Here’s Why You NEED to Watch UN-GO

Coming out in the Fall Season of 2011, UN-GO is a rather obscure title that seems to have disappeared in the annals of history for most people. However, that isn’t a testament to the anime’s quality in any way. The short 11-episode title packs a lot of heat in its storyline; which features a dystopian future, some supernatural powers and quite a lot of mystery! A show this good definitely deserves more recognition and that’s why we’re here! Detective Yuuki Shinjuurou is known as the “Defeated Detective” and he goes around Tokyo solving cases with his eccentric associate, Inga. Shinjuurou is particularly good at his job and has solved multiple homicide cases; however, his assistant’s true motives remain shrouded in mystery. 

1. Mystery

The element that can make any anime title grab you by the throat and never let go, UN-GO is quite packed with mystery and suspense, with the array of characters being somewhat enigmatic in their own way. The setting is also not one that is outright explained, with the series seeming to occur sometime in the near future. UN-GO will not hold your hand – it’s the kind of show that might need to be watched a few times over in order for it to make sense beyond the surface level. With crime, terrorism, and secrecy being the name of the game, UN-GO is not one short on gripping moments. 

Art and Animation

the thing that UN-GO really had going for it is the nature of its art and animation. Animated by Studio Bones, it isn’t all that surprising that UN-GO is utterly appealing to the eye, with characters boasting interesting designs and there being some intricate details and eye-catching animation in some of the livelier scenes, particularly the scenes where Inga uses some mysterious power in order to help crack cases. The art style seems reminiscent of anime like Durarara! and Baccano! 

Final Thoughts

UN-GO is a show that seems to be brimming with uniqueness and an interesting personality that makes it quite surprising that it isn’t talked about more. Be that as it may; however, it feels rather comfortable regarding UN-GO as a hidden gem and given the short burst of 11 episodes, Un-Go is a particularly satisfying time investment that may prompt you to watch it again and again!

UN-GO-Wallpaper Here’s Why You NEED to Watch UN-GO


Author: Hoshi-kun

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