I’m Quitting Heroing Review

Heroes, in the anime world, are to be respected and revered for saving lives and facing dangers in pursuit of peace. What if a hero decided to stop protecting those he once did and decided to join the ranks of the enemy? Probably never seen too many anime go for this narrative choice and we would say the same until we saw the series titled I’m Quitting Heroing. Following Leo, our hero becomes feared after he defeats the Demon Queen Echidna and that causes said hero to wish to join her failing ranks. Is this fantasy anime as intriguing as it sounds or should you just quit before even watching episode 1? We find this out in our review of I’m Quitting Heroing! Yes, “heroing” by the way, isn’t a word but that’s the name of the series…we don’t know why either.

A Rare But Fun Premise

After watching thousands of anime series here at Honey’s Anime we won’t say we haven’t seen this premise found in I’m Quitting Heroing before. Ironically, many anime have a kind of similar take on a hero either changing sides or kind of going against the tide due to their treatment. I’m Quitting Heroing though, shifts the narrative for a properly unique anime series. Leo is indeed treated quite badly—looked at as a possible threat due to his OP skills—and him switching sides isn’t done in a dark manner but one that is more comedic, at least at first.

Our hero isn’t modest and knows his skills are second to none so he tends to remind those around him of his abilities, it’s why he originally declined when asking to join the Demon Queen Echidna. From that moment Leo has to hide his presence as the generals of Echidna’s army decide to test his resolve and immediately our hero becomes a task manager helping them deal with various problems that arise. I’m Quitting Heroing keeps this concept up for several episodes but then a rapid change occurs that both shocked us and equally sent the series into somewhat mediocrity.

Leo’s Past Surprise

By episode 7 you’ll discover—big spoiler incoming—that Leo isn’t your typical hero but one that was created 3000 years ago. This shocking revelation reveals I’m Quitting Heroing to be a fantasy that originally took place during our time period—as evident from Tokyo and how it looked before it became a forgotten land—and that Leo is unfortunately not even a normal hero. If I’m Quitting Heroing had any strength as a series it would be solely this turn of events for our hero as viewers will feel quite pained by Leo’s existence and come to see why his action later feels validated. Unfortunately, again this shocking moment comes at a cost for the series.

Spin That Tale Around and Around…Again

Yes, Leo’s story is sad and equally discovering the Demon World being a violent wasteland filled with never-ending violence is depressing as well. Yet, there is a point where it feels like I’m Quitting Heoring reminds you of Echidna’s dark world and Leo’s dark past over and over again! It almost feels like the storytellers here want to make sure you don’t ever feel bad for our main characters and repeat their pains almost a dozen times. There are literal episodes where Leo’s story will be told and then told again by one of the other four generals in Echidna’s army or by Leo himself through a flashback/monologuing. By episode 12 you will be able to write a novel about Leo’s past because you heard it within the anime at least 50 times… which makes for a very repetitive story that diminishes the emotions because of annoying repetition.

A Very Happy, Solid, and Safe Ending

We won’t completely ruin the ending for I’m Quitting Heroing but let us just say this, it’s a good ending…simple as that. I’m Quitting Heroing doesn’t need a second season and really could just do with an OVA episode—which has been confirmed from HIDIVE officially to be happening—but overall the ending feels pretty good. It also is a very SAFE ending with everything working out for Leo and those who have come to know him as a friend. Maybe a darker ending could have been a bit better for the story but really this clean and simple ending feels fitting and we really won’t complain about it.

Final Thoughts

I’m Quitting Heroing isn’t a bad anime and really had the chance to be an incredible fantasy tale with its dark twist from comedy to extreme drama. Unfortunately, some narrative choices make this anime hit repetitive moments that while still dramatic, feel overly assaulting to the viewer. We do recommend giving I’m Quitting Heroing—which can be watched on HIDIVE—but don’t expect the next masterpiece in the world of fantasy anime.

Have you watched I’m Quitting Heroing or plan to, now, after reading our review? Comment below your thoughts as we love to hear from our readers! Don’t forget to check out other anime reviews and articles from our hero-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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