Idol Jihen Calls It Quits After Nine Months

What You Need to Know:

  • Remember Idol Jihen? Well apparently if you don't, you are among the masses as it is fading fast. Idol Jihen (Idol Incidents) was an anime that aired in Winter this year meeting a lukewarm response. It seems that tepidity has now expanded to the Idol Jihen mobile game.
  • Originally announced for Fall 2014, the game was pushed back to August of 2015, and then did not finally release until October 2016. The anime aired just a few months later in January, and now, support is ending for the game. As of the time of this article, you can no longer make in-app purchases. As of July 31st at 3:00pm you will no longer be able to download the game and service will stop. Then as of August 15th, the app will no longer offer user support.
  • This sort of thing often happens for apps that are designed for anime promotion rather than having a set fanbase and then turned into an anime. Well, if you are playing the game, now is the time to get it if you are interested or call it quits before the ending gets too brutal.

Source: Official Announcement Page

Idol-Jihen-dvd-341x500 Idol Jihen Calls It Quits After Nine Months
Well dang.... no wonder my purchase was not going through!
Idol-Jihen-dvd-341x500 Idol Jihen Calls It Quits After Nine Months
Why do you have my Eva credit card? Hand it over and no one gets thrown into a giant robot

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