[Honey’s Anime Interview] Otakon Sit Down Interview with MICHI & Yui Makino

otakon-logo-2016-20160817225950-300x105 [Honey’s Anime Interview] Otakon Sit Down Interview with MICHI & Yui Makino


Yui Makino

Honey-chan got the chance to spend some time with vocalist and idol MICHI during their visits to Otakon in Baltimore. Honey-chan had a lot of questions and made sure to take diligent notes to bring you all the inside scoop on MICHI. MICHI is a vocalist who sang the Opening & Closing for Rokka-Braves of the Six Flowers and the Opening to Dagashikashi.


What are your musical influences? Who do you listen to?

So, in terms of anime songs I have to say the artist Egoist from Guilty Crown is my favorite. I would say it's where I get most of my inspiration from. I have been a fan ever since I saw Egoist from Guilty Crown and went to see them live. Egoist does many different styles that I like and most recently their style is like EDM which is relatively difficult for them to do. I have the utmost respect for Egoist. I also love listening to Western music and I love music that has a powerful lady in it like Pink, Christina Aguilera, or Adele.

Can you tell me about the album that is coming out?

Sprint for the Dreams is my next album coming out September 21st , and in it there is going to be a photo book. In the photo book is pictures of Okinawa, which is where I’m from, and I had lots of fun making this photo book. As much as you’d see MICHI having fun you’ll see other aspects of MICHI. The photo book and a DVD are included in the first edition of Sprint for the Dreams. The DVD is kind of like a backstage video from when I debuted all the way until today. I hope when watching this you get to see different sides of MICHI.

What advice do you give to little girls that like to sing? That want to preform? What do they need to do to achieve their dreams?

I must say that I am a very lucky girl because my mother is a dance instructor and because she was a dance instructor, at a very young age I was exposed to lots of 80s pop, western music as well as relatively recent hits. So, since I was introduced to music at such a young age music was a part of me for a very long time. I was also lucky that I was able to go to an audition right around when my music matured. So, what I would say to aspiring musicians is that they should act, whether through musical instruments or through other means they need to put their efforts into action. The US has a lot of audition TV shows, so don’t be self-conscious. I believe it you take part in those shows you might be able to achieve your dreams.

What was it like when you first heard your voice on TV singing the theme to Rokka and the Braves of the Six Flowers?

I was in tears of joy. Because I have been aspiring to be an anime singer for a very long time. To be able to see Rokka’s videos along with my song it was very nice experience that I was touched and before I knew it I was in tears.

When your U.S. fans see you sing who do you want them to see MICHI the singer? The voice actor? The Performer?

In Japan I am seen as a performer kind of person. So, please see me as a musician here in the US. On the Nico Nico Douga videos the comments I see people saying “Oh, it’s that performer from Okinawa, or it’s that performer that sings really, really well.” So, rather than a performer I’d like Americans to look at the musician aspect as well.

Would you like to do more voice acting than singing or singing than voice acting?

Singing. I don’t think I have a voice suited for voice acting.

We think your voice is beautiful and would love to hear you voice a character. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit and talk with us.
We were so excited to hear she was a fan of Guilty Crown and Egoist. We have always thought Inori was so cool. MICHI was so kind, she even shook Honey-chan's hand after the interview. She was really sweet too. We can’t wait until her next album “Sprint for the Dreams” comes out.

Honey-chan was as busy as a bee at Otakon in Baltimore, USA. She was able to snag a sit down interview with Yui Makino who is celebrating 10 years as a voice actress. Yui Makino is a singer, seiyuu, pianist and has worked with big series like Idol Master, Gundam Build Fighters, and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches.

Yui Makino

You began by playing piano. Did you think you’d be singing and voice acting when you started piano?

It wasn’t even in my furthest dreams that I would be a voice actress and singer.

The song “The Path you chose” discusses tough choices you’ve made. Can you discuss a tough choice you’ve made?

One of the reasons I play piano is my parents play piano and one thing that I remember as a child is feeling that I wanted to play better than my father. A life of singing and voice acting - it wasn’t really a path I decided on but one suggested. Someone suggested for me to go to an audition and by taking the audition I ended up being successful. I then found out that singing and voice acting was very fun. For example, me being over here in America is a result of me taking a chance and choosing my path.

You’ve been attached to some big projects such as Yamada-kun and Idol Master. Is there any character that you enjoy playing more?

There are many big projects that are fun. But, there are some projects you find out the true fun in it after the recording. As you may know voice acting is all by auditioning. One project I thought would be fun even before the audition was Gundam Build Fighters and it really was fun.

You have to do a lot of traveling in your career. Do you have any interesting travel stories?

I must say this time in Baltimore has been very nice. The crab cakes were delicious here in Baltimore. The day that I arrived as well as the following day it has felt like a vacation rather than work. Once when we were in Germany in February and the heater in the room was broken and I was in the room freezing and wrapped in blanket and couldn’t sleep and caught a cold.

We are so happy you recovered. We had such a nice time talking with you. Thank you for your time.

otakon-logo-2016-20160817225950-300x105 [Honey’s Anime Interview] Otakon Sit Down Interview with MICHI & Yui Makino


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