How to Win Consistently in PUBG

PUBG-560x315 How to Win Consistently in PUBG


While winning is certainly a rewarding feeling in just about anything you partake in, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything if you don’t understand just how you did it. We’ve all heard of the term ‘Beginner’s Luck’ and for many, that’s what they tend to experience. It’s that elated feeling that comes just after a great round and you’ve managed to grab your first ever Chicken Dinner on the battlefield. Does that mean you’ll be able to mimic that very same performance another time? Or was that simply just a mere fluke that you got because somehow the RNG gods were on your side this time? Whatever the reason is, is exactly what we’re trying to focus on in this article as it will help to allow you to score those same wins but on a more consistent level. Winning is great but only when you’ve learned to hone your skills and understand just what made you win, why you win, but most importantly, how you can do better for next time. With that being said let’s jump in.

Staying in the Zone

We’ve all heard various sports commentators elaborate on the term of ‘Being in the Zone’, a state in which a player is in such a deep state of focus that their abilities are heightened to another level. Their ability to read the situation and act accordingly is akin to that of a superhuman strength and yet, all it is really is the brain working at a pace with no distractions. To many this feat may seem borderline impossible to do but think of a time where you were working on something so hard, that everything else around you felt like an absolute blur. Perhaps it was that final exam and you had to study 25 pages and memorize every formula to ensure you don’t fail and repeat the term. During that phase your mind shuts everything else off and you find yourself in this blissful state, a lot like when you’re in deep meditation and everything just feels fluid.

Well that’s what being in the zone feels like and a lot can be attributed to having laser like focus on a goal, and working at that goal until you’ve come to master it. That means there’s little time to fool around and get distracted, you’ll need all the brainpower to stay alert and play at the optimal level. This will bring us to the next point that relates well to staying in the zone: Mindful Meditation.

Mindful Meditation

Before reading we'd like to give a shoutout to Youtube channel "What I've Learned" for the video. We’re not asking you to start climbing up mountains and isolate yourself away from society in order to seek nirvana, but being able to stay mindful of your actions is what can help guide you closer to that ‘Zone’ we mentioned earlier. Being mindful of something means that you’re constantly aware or ‘Awakened’ to the point that, whatever situation you find yourself in it becomes easier to deal with the more focused you are. Take PUBG for example where there’s a lot happening around you and any careless mistake in your gameplay can lead to a premature death, and ultimately some frustration. All of that can be alleviated simply by doing what’s called ‘Mindful Meditation’, a term used to describe an individual who is constantly in the present moment, and doesn’t let it escape from them. In the video above it illustrates the idea of a “Monkey Mind”, a mind that’s constantly chattering away and can’t seem to pull itself together when it needs to.

That’s because the Monkey Mind is trying to throw distractions at you in order to keep you from completing important tasks, or have you sit there on your smartphone tapping away at something that clearly has nothing to do with your goal. So being mindful simply just means being absolutely aware of what’s currently happening, in other words being absolutely present. Now you’re probably thinking, “You’re making this sound so easy, like I can just do this right away.” and the answer to that is you can. Being mindful doesn’t mean you sit in the buddha cross legged position for hours and chant out buddhist mantras to achieve ultimate peace, it just means paying close attention to your thoughts as they pop into your mind and not letting them possess you. In PUBG being able to stay present at all times and not rely on past thoughts or future thinking will help you to stay ready for whatever threat lies ahead. The past, present and future all exist in the now because time is a continuum, not something you can pause and reflect on. Keep that in mind with your PUBG strategy.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This mantra has stood the test of the time and is still a common phrase we use in everyday life. It certainly plays a very big role in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since you have so much to dive into, and must learn on the fly. There’s no training mode or offline shooting range that you can use to hone your shooting skills, all of that must be acquired simply by playing the game consistently. Doing something over and over again may sound a bit monotonous to a lot of people but this is why pros are pros and the average joe is well, your average joe. The pro spends a great deal of time doing repetitive actions or movements in order to develop what’s known as ‘Muscle Memory’ and through that practice, they develop faster reflexes and a more controlled state of mind. This all goes back to mindful meditation and being in the zone since practicing is like food for the brain.

It’s not so much about how long you practice for it’s about the quality you put into it. This means that playing a 1000 games of PUBG doesn’t mean you’re going to be an overnight star in the game, and Chicken Dinners will be a natural occurrence. 1000 matches means nothing if you haven’t put in enough time to master techniques, question where you went wrong, what you did right and just how you can do better. Even when you do win there’s always something you might’ve done that could’ve costed you the game, so constantly assessing yourself is a sure fire way to see the results you desire. With enough proper practice and creating a regimen to sustain consistency, you’ll start to see improvement almost immediately and confidence generate gradually.

Honey's Final Verdict:

While there’s an abundance of ways to win consistently in PUBG these are perhaps the more pivotal to understand since they not only help in game, but outside the game as well. Winning consistently isn’t about spending 20 hours playing, it’s about what you’re doing within those 20 hours that will help secure you more victories down the road. Simply just playing isn’t going to help, you’ll need to study your habits and break them so that you can apply much healthier ones in order to move forward. Play PUBG as if you’re studying for that final exam and stay focused on what’s necessary in order to succeed, and not let that monkey find its way into your daily routine.

PUBG-560x315 How to Win Consistently in PUBG
I definitely need to start focusing less on what's going to happen and focus entirely on what's actually happening. A lot of my deaths come from over thinking.
PUBG-560x315 How to Win Consistently in PUBG
Yeah perhaps I'll need to start evaluating myself after I play to better assess my bad habits.