Grieg. It perfectly symbolizes how the cast are isolated and trying to survive a new day like the titular character in the Norwegian play it debuted in, Peer Gynt.

3. Summer A’s Backstory (Episode 10)

Ever since they were children, the Summer A group trained in survival and were put on ice long before the meteor shower. Through the eyes of Ango, you see how cruel Summer A’s lives were prior to the apocalypse. They were taught to survive and not how to live, and Ango is still suffering the loss of Shigeru, his best friend during their training. When Summer A was put to their final test prior to being frozen, you see the hardships they had to go through in order to make it to where they are, which is more hardship. Their story shows that even if you train someone how to survive, you still need to train them how to live and that is what Summer A lacks with their nihilist outlooks.

2. Winter Team (Episode 5)

If anyone’s physically the oldest so far in 7Seeds, it has to be Takahiro, who is supposed to be the same age as Hana and Arashi, but was woken up 15 years before them. Due to some malfunctions, some members immediately died and the rest were killed by a saber-tooth tiger only for Takahiro to live on his own for 15 years. Other than the Ryugu Shelter, the Winter Team has the most tragic backstory because they were never really given a chance to live in the new world they lived in. They were immediately met with tragedies and in an instant, it all came to Takahiro who only had his wolves as companionship for the next 15 years. Thanks to his wolves, he never mentally and emotionally broke down and was able to open himself up to humans upon contact.

1. Ryugu Shelter (Episode 7)

Another tragic story is the Ryugu Shelter. The ending shows the true dark sides of human nature and makes us wonder what we’d do in such a crisis. It was one of the first hints that the cast and audience first learns of what happened around the time the world was devastated by the meteor shower. You see how the Japanese tried to save whoever they could and went as far as recruiting some specialists from the entertainment field to maintain morale. Unfortunately, you see that human nature took over as an accident devastated a large fraction of the food supply. In order to maintain food supplies, you see how Takashi, the main administrator, lied to a selected group of survivors that they’re being transferred to a different shelter when in fact, he was sending them to be slaughtered. It was beyond cruel, but it makes you wonder if it was a necessary evil. Things get worse when an outbreak happens within the shelter, and in the end, the entertainers thought it was best to end what was left of the residents with a mercy killing by freezing them (they were all infected) as Maria Miki, their star singer, lured them into the fridge.

Final Thoughts

The anime is full of tragedy, but it is also full of hope and we think the scenes we shared a good balance of them. When it comes to hardships, people are going to break down, and that happens. People deal with it in many ways based on their values, circumstances and upbringings, and 7Seeds does a great job of showcasing that. However, sometimes there are instances where we can find hope and that’s what these scenes share.

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