Indivisible - Anime Expo 2017 Demo Review

Indivisible-Anime-Expo-2017-Demo-Indiv_Logo_Final14_FINAL Indivisible - Anime Expo 2017 Demo Review

During Anime Expo, Honey's Anime was lucky enough to be invited by Lab Zero, developers of Skullgirls, to preview their brand new game - Indivisible. While at Anime Expo, Lab Zero showed off a brand new build of Indivisible which is vastly improved from the previously available prototype. We'll be highlighting the various new additions and enhancements that were made to Indivisible, and explaining why we can't wait for it to release!

  • System: PS4, XBO, Switch, PC- Steam/Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Developer: Lab Zero Games
  • Release Date: Fall 2018
  • Pricing: $30 Digital Download, $60 Physical Collector's Edition
  • Rating: Pending
  • Genre: Action-RPG
  • Players: 1
  • Official Website:

Indivisible - Now Coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Who it Caters to

Set in a huge fantasy world, Indivisible takes inspiration from various different cultures and mythologies to build the many ancient environments. A large portion of the demo took place inside of a temple with numerous different paths to explore and enemies to face. Quite a few gameplay elements were influenced by classic games such as Valkyrie Drive and Super Metroid, while still adding a couple of twists to the RPG and platforming elements of both games in order to let Indivisible feel truly unique.

Indivisible-Anime-Expo-2017-Demo-Indiv_Logo_Final14_FINAL Indivisible - Anime Expo 2017 Demo Review

What to Expect

If you've played the prototype build of Indivisible, then you may be familiar with the basic formula of the game. However, the new build has improved on so many aspects, that it could be considered a completely different game. Everything from the combat to the art of the game has been vastly upgraded, with Lab Zero taking much input from the community in how to further improve Indivisible from what was shown. Everything from the game’s UI being much more intuitive, to the amount of options for combat at the player’s disposal, the game has been expanded upon to make for a much nicer experience overall. Any fans with a PS4 should try out the prototype build available now, and anyone who is a fan of platformers or action RPGs of the same nature are sure to be in for a treat when playing Indivisible.


Ajna was raised by her father in the small village of Ashwat. Ajna lived a relatively peaceful life in her village until it was attacked. During the attack, Ajna discovered a strange power which allowed her to absorb certain individuals into herself, sending them into a mysterious dimension which is constantly growing inside of her. With her new-found power, Ajna goes on a quest to find the warlord who destroyed her home, ignorant of the enthralling adventure that awaited her and the various incarnations she finds along the way.

Indivisible-Anime-Expo-2017-Demo-Indiv_Logo_Final14_FINAL Indivisible - Anime Expo 2017 Demo Review

Since the game is still in development, there are not many details revealed yet. What is known is that each incarnation - people Ajna absorbs into herself - has their own unique storyline and personality. Ajna will also explore various unique lands on her journey, inspired by many different cultures and themes. With over two dozen characters planned, there are sure to be a multitude of different and enthralling stories to be told in Indivisible!


Indivisible's gameplay is divided into two categories, platforming and combat. When exploring the overworld, Indivisible plays much like a traditional platformer in the same vein as a game like Super Metroid. Throughout her adventure, Ajna gains access to various different abilities and weapons that aid in her navigation. The first of these weapons obtained is an axe, which allows Ajna to climb any single wall by clinging onto it, but she also gains access to a spear which lets her move along ceilings, and arrows which can be detonated to clear obstacles. These weapons all become natural extensions of Ajna, allowing for seamless transitions between each individual weapon during platforming sections. Ajna also has various different movement options, such as dashing and sliding, which allow her to naturally traverse her environments. The platforming gameplay feels very fluid, and simply travelling around the world is a joy, amplified further by the beautiful and engaging art-style of Indivisible. Once you get a grasp of the controls, the game both looks and feels extremely satisfying to play due to just how responsive every animation and action is.
Indivisible-Anime-Expo-2017-Demo-Indiv_Logo_Final14_FINAL Indivisible - Anime Expo 2017 Demo Review
Platforming sequences also encourage players to explore as much as they can. The main currency for upgrading in Indivisible comes in the form of orbs scattered across the world which can be used to power up Ajna and her group. Orbs are hidden away in various nooks which both incentivize and reward players taking the extra time to look at their surroundings. There were also a few hidden bosses which were encountered in specific areas, furthering the experience for any players who may decide they want to go off the usual path! If this trend continues into the final game, then the best course of action will surely be to take a little bit of extra time to take the road less travelled.

Encountering an enemy in the overworld brings you to the second main gameplay style in Indivisible, the combat. When in combat, Ajna and any of the incarnations she has in her party take up one side of the screen, while enemies occupy the other. During combat, each character must wait for one of their pips, displayed under each individual character, to fill up in order to execute an attack. While attacking, holding either up or down on the directional inputs will attack differently, and you can attack with multiple characters at once to juggle your enemies. Each character has three different attacks, super moves which use a bar to charge up, and a special gimmick unique to themselves. The combat feels lively and dynamic, with each character having a unique role to fulfill while attacking that constantly keeps you thinking as to what the next move should be. Lab Zero also did a great job of incorporating their prior fighting game experience into the combat - with there being few feelings as satisfying as juggling an enemy with various different attacks before they fall. Players are encouraged to experiment with different combos in order to maximize damage, or simply to get the highest combo-chain possible.

Indivisible-Anime-Expo-2017-Demo-Indiv_Logo_Final14_FINAL Indivisible - Anime Expo 2017 Demo Review

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

From what was played at Anime Expo, Indivisible is looking to be a stand-out gem when it comes out in 2018. The amount of polish and work that has come from simply the couple of months between the prototype to the build played makes us incredibly optimistic that the final product will be nothing short of great! As a blend of both platforming and action gameplay, Indivisible does a wonderful job of making both elements incredibly enjoyable. No matter what kind of gameplay you're in at any given moment, the game feels incredibly satisfying to play and handle - with one of the nice touches being how responsive the axe platforming actually feels. Chaining a combo together properly feels exciting, and watching as each character moves to attack invokes the same feeling of impact as watching Skullgirls for the first time - Lab Zero showing once again that they know how to make an attack feel right.

Honey's Pros:

  • Satisfying platforming and combat gameplay.
  • Beautiful environments and background scenery.
  • Varied characters keep combat interesting.

Honey's Cons:

  • Not releasing until Fall 2018

Honey's Final Verdict:

The Indivisible Backer Preview gave us a small glimpse into the future of the game, and leaves a desire for more once you finish. It's very easy to tell the amount of effort and heart that went into making this game, and that the final product is sure to be great if this is any indication of what Lab Zero is capable of. If you're looking for a new side-scrolling platformer, or a brand new RPG to sink your teeth into, Indivisible is sure to provide plenty of enjoyment for both audiences, and we can't wait to cover it upon release.

If you managed to play Indivisible at Anime Expo, or have any other thoughts on the game, feel free to start a discussion in the comment section below! Indivisible is currently available to pre-order on every gaming platform, so feel free to support the developers if the game is to your liking!

Indivisible-Anime-Expo-2017-Demo-Indiv_Logo_Final14_FINAL Indivisible - Anime Expo 2017 Demo Review


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