Top 5 Wackiest Creations in Tenchi Souzou Design-bu (Heaven's Design Team)

The road to success is paved with failed designs. Heaven’s Design Team strives to fulfill God’s ambiguous requests and in this process, the group comes up with tons of wacky designs. Some even get accepted in the end! We took a look through the series that just wrapped up and picked the craziest animal designs. Some are never meant to be and some are… real, despite their over-the-top weirdness.

Spoilers Ahead

5. Xenomorph

Jupiter is known for his off-beat creations. When the team goes on a company trip to the hot springs in Galapagos, he brings his failed design along. It looks too much like a Xenomorph from the Aliens franchise and can spit super-strong stomach acid. Every other guy is creeped out by the Xenomorph, except for Jupiter who invited it to relax. Not only that, but later on Jupiter cooks it and serves it as a delicacy...He’s definitely got some nerve.

4. Naked Mole Rat

In episode 10, Shimoda tests out a new machine that lets you experience an animal’s reality first-hand. He visits the kingdom of the Naked Mole Rat, which at first, looks like a utopia. Every part of their tribe is equal and they all work in unison for harmony. It’s later revealed, though, that their Queen has them all drugged and manipulated to keep things in order! That was a quick turn from utopia to absolute dictatorship...

3. Cerberus

Not only does Heaven's Design Team takes requests from Hell too (after all, if you watched the series, you can see that infernal emissaries are better clients than God) but they even made the Cerberus possible. We know that Cerberus is the guardian of the Underworld in Ancient Greek mythology. What we didn’t know was all about the challenges our team had to face to make a triple-headed gigantic guardian dog work. Venus came up with the idea of giving each head a different personality, this is why Cerberus listens to music in this image above. We’ve got one metalhead, one hip-hopper, and one listening to hardcore. Imagine that!

2. Pegasus

Saturn keeps coming back to his days of glory as a designer and his award-winning horse. He proposes designs based on the horse, but they all get rejected by the engineer. In the first episode, the designers wonder how the Pegasus, a flying horse, could ever become real. For Pegasus to stay in the air, and have the energy to sustain its body, it would have to look far less dignified than the original designs, buffer, and…constantly pooping to keep its body light, as avians do. Those of us who grew up watching My Little Pony just had our childhoods crushed.

1. Bunny Messenger of Hell

Yes, the bunny made it to the top of our list. This is the bunny’s skeleton, designed in episode 11 for speed and efficiency, as a messenger in Hell. Neptune gave the finishing touch to this creepy creation, turning it into one of the most adorable-looking animals. Who knew that bunnies had such a dark backstory and that without their fur they look like something out of a horror story?

Final Thoughts
From buff flying horses to metalhead dogs, and from dictator rats to hellish bunnies, Heaven’s Design Team gave us several failed and successful animal designs that made us laugh and gasp in surprise or disgust. Which creatures in Heaven’s Design Team do you think were the wackiest? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for reading.

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