How Tomodachi Game Will Make You Question Your Friends

Friendship is a truly magical thing. The bond between friends can sometimes be even more powerful than the bond shared with family and/or loved ones! Friends can help you survive the hardest challenges and hold you up when you feel yourself falling. In the world of Tomodachi Game though, friendship is shown in a darker sense. Where, yes, bonds are indeed there but lies are sewn in creating false friends within these bonds. Would you believe it if we told you that Tomodachi Game doesn’t just explore the seedier side of friendship but also makes you wonder about your real-world friends and if they truly have your back…

Money Over Friendship?!

Tomodachi-Game-wallpaper-5-700x394 How Tomodachi Game Will Make You Question Your Friends

Tomodachi Game’s protagonist, Yuuichi Katagiri, is taught early in life to value two very different things, friends and money. Realistically, if you asked people off the street or in online forums what matters more, you’d probably get a balanced percentage of answers between the two things. Here’s the scary thought though…can you look at your best friend(s) and know the choice they would make? Would they say friendship trumps the almighty dollar or would they vote for the paper that can buy them anime and other material items?

As Yuuichi examines throughout the Tomodachi Game, friends do care for one another but money can skew even the closest companions. The minute we saw debt being thrown into the game—from episode 1 to the end of the second game—the “friends” began lying about their debts on their tags and even began to make decisions to lessen their debt in favor of others. The sad reality is like Yuuichi, choosing between friends and money isn’t always the easiest decision as for some, one can be more important than the other.

Love Between Friends

Tomodachi-Game-wallpaper-5-700x394 How Tomodachi Game Will Make You Question Your Friends

Yuuichi is easily the most popular guy in his group as he’s loved by both female ladies Yutori Kokorogi and Shiho Sawaragi. This might seem harmless at first, both girls like our MC, but quickly you see how love affects even the groups. Makoto Shibe, the flirty goofball of the group, is in love with Shiho, and seeing her show affection for Yuuichi begins to cloud his judgment, slightly. You’d want to believe this could only happen in a fictional anime like Tomodachi Game but that isn’t the case sadly…love can damage the best bonds and sometimes cause internal strife.

Think like this for a moment. Say you’re part of a small group of close pals. Akin to Yuuichi’s group, you might love everyone but as you grow older and closer with the others, your feelings may begin to change from friend-love to desire and romantic want. This does happen in the real world and when you try to spill your secret to your friend who you have the hots for, their feelings might not match yours. This will lead to the breaking of bonds and might cause even worse scenarios to rise up between the group. Yuuichi was lucky enough to reign in the group with his devious tactics but not too many in the real world can be as tactical as Yuuichi.

One Action Leads to Revenge

At first glance, Tenji Mikasa seems to be the most level-headed character in Tomodachi Game. He tries to avoid arguing with his companions and even breaks up fights when the group begins the Tomodachi Game. Underneath that calm exterior, though, lies a man who is broken and has infiltrated the group not for friendship but for revenge…

We learn several episodes in that Tenji’s father was killed due to the actions we won’t spoil for you readers but one person has become Tenji’s main focus after feeling they caused the death of his dad. This might seem unreal but we have met friends who have lied/betrayed one another just because they want to hurt someone they feel did them wrong. Next time a friend joins your group you might want to think…did I hurt them in the past or are they just joining because they want to be a part of the group?

True Friendship Exists but Must Be Tested

Near the start of the third game within Tomodachi Game, we see various characters admitting they love their friends and despite all they’ve endured up to this point, that love still remains. In the real world, friendship sometimes needs to be tested by extreme events to really show it can overcome something traumatic and that doesn’t always happen. The best of friends can only overcome situations together if they really believe in one another and are willing to risk a lot on someone other than their own family.

Final Thoughts

Tomodachi Game is a dark series that really explores the concept of friendship and what it can overcome. Real friendship is a hard thing to find but even we have to admit this series made us look at our closest friends with an eyebrow raised. All jokes aside, friendship rarely is tested in extreme situations like those found in Tomodachi Game but we do think it is interesting to see how friends would react if thrown into such a strange game.

Do you think your friendship could survive a real-life Tomodachi Game? Comment below to let us know as we’re curious what your answers will be! Keep stuck to our friendly hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more thought-provoking-anime articles and all your anime news needs!

Tomodachi-Game-wallpaper-5-700x394 How Tomodachi Game Will Make You Question Your Friends


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