IDOLiSH7: The new stars that will shake your world!

In the recent years, there has been an ample amount of male idol anime being released. Although it usually caters to a female audience, almost anyone can appreciate this type of niche genre since music is the primary reason it is well-liked. Handsome men and their different but interesting personalities are a plus to its viewers. Anime such as Uta no Prince-sama, B-project, and Tsukiuta are only some of the ones that are still loved to this day thanks to their wonderful and heartfelt music. Of course, said groups aren’t the center of this article. We have another group that will surely take your breath away and that is none other than IDOLiSH7!

IDOLiSH7 or simply I7 was originally a rhythm game/visual novel for smartphones and was released on August 20, 2015. This multimedia project is developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment with a special collaboration by Lantis. The gameplay of IDOLiSH7 is very similar to another familiar mobile game app, Love Live! Players assume the role of Tsumugi Takanashi and help guide IDOLiSH7 to stardom. There are special events in the game that players will surely enjoy!

IDOLiSH7 is so popular that it has been downloaded by more than 2 million users! It’s no wonder IDOLiSH7 will have an anime adaptation coming out this winter 2018. The studio that will handle the anime adaptation will be TROYCA and the series will be 17 episodes total. With that being said, IDOLiSH7 will also release a game for the Playstation Vita somewhere in 2018. It will be titled “IDOLiSH7 Twelve Fantasia!”

Not only that, IDOLiSH7 also has its own novel and manga adaptations! On the same day the game was released, Tsushimi Bunta released a novel about the everyday lives of IDOLiSH7 and the past of TRIGGER. On that same day too, the manga adaptation drawn and written by Nokoshi Yamada was released as well. The game’s character designer, Arina Tanemura, also released a manga version of Tsushimi Bunta’s I7 novelization on August 1, 2015.

Some well-known animation studios also made special music videos for our beloved male idols! NAZ, BONES, MAPPA, and Kamikaze Douga made one for the group IDOLiSH7. NAZ and BONES also did one for the group TRIGGER. Production I.G handled one music video for Re:vale. For the group ZOOL, however, there is none since the group was only just introduced recently in the game.

Now, you must be scratching your heads on who the other groups are. Well, worry not, we’ll introduce to you the different units that IDOLiSH7 has to offer!

What is IDOLiSH7?

IDOLiSH7 are the main stars of this series and are handled by Takanashi Production Company. Their names contain numbers from 1-7 in kanji form. Just like any other group, they are very close with each other. There are some members who tend to bicker with one another but they complement each other nonetheless. IDOLiSH7 is quite a unique group because of their different music styles and personalities. The members are introduced below numerically starting from 1 to 7.

  • 1. Iori Izumi- Using Tsumugi’s words, Iori is naturally good at singing and dancing. He is the youngest member of the group and has quite an attitude. As said by the others in the game, Iori has a poisonous mouth, which means he can really say hurtful things. But this blue-haired guy loves anything and everything that is cute!
  • 2. Yamato Nikaido- Now we have the oldest member of the group! Since he is the oldest, he is automatically nominated as the leader of IDOLiSH7. He is indifferent most of the time but cares about his other members a lot. Simply put, he’s the big brother of the group but doesn’t quite act like one.
  • 3. Mitsuki Izumi- Now here’s the true big brother of the team! He is the 2nd oldest member of the group and is the big brother of Iori. Unlike his little brother, he isn’t blessed with idol qualities. But his ability to set the mood right is what makes him one of a kind within the group. Since he’s lively and energetic, he is often the one who speaks for the team after performances.
  • 4. Tamaki Yotsuba- Tamaki is the most carefree member of the group. Still, he is the best dancer out of them all. While he likes to do almost everything alone, he can still work well with the group. Tamaki also loves King Pudding so much that he will do anything for it.
  • 5. Sougo Osaka- Sougo is the mother-hen of IDOLiSH7. He is smart and gentle but worries too much. He takes his responsibility very seriously and is good at everything that he does.
  • 6. Nagi Rokuya- Nagi is half-Japanese from a northern European country. He is often seen flirting with the female fans, especially with Tsumugi. He is very beautiful but his otaku side somewhat makes him odd in some ways. He cherishes his friendship with the other members.
  • 7. Riku Nanase- Riku is the center of the team. Out of all the members of the group, he works the hardest. He is a very determined individual with a very soft heart. Overall, he is the most honest and innocent out of the group.

IDOLiSH7 also have their own sub-units. As of now, MEZZO” is the only official sub-unit given with a group name. MEZZO” consists of Tamaki Yotsuba and Sougo Osaka. The remaining two units don’t have their official group name yet. However, fans have given them one in the meantime: Pythagoras Trio and Fly Away. Pythagoras Trio consists of Yamato Nikaido, Mitsuki Mizuki, and Nagi Rokuya. Fly Away, on the other hand, consists of Iori Izumi and Riku Nanase. There are also short-time members of each unit but that will be discussed in the next section.

What is Re:vale?

Re:vale is introduced in the second part of the story. They are somewhat the senpai of IDOLiSH7. They have been in an idol group for 5 years and are quite close with each other. So close in fact, that many regard them as a married couple. They are also a Boke and Tsukkomi duo, which their fans seem to enjoy. Like the two previous groups, their names consist of numbers. Theirs are 100 and 1000.

100. Momo- The childish one of the duo. Momo is so lively and energetic that he literally puts a smile on every person he meets. While he is often like this, he has his serious side, shown when he is sometimes alone.

1000. Yuki- Yuki is the cool and mysterious type, which compliments Momo’s active nature. Although he is calm, Yuki can easily laugh at anything. He is a mature person who looks out for his kouhai in every way possible.

What is ZOOL?

ZOOL is the new male idol group that is introduced in IDOLiSH7. Unlike other units who have their names consist of numbers, their names instead consist of zodiac sign kanji. Since they were only recently introduced in the game, not much is known about them. However, it seems IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale will have a hard time since ZOOL is one hell of a rival and antagonist.

  • Touma Inumaru- One of ZOOL’s main vocalists and is very passionate and enthusiastic about music in general. Although right now he aims to get revenge on TRIGGER.
  • Minami Natsume- Has a gentle smile but hides darkness within himself. A former child actor prodigy.
  • Haruka Izumi- Has a sweet face but is very egotistic. Also one of ZOOL’s primary vocalists.
  • Torao Mido- He is a talented lady-killer like IDOLiSH7’s Nagi Rokuya. However, unlike Nagi, Torao uses women shamelessly and can toss them aside immediately. According to him, he is blessed with extreme luck since birth.


18-year-old Tsumugi Takanashi is given a task to manage 7 boys who are aspiring to become famous idols. However, the president tells her to cut down the group to 4 members only. Tsumugi, seeing the diverse talents and personality of each performer, decides to stick with 7 members. Because of her determination, she passed the test that is given to her. With everything set, the 7 boys, along with Tsumugi, form the group IDOLiSH7. Join in their adventure as they slowly captivate you and the hearts of the people.

Other Characters

Takanashi Production Company

  • Tsumugi Takanashi- The manager of IDOLiSH7. She is willing to give her all to support and guide IDOLiSH7. She is the beloved daughter of Otoharu.
  • Banri Ogami- An all-around worker in the company. He makes sure to take care of everyone in the company and is very thankful for Otoharu for giving him this kind of job.
  • Otoharu Takanashi- Otoharu is oblivious most of the time. He is kindhearted and easygoing. Still, when there is work to be done, he is remarkably good at it.
  • Kinako- The pet rabbit of the company. She is commonly seen with Otoharu and is loved by everyone in the company.

Yaotome Production Company

  • Sousuke Yaotome- The president of Yaotome Productions. Sousuke doesn’t care about TRIGGER’s fans, rather, he only cares about the money that comes to the company thanks to them.
  • Kaoru Anesagi- TRIGGER’s manager. Absolutely diligent in his job and makes sure to bring out the best in TRIGGER.

Affiliated with Re:vale

  • Rinto Okazaki- Rinto is the 5-year manager of Re:vale. He makes sure to remind Re:vale to be humble despite their long successful run in the industry.




  • “I7”- Aug. 24, 2016


  • “Monster Generation”- Dec. 2, 2015
  • “NATSU☆しようぜ!” (NATSU☆Shiyouze!)- July 7, 2016
  • “Sakura Message”- July 7, 2016



  • “REGALITY”- Sept. 20, 2017


  • “SECRET NIGHT”- Dec. 2, 2015



  • “Silver Sky”- Jun. 22, 2016
  • “NO DOUBT”- Jan. 10, 2018



  • “Poisonous Gangster”- Aug. 20, 2017



  • “恋のかけら” (Koi no Kakera)- May 11, 2016
  • “Dear Butterfly”- Nov. 22, 2017

Final Thoughts

With the upcoming anime adaptation of IDOLiSH7 in January 2018, we hope that this somehow helped you understand more about IDOLiSH7. While their music is the primary reason to love them, their personalities, their interaction with one another, and their story is also something to look forward to. Surely you will find a favorite character that you will love since each one is exceptional in their own way.

With that being said, why not try to play the game? It’s very fun! The cards and CGs are definitely nice to collect since it is drawn beautifully. Before ending this article, I want to thank IDOLiSH7 wikia and their other affiliates for translating the story and terms for the game. Most terms used here were translated by them. How about you? Do you intend to watch IDOLiSH7? All your comments regarding IDOLiSH7 are welcome! Stay tuned to Honey’s Anime! Now signing off!

IDOLiSH7-crunchyroll IDOLiSH7: The new stars that will shake your world!


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