I Can’t Believe We Made That…—Tenchi Souzou Design-bu (Heaven’s Design Team) Vol. 1 Review

People Sure Approach Their Work From a Lot of Different Angles Here…
  • Mangaka : Suzuki, Tsuta (Story), Hebizou (Story), Tarako (Art)
  • Publisher : Kodansha Comics
  • Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Seinen
  • Published : October 2020 - Ongoing

Tenchi Souzou Design-bu (Heaven’s Design Team) Introduction

In heaven’s Animal Design Department, designers are tasked to create a variety of new animals daily under unreasonable requests of their client: God. This series is funny, exciting, and features animals that can be found in encyclopedia entries. Heaven Design Team is your next go-to trip to the zoo or aquarium but 100 times better.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Welcome to heaven’s Animal Design Department! You must be the new liaison to assist Ueda, who is the primary liaison of this department. Your job is to maintain communication between us designers and God. Oh, you may be wondering what this animal is. Well, we’re still in the middle of fulfilling the EXTREMELY vague request from God and at least ask us for something specific for once! Sorry about that. Anyway, do you want some meat? We got them from that giraffe over there…because…how’s your day?

Why You Should Read Tenchi Souzou Design-bu (Heaven’s Design Team)

1. What It Feels Like to Work in an Office

The whole premise of the series is focusing on comedy through a short individual chapter in an office setting, and sometimes they can be related to jobs we humans have experienced in life. Each designer has their strength of their own which leads to specialty on specific types of animals. For a group of people with different backgrounds, they create competition against one another to improve the company and themselves. Of course, it goes without saying that they should be done professionally and no harm done to the other person.

And how could we not forget the fact that everyone in the office can be unique and odd? Those traits can make one feel home or a sense of being part of a family in the company. If you have that kind of culture in life, you’re lucky to work in such an environment. If not, you might want to consider moving to another company, a toxic work environment is not healthy for one’s mind.

Pretty sure we all been there when your boss decides to give an assignment or task with an objective so broad that makes us question what in the world do they really want. That approach can create two results: you create something memorable and innovative for society or caused some financial losses for the company.

2. It’s a Manga Aquarium/Zoo

You may have noticed that each chapter showcase three different animals. The authors did an excellent job of implementing them into their chapters and even have pages showing details of said animals extracted from Animal Encyclopedia. The information they provided may seem dull to some people, but the authors made them enjoyable through comedy and social interactions between characters during the design phase of these animals.

Did we also mention that the designers also have to update their existing animals as a way for them to evolve and adapt to the new habitat and defend themselves from other predators? It is crucial to maintain and improve your work so that you, as the designer, progress in your career!

3. Artwork

The characters are exciting, and their distinct design gives off the right air that describes their personalities and interests. Their usual ensemble and the way they represent themselves are like a walking fashion themselves. The animals looked almost similar to the actual ones, and we’re sure that anyone interested in animals would love them.

Why You Should Skip Tenchi Souzou Design-bu (Heaven’s Design Team)

1. Semi-graphic

To anyone who has an empathy level that is off the chart, you may not want to read this manga. There are some scenes where you feel like watching a national geographic channel and witness how animals survive in the ecosystem and how they are consumed by us humans.

Through the creation of new animals to fulfill God’s request, the animals they created through trial and errors bound to die sometimes through high blood pressure, lack of nutrients, and many others. If you can’t bear to see how animals die, although not the non-humane way to die, you might want to avoid it.

2. No Direction

If you were wondering whether there is a story in this series, there is no indication of it from the first volume thus far. The series mainly focuses on short comedy chapters and presents the animals of their choice. As mentioned earlier, this manga is a zoo/aquarium.

Final Thoughts

Heaven’s Design Team doesn’t have a story and is a manga series that talks about animals in an exciting manner for readers. The characters are unique, weird, and admirable in how they treat their work with passion and work alongside others. That is the beauty of a job, but it wouldn’t be if you’re working with someone who just leaves you to handle everything by yourself and drown in a pile of work.

This series is filled with the knowledge of animals they had chosen as the heroes of each chapter, and they looked so adorable as if they are real as well! Although there are some scenes where animal lovers or people with high empathy level might not like that is somewhere along with the natural ecosystem where animals consume each other and animals die in the process of designing new animals to be introduced on Earth.

So if you’re interested in animals and wanted to go to the zoo, but can’t do so due to unavoidable circumstances (Looking at Corona-chan), you might want to give this manga a go and have some laughs in the process of learning animals you’re not aware of. Most importantly, some animals are not meant to poach as they are close to extinction in the current time, so please be considerate and do some research! Which animal is your favorite? Leave them in the comment down below!

Tenchi-Sozo-Design-Bu-manga-356x500 I Can’t Believe We Made That…—Tenchi Souzou Design-bu (Heaven’s Design Team) Vol. 1 Review


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