How to Survive in Space! Our Thoughts on Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo (The Orbital Children)

The year is 2022 and we’ve had some extreme advancements in technology but as The Orbital Children teaches us, we have a long way to go for really cool tech! Produced by Netflix and animated by studio Production +h—a new anime studio—The Orbital Children shows how cool the future can be and how we can easily fall into a sense of overreliance. Is The Orbital Children your future anime to binge or should you leave this series in space? Let’s discuss our thoughts on The Orbital Children!

Our Future Gadgets Are Cool…Hopefully

Visiting space long ago was a complicated process that required years of training, lots of money, and a high chance of failure. While visiting the great dark ocean above us has become a bit easier—though still insanely expensive—The Orbital Children looks at the way we might explore space and it’s pretty cool. Watching our main cast of young teens like Touya Sagami, Hiroshi Tanegashima, Taiyo Tsukuba and Miina Misasa utilize cell phone-like gloves and androids with A.I. is like witnessing our potential come to reality. Equally, seeing how humans can become almost entirely addicted to that same tech—which is kind of happening even in our time period—scared us a bit. Nevertheless, The Orbital Children has some really intriguing gizmos and gadgets that make us hyped for our own possible future one day.

Are We Sure This is a New Studio?

Being anime fans for a long time, we’ve seen new studios kind of struggle to make new anime look good. The Orbital Children might be from a new studio as we made note of earlier but the animation looks quite fresh and beautiful. From the strong background visuals to the eye-opening space scenes, The Orbital Children looks like it came from a veteran studio. Animation isn’t the most important element of an anime series though but we do have to applaud Production +h for doing such a phenomenal job with their entry series.

Smart but Obnoxious Main Cast

There are several main characters that make up the cast of The Orbital Children and honestly, most are kind of obnoxious. Touya is an intellectual moon-born teen who hates Earth and those who hail from it and makes it known often in the series. Taiyo is the justice-filled official from Earth whose justice is tiring to deal with. These characters have deep backgrounds and clearly have different thoughts on life, tech, and law but they end up becoming annoying with how much they proclaim these statements. You’ll hear these kids say sue him or them so often you’ll feel like you’re watching a Tik Tok video…yeah they are that annoying. They redeem themselves a bit and friendships are forged as the show progresses but we still didn’t fall in love with these characters and doubt others will.

A Somewhat Odd Survival Story

As a space-survival story, one might expect death-defying moments and high chances of death from the harsh elements of space. The Orbital Children does have some “close calls” but rarely did we ever fear for a character or felt they wouldn’t survive. Don’t get us wrong, there are some darker moments and we won’t spoil if anyone dies or not, but this survival story has more laugh-out-loud moments as our heroes stumble into pathways and make jokes about exploding in space due to weak suits. Even when characters nearly fall into space—but are lucky to be saved by a giant crab statue—you will never be screaming or worrying about anyone. Space survival seems scary but The Orbital Children makes it seem like a video game experience and that isn’t a bad thing but does make the story feel a bit strange at times when our cast does meet some gruesome fates.

Final Thoughts

Chikyuugai-Shounen-Shoujo-wallpaper-5-693x500 How to Survive in Space! Our Thoughts on Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo (The Orbital Children)

The Orbital Children isn’t perfect and has a kind of annoying main cast but the themes and animation are quite spectacular for a newer studio. Those who look up to the stars and enjoy future tech will no doubt like The Orbital Children but others might feel it falls a bit flat. Overall though, The Orbital Children isn’t a bad 6-episode series and we can’t deny we didn’t dislike our time watching.

Have any of you readers checked out The Orbital Children and feel the same—or differently—than us? Comment below to let us know as we love hearing your input! Be sure to keep stuck to our space fairing hive for even more anime reviews done by us here at Honey’s Anime!

Chikyuugai-Shounen-Shoujo-wallpaper-5-693x500 How to Survive in Space! Our Thoughts on Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo (The Orbital Children)


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