[Editorial Tuesday] How Gaming Can Help Better Your Life

If you ask a gamer randomly why they play video games you’re probably going to hear many different responses. Some gamers out there might tell you they play games for the story and or some might tell you that they love to win in a multiplayer focused title. This just goes to show you all that there are easily dozens of different responses to why someone might enjoy playing video games and we here at Honey’s Anime have found ourselves wondering what can games do for those who play them? That’s why we would like to welcome you all to our Editorial Tuesday article where we ask the age old question, How Gaming Can Help Better Your Life?

As gamers ourselves here at Honey’s Anime we have asked around the hive why do we play games. After some time, we began to see similar ideas circulate and we realized that same ideas could be reasons for gamers to enjoy playing games. Below we have found 4 several reasons why gamers might love to play games and what they could do ironically ensure a better life in the process. Now if you’re ready for what we feel is an interesting look into the gaming mentality let us begin our article with our first thought.

Stress relief to help find your Zen

When you’re playing a video game such as Flow for the PS4 or even a game like ABZU, your mind goes into a state of calm. Instead of hearing the keyboards of a hard day at the officer or hearing the school bells signaling the start of homeroom, you’re just hearing the game’s audio and seeing a world of peace and tranquility. There are a multitude of ways to have gaming improve your life but hands down one of the best examples is helping a person find that inner calm or Zen as most call it. Need some more proof? Well don’t worry we have you covered in that regard.

Think about this for a moment. Have you ever had a hard day at work or school and find your patience level at an all-time low? You sit down and play a game such as Overwatch for the PC and before you know it the stress you’ve had accumulate the whole day just begins to die down. That right there is how to gain that feeling of calm and serenity which you can get that all too amazing feeling from playing your favorite video games even if they are multiplayer focused or single player experiences. Since we here at Honey’s Anime mentioned multiplayer focused games that actually transitions quite nicely into our next reason on How Gaming Can Help Better Your Life. Get ready to get your blood flowing folks.

Get that blood pumping

Multiplayer games or even tough as nails rage quit games are great for getting the adrenaline rushing and the body moving. While napping during the day isn’t a terrible thing—we do it here quite often at Honey’s Anime and we’re not joking—there are times when we know sleeping might not be too good for our sleep schedules at night. That’s why playing a game such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3—our personal favorite Call of Duty game here at Honey’s Anime—is perfect for keeping your senses alert and making your mind go into overdrive. Though there is also another reason why becoming hyped up is a good thing while playing video games.

For many people—and this may or may not apply to you, mind you—getting motivated might be a tough thing. Who doesn’t love sitting on the couch all day playing games but at times we all know going outside or getting some exercise isn’t a bad thing. Though who like to go outside on days where the temperature is blazing hot and the sun is high in the sky are very few, right? That’s why on days like this exercise can be found by playing games that require the player to stand up and play such as the Just Dance series or even Wii Sports. This way if your parents come home and asked if you did anything you can say you played several hours of intense Just Dance 3 games where you were trying for those perfect hits.

Bringing families together

In the current age of the world, families are facing tough times trying to find time to get together and just be an actual family. Then when a family finally finds time to get together the age-old problem arises, what do you do as a family? Sure, you could go to the movies and see an expensive movie or you could sit and play a board game and begin to doze off after ten minutes—though some board games are insanely fun—but here at Honey’s Anime we have another solution for you, play some video games! Yes folks, there are video games that can bring the family together and thus give everyone some much needed family time. Don’t believe us? Well, lucky for you our job is to convince you and our next statement will do just that folks.

Now we know some of you out there are now wondering what games offer up family fun? Well folks here at Honey’s Anime, we’re pretty knowledgeable in all things anime—just look at our name and that shouldn’t be too shocking of a revelation—but we’re also a metaphorical well filled with gaming knowledge and information. If you want family fun games well the good news is there are dozens if not hundreds of games you could choose from. Want a board game-like experience, then why not play Mario Party 10 for the Nintendo Wii U or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch? If you’re a competitive family, why not play Trivial Pursuit Live for the Xbox One? Regardless of your gaming preferences, we are sure you can find a game that everyone in the family will enjoy and thus bring your family together which is always a good thing…well as long as no one breaks anything and no one gets too competitive which can happen.

Entertainment obviously

Video games at the end of the day are a form of entertainment and that is a universally accepted thing folks. Very few gamers out there won’t find some form of enjoyment while playing a video game and that right there is how your life can become so much better. Boring lives are no fun and while there are various forms of entertainment in the real world, playing game is a simple means of finding joy without having to spend an absurd amount of money on things like traveling—though traveling is a great thing if you can do it—and going out to various locations. Still need some convincing of how games can be entertaining? Don’t worry we’ll explain how and make sure you’re thoroughly convinced.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, The Uncharted Series, Destiny 1 and 2, Persona 5 and Dark Souls 3 are all very different games but they all share one common theme, they are fun to play. While you’re playing games, something happens inside your mind that very few forms of mediums can accomplish, you experience a means of having fun and just forgetting everything else but having fun. That is what makes games so incredible is that you allow your mind to get immersed into various gaming landscapes and escape the everyday reality around. Instead of worrying about that next deadline or a pop quiz that may or may not happen tomorrow in history class, you’re just shooting aliens in Destiny 2 or defeating shadows in Persona 5. Folks, if you want to know the one definitive way of How Gaming Can Help Better Your Life, then all you need to know is that it brings you a form of entertainment and seriously how many other things can do that in this world?

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day. the beauty of playing a video game and entering that gaming mode is that after a long day of school and or work games can be fun and exciting for a multitude of reasons. Yet, ultimately all that matters is if you’re having a good time and we feel video games accomplish this goal without a doubt in our hearts and minds. We have listed a bunch of reason of How Gaming Can Help Better Your Life by why not tell us why you play video games in the comments down below. We always love hearing from you beautiful folks and if you loved this article we here at Honey’s Anime have a hive filled with similar articles just waiting to be read and enjoyed by you. Now if you’ll excuse us we have some Overwatch matches just waiting for us for the next few hours.

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