Holiday Feasting Shokugeki-Style (Food Wars!)

The most defining feature of the holiday season are the great feasts with friends and or family. The food is the focal point more than the history of the holiday in some cases, but with such good things to look forward to, who could complain? For a time when gorging yourself is not only anticipated but expected, you should pull out all the stops Shokugeki-style! Here are our recommendations for a meal so incredible, it

will knock your socks off. Try this lineup this holiday season!

Roasting a whole turkey can be extremely taxing and then there’s just SO MUCH of it! With huge family gatherings being potentially too dangerous, this smaller bird should do just fine to cover the usual turkey and stuffing found at the holiday table! Pan-fry then roast the whole quail with risotto, chicken, and onions inside! More of a ricey-lean instead of the normal bread-stuffing, but the result will be delicious and go well together.

Entrée 2: Gotcha Pork Roast

Food-Wars-Shokugeki-no-Soma-dvd-2-329x500 Holiday Feasting Shokugeki-Style (Food Wars!)

Mashed potatoes are a staple of big meat-centric meals and are a great way to get creative with little worry of messing something up! The Gotcha Pork Roast doesn’t require the careful monitoring of a big turkey or roast but offers a filling, meaty taste. Whip up simple mashed potatoes and add sauteed onions and mushrooms. Make a lovely potato log and wrap it with bacon all over. After it comes out of the oven, you’ll have another savory dish for your guests!

Side 1: Rainbow Terrine

Food-Wars-Shokugeki-no-Soma-dvd-2-329x500 Holiday Feasting Shokugeki-Style (Food Wars!)

Thanksgiving feasts often have many different types of vegetables, commemorating the bountiful harvest shared by the Native Americans, though you could serve it for Christmas too! The Rainbow Terrine is a delightful combo of 7 different vegetables that complement yet stand apart from each other. The chicken liver and pork plus the garlic and numerous other spices keep each layer distinct from the others. Following in Megumi’s footsteps, add some allspice to your dish! This will aid in digestion after your large feast.

Side 2: Chou Farci

Meat and cabbage make a great combo, and the heavy cream, butter, and eggs make for a nice creamy yet contained side! Season your meat of choice (or just use mushrooms and asparagus!) for the filling and fry them in butter. Combine with chicken mousse and wrap in cabbage before steaming together. You can use a nice cranberry sauce to keep with the traditional trimmings or get experimental!

Dessert: Queen’s Apple Tart

Not only is this a solid end to a great meal, but it also has the aesthetic of a plentiful harvest of roses. The apples and tart crust give it that familiar apple pie feeling while the rose and petals make it fancy and new! Baking a bread basket to carry your rose-shaped tarts may be time-consuming, but it can serve as a centerpiece until you’re all ready to dig in!

Final Thoughts

Baking a big holiday meal can be fun when you use anime for inspiration. Not only can you feel connected to a great show, but you get the chance to try things you might not otherwise try! Shokugeki no Soma has so many incredible dishes it’s not hard to throw together themed meals consisting of the recipes we’ve seen. Let us know in the comments which Shokugeki dish you’d like at your holiday table!

Food-Wars-Shokugeki-no-Soma-dvd-2-329x500 Holiday Feasting Shokugeki-Style (Food Wars!)


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