How to Get Girls & Get Laid According to Hajimete no Gal


Hajimete no Gal is an unexpectedly ecchi anime that has debuted this season and originally looked as if it was going to be a slice of life, comedy anime akin to the beloved Oshiete Galko-chan. Sadly it is not, but thankfully it has turned out to include the ecchi aspect with gratuitous panty shots, boob shots, and more racy fantasy-esque scenes. The series opens with Junichi, a male, high school student, and virgin, trying to get his own girlfriend. At least, he would like to, as everyone around him, other than his three friends, are in relationships and everyone is running around in heat, get laid for the first time. One friend, Shinpei, is all about studying, one is a lolicon, Minoru, and the other just seems a bit normal. However, Junichi would sure like to be able to land a girlfriend since he is a high school student.

Junichi does have Nene, the childhood friend, but he is hopeless and blind to her. She’s a sister and nothing more to him. So, his friends, after a compromising incident with an inappropriate book and the gyaru Yukana, decide to set up Junichi with Yunaka. They deliver a love letter while Junichi is under duress because they think gyaru or Gals, get around. The best part too is that high school girls don’t resist according to their logic. So, Junichi should have this in the bag. He confesses and after some negotiating, Yukana agrees and they start dating. Now here comes the hard part, literally, how can he land Yukana in the sack? Let’s see how one lands a girl in the sack according to Hajimete no Gal thus far.

1. Do Not Use The Internet or Adults.

This is something that really does blow my mind sometimes. While Japanese people, usually starting in middle school, have smartphones and an internet connection, they have have zero concept of how sex works nor how to talk to girls without getting all flustered. This is why, among other reasons, you see STI’s like Syphilis on the rise in major cities like Tokyo to the point that the Ministry of Health and Welfare stepped in this year to try and curb the ballooning infection rates. Google is your friend. You see it too with Hajimete no Gal where the guys have no concept of what it means to date someone or how to talk to someone properly. If you just walk up to a classmate and say, “take my virginity”, they may slap/punch you and walk away only to tell every single person what you have done.

Also, as is a common theme with anime, of there being very limited scenes with adults, or none whatsoever, and other than seeing the teacher in the first episode, I am having a hard time recalling seeing an adult in this series. Which means that Junichi is not going to be asking anyone with experience. Rather he is going to turn to his friends, and I get it, most people do not want to talk about sex with their parents and will turn to their friends, but it is still pretty messy. So, let’s ask the friends what they think.

2. Listen to Your Friends and Just Assume Everything About Everyone.

Junichi’s friends are Minoru, a lolicon obsessed with dating elementary school students, a Shinpei, a boy obsessed with studying, which is okay, to the point that he scorns relationships, bordering on slightly unhealthy, and then another friend who seems to just be along for the ride. The thing is that all of them have zero experience with women and girls. So it’s an echo chamber. What do they hear, but others telling them what they think is going to happen and how it should. So what is it that his virgin friends are telling him?

Well, we learn in episode one that gyaru are just fast and easy to land. Then, in episode two in the opening, what I can only assume to be sleazy Junichi, argues with pure Junichi that Gals are just another species. They are scary which keeps him away and struggling to meet girls and lose his virginity. Then Shinpei claims that gyaru kiss like they say hello and if they are close, then wham bam thank you ma’am, she’ll kiss you all the time. This convinces Junichi and his fantasies are only further perpetuating it. Then Shinpei alleges that if you get a karaoke room, you can get laid. We are just doing so well.

3. Karaoke Sexy Time

So just how does the Karaoke room work? Well you need the Karaoke XXX Rule to come into effect. It’s actually rather easy. You need three things to happen.

First, you have to pick songs that are either perverted in nature or have songs with erotic lyrics. Second, you then have to enjoy singing a duet or two. So gents, if you cannot carry a tune, plan to keep on going on those dates with Mrs. Palm and her five lovely daughters. Third, the girl will then remove her clothing. Somehow, these create the perfect storm so that you can get laid. So he gives in and invites Yukana to karaoke…. Just kidding, she invites him. But his inexperience shows when he realizes that he has only been to karaoke with his friends. A bundle of nerves, he just sits around until the first rule is unlocked. Then the second as they sing a duet. Then she removes her jacket and he is not sure what to do!

While pervert Junichi, pure Junichi, and sleazy Junichi all argue it out, Ikemen Junichi comes in and foils their attempt at trying to get laid. Somehow, Junichi himself comes to terms that there could be a problem if he forces himself on her and he decides to hold back. However this new ikemen Junichi messes up and tells them that a passionate kiss is necessary. Right as he is about to go and kiss her “as a man”, she reveals that he has a nose hair sticking out. Foiled by his own lack of self-maintenance. The lesson indirectly revealed here is that if you look unkempt, be prepared to get nada.

Final Thoughts

Of course, we sure hope that you can see through the series and understand that much like this article, you should not take everything seriously. Thankfully due to the fact that Junichi lives in an echo chamber, we are bound for more comedic moments with his dense, uninformed friends, and their outrageous claims as Junichi tries his hand at getting laid. What has been your favorite moment so far? Be sure to let us know below!

005 How to Get Girls & Get Laid According to Hajimete no Gal


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