How to get Effective Kills in PUBG

PUBG-560x315 How to get Effective Kills in PUBG


In our last article we covered the topic of how to win consistently, and why it’s so important to stay on top of your game in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. To help elaborate more on that area we wanted to touch on just how one can score kills, and why having that early game momentum is valuable. Not a lot of players tend to pay attention to their kill score, which to be honest isn’t too big of a deal if you’re just having fun (which is what you should be doing anyway). However, if you intend to take PUBG a little more seriously and have ideas about competing, then it’s imperative that you pay close attention to your performance and how to improve it down the road. So with that in mind let’s jump into more detail about how to effectively get kills in PUBG.

Aim Only for the Head

While this may seem a little hard to pull off, a little practice and patience will surely pay off big time. Like most shooters, headshots are the most rewarding because they eliminate a threat from the battlefield immediately, leaving them no options of recovery. If your shots tend to hit the lower sections like the chest, back or legs, you’re giving your opponent a chance to run away and heal up. That’s a scenario you don’t want to put yourself in a lot since in most cases, that person you left alive is definitely going to be hunting you down for revenge. So to play it safe and cause less commotion on your end it’s best to just aim only for the head whenever you use any type of gun, even the shotgun.

Know Where Your Enemies Are

Having a base idea of where your enemies are located can be of great benefit to you since it gives you the advantage, and puts that player in danger. This can help you rack up kills very quickly because most players tend to not have a secure gameplan going into the mid-late game so if you’re prepared for their careless approach, all the better. One good way to know where enemies are located is to keep track of the popular spots and see whether those spots are far from the safe zone. Chances are that if the popular spots are far away from the safe zone, most players will be trying to run towards the white area in order to stay safe. This means that you’ll need to be very active in your movement to ensure you reach the safe zone before they do, in order to line up your sights on unsuspecting targets flocking in.

This can help to build your confidence as well because psychologically, when you have the advantage over someone you tend to play with a more calm and focused approach and don’t make as many mistakes. The other player is in a rush to make it towards the safe zone so all they’re thinking about is “Don’t get sniped, don’t get sniped!”. Learn to take advantage of your opponent’s fears and eliminate them before they see you.

Stop Overthinking

This is perhaps one big problem that so many players face when playing PUBG, and it’s that they overthink the problem in front of them. It’s important to maintain a simple approach when you’re moving around the island because having too many ideas can result in you making unnecessary choices. For example, when you’re in a CQC scenario and are surrounded by a couple enemies you’ll need to take out the one who you can see, not the one you can’t. The reason for this is because if you spend too much time trying to find the enemy you can’t see then you’ve just given that other player an advantage over you. You need to focus your attention on one target only, finish them off quickly then turn your full attention towards the other.

Sometimes you may even get lucky and realize that the target you wanted to kill was taken out by another player, so now you’ve got a new target to pinpoint. It’s all about focusing on one thing at a time and not creating a scattered mind. It’s a lot like a very messy desk, the more junk that’s piled up around you the more stressed out you become since things start to feel overwhelming. The same can be said for PUBG and its overall strategy since the more enemies you try to focus on, you’re more likely to get killed than the one who gets the kills. Stop overthinking and simplify your approach by knowing the environment and creating a solution that helps to eliminate enemies efficiently, allowing you to find the right escape.

Honey's Final Verdict:

While there may be a lot more ways to effectively get kills in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, these seem to be more direct and aim for the point which is to survive at all costs. Try not to go way in over your head and start doing careless things which will only result in you dying. Come up with concrete solutions to your problems and act on those solutions immediately. When enemies are nearby keep your senses on high alert and don’t start panicking, since you’ll only give yourself away. Keep a calm mind and analyze opponent patterns so that over time, you’ll be able to read the enemy and kill them before they get a chance to strike.

PUBG-560x315 How to get Effective Kills in PUBG
It's true, I'm still catching myself overthinking a lot of the time. This habit needs to end.
PUBG-560x315 How to get Effective Kills in PUBG
Whenever I'm in a panic I always start aiming in places I know I shouldn't, so now it's time to aim only for one place.