[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yukana Yame Highlights - Hajimete no Gal (My First Girlfriend is a Gal)

Hajimete-no-Gal-dvd-1-685x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yukana Yame Highlights - Hajimete no Gal (My First Girlfriend is a Gal)

Gals are cute too!

  • Episodes: 10
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, School, Shounen
  • Airing Date: July 2017 - September 2017
  • Producers: NAZ

Hajimete no Gal Preview (No Spoilers)

Junichi and his friends at school are the only ones without dates! Why yes, everyone else seems to have coupled off while these four are single and seething with jealousy. To change things up, Junichi’s friends have coerced poor Junichi into confessing to the class Gal, Yukana Yame. Junichi’s friends thought the plan would fail but perhaps it might not?!

Yukana Yame Bio

Seiyuu Name: Nagaku Yuki

Yukana Yame is Junichi’s main love interest in this hilarious little ecchi harem anime. Yame is the first Gal character we see, and one of the first single girls we see at the beginning of the anime. Her hair is blonde and while her skirt is extremely short, she does not have the tan skin of a stereotypical Gal like her friend, Ranko. Yame’s best friend is Ranko. They have been friends since they were children.

Yukana Yame Highlights

1. Looks

Let’s just get this out of the way first. If you have ever seen Hajimete no Gal, you know that Yukana Yame’s looks are killer. From her stylish hair to her pretty face, Yame’s Gal looks are not to be ignored. Yame’s makeup is even on point considering how well her best facial features are accented. Even when Yame looks completely sinister in episode 1 when she teases Junichi, she looks pretty. She doesn’t have ugly expressions that way some characters do when their personalities take a turn for the worse, although let’s be honest, Yukana Yame does not have a mean bone in her body.

Combined with her looks, Yame also has a killer body. Just look at her big boobs, which we know are smaller than Nene’s but still bigger than Ranko’s. Yame also wears her school uniform incorrectly, but we suppose that’s for the enjoyment of other boys, right? Yame is a bit flashy in her looks, but it shows off all of her best superficial features, wouldn’t we all agree?

2. Innocence

One of the best things about Yukana Yame is the fact that she is completely innocent. Gals are usually apparently the “easy” type as mentioned by Junichi’s more rowdy friend Shinpei. That’s probably the reason why they targeted Yame instead of Ranko (or maybe it’s the fact that Yame is more approachable) for Junichi’s “girlfriend”. They thought Junichi could just rid himself of his virginity with a Gal and that would be that.

However, despite seemingly being “easy,” Yame is actually quite innocent as seen in episode 5, My Half-Assed Gal. Nene kisses Junichi on the cheek and Yame becomes completely jealous and states she hasn’t even kissed Junichi on the cheek yet. It’s so cute considering it’s just a kiss on the cheek, not the lips! Let’s not forget the second episode when Yame and Junichi go karaoke. Junichi was told that karaoke was for having sex yet Yame just wanted to sing and didn’t even think about sex. How cute is that? While Junichi may be one of the most perverted characters, Yame is a great contrast to his nature with her innocence and clean train of thought. It just makes Yame all the more cute, would you not agree?

3. Trusting

We have to admit that although the relationship between Yukana Yame and Junichi started off kind of strangely, it is actually really cute to see the two of them devote themselves to each other. They weren’t really a couple that started with real love, but they care enough about each other to not cheat (mostly something that Junichi is led into temptation to by other girls and his imagination).

In fact, Yukana Yame is one of the few characters who does not think Junichi is cheating on her with everyone else in anime. Girls are always accusing guys of cheating in anime and it can be frustrating. Yame loves Junichi and seems to trust him with everyone, even her best friend Ranko who really had the intention of trying to seduce Junichi so that he could leave Yame alone. Nene even becomes a Gal so she can take Junichi away and Yame trusts Junichi enough to feel fine with him being alone with his childhood friend. It’s actually quite cute how much devotion and trust Yame and Junichi have in each other despite their start.

4. Jealous Lover

While jealousy is NOT a great indication of love, it can be cute to see a bit of jealousy in our husbandos and waifus from time to time. Well, Yukana Yame surprised us by actually being jealous in episode 5! We are talking about the point in time when Nene kisses Junichi on the cheek (yes, we mentioned it earlier). Yame gets jealous because she just has not had the chance to kiss Junichi on the cheek yet.

Then there’s that episode where Ranko tries to seduce Junichi away from Yame and breaks into his bedroom. Yame later catches Ranko in Junichi’s room and becomes jealous because she has not gotten the chance to be in his bedroom yet. Isn’t that some sort of relationship milestone (or shoujo cliche)?

Why is these types of scenes? It shows that Yame can get jealous of other girls around Junichi, which to be fair, she just does not. Yame usually seems to give Junichi a lot of leeway that may irritate you fans who want Junichi’s focus to be entirely on Yame and Yame to be more assertive in her relationship. This scene also shows that even Yame wants to advance her relationship with Junichi a little.

Junichi goes on and on about how he wants to have sex with Yame and only Yame, yet Yame seems to be fully content with where she’s at until she gets slightly pushed like with Nene and Ranko. Then Yame expresses just how much she wants to be able to advance forward in her relationship with Junichi. She may not be contemplating sex the way Junichi (or even Ranko) is, but Yame wants to do something other than hang out with Junichi.

5. Just Not a Stereotypical Gal

Gals are generally not portrayed well in Japanese media. There are all sorts of stereotypes that come with being a Gal as you can see in anime like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. They just tend to have certain personalities and expectations of them that are somewhat negative. Just remember how we stated earlier that Gals are expected to be easy. However, Yukana Yame is just not your typical Gal.

First off, Yame does not have the tan skin of a typical Gal, although Ranko does. She also lacks the sassy, coarse attitude that stereotypical Gals have, as you can see when Nene becomes a Gal. Yame does not use that type of slang. She’s also not very mean, even if she tries to tease Junichi as we see in episode 1-2 during Junichi’s confession. And as we stated before, Yame is pretty innocent. She’s not easy as many assume. Yame is actually a lot like Galko from Oshiete Galko-chan. And that’s why we love Yame. We came with all of these expectations but she blew us away with all of her charms and wit. It is no wonder why Yukana Yame is our Honey’s Crush Wednesday.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully after all of this, you can see the appeal of Gal characters! Yukana Yame is a completely moe girl even with or without her assets. Junichi is a lucky guy since his friends scored him a cute and bodacious new girlfriend! For those watching Hajimete no Gal, what do you think of the anime? Do you not just love Yukana Yame? Who is your favorite Gal? Please share all of your thoughts on Hajimete no Gal in the comments down below!

Hajimete-no-Gal-dvd-1-685x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yukana Yame Highlights - Hajimete no Gal (My First Girlfriend is a Gal)


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