Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review

Indivisible-Intro-560x315 Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review

Finally - an RPG with beautiful diversity, an original story, challenging gameplay, and gorgeous art!

  • System: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Linux, Mac, GOG
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Developer: Lab Zero Games
  • Release Date: Oct. 8, 2019

Who it Caters to

Indivisible-Intro-560x315 Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review
Indivisible appeals to RPG gamers as well as platform gamers. It has elements of both genres, so players that like a platformer that also has a good story and character development system will be especially drawn into Indivisible. There are constantly different terrains to navigate using platforming controls, and Indivisible also has the expansive ability, equipment, and party customisation options. That definitely keeps things from ever getting dull by always presenting you with a challenge, be it tackling a particularly difficult wall jump or a tough boss battle.

Indivisible also caters to an audience that many other games do not - minority players, especially women, people of colour, and players from non-Western cultures. Although Indivisible is made in America, the main character Ajna is a woman of colour from a non-Western fantasy town. The rest of the game continues to names, characters, clothing, lore, and other design from cultures all around the world. Many fantasy games draw their inspiration from Europe and the rest of Western Civilisation almost exclusively, and Indivisible is so much more inclusive and broader than that.

What to Expect

Indivisible-Intro-560x315 Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review
Indivisible is something between a platformer and an RPG. Between combat, the game behaves like a platform game. You have to navigate across the map using jumping, crouching, and dashing to avoid enemies, solve puzzles, and cross the terrain. When you encounter an enemy to fight, Indivisible becomes an RPG that is somewhat real time strategy and somewhat turn-based. It’s important to have a party ready that can cover your weaknesses while asserting your strengths, and you control all four party members simultaneously using different buttons on the controller.

Because of this combination of different gameplay elements, expect to spend some time learning how to successfully play Indivisible before being good at it. The platforming controls take time to figure out and adjust to, and combat also takes practise to master. Expect to rely on fast instincts and good timing to really succeed in battle, especially harder battles that require clean blocks to win. Your brain and fingers need to be aware of four different characters that may be being attacked, or attacking, simultaneously.

So while you can expect a heartfelt story, beautiful backgrounds and hand-drawn art, and diverse characters in Indivisible, you should also expect to take time to master the game. With time and practise, you can learn how the combat system and gameplay work and can tackle harder and harder enemies and areas. But until then, you should also expect to fail and learn from your mistakes so you can try again.


Indivisible-Intro-560x315 Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review
The heroine of Indivisible is a young woman named Ajna who lives in a small, rural town with her father. Her father has been training her whole life to be a strong fighter, and while Ajna wants to make him proud, her rebellious streak results in her often talking back to him or trying to ditch her training. That all changes after one of their training sessions when Ajna returns to find her village burning, and a mysterious man named Dhar standing over her dying father.

Determined to seek revenge for her father and her home, Ajna engages Dhar in battle. That’s when things get really weird; Dhar somehow gets trapped inside of Ajna in a weird place known as her Inner Realm. When Ajna centres her chakra and enters the Inner Realm after him, she learns they cannot attacks one another there. Dhar can, however, speak with her and aid her in battle. Ajna learns from Dhar that he is acting on behalf of a faraway prince, and decides to leave everything she has ever known behind to find justice and defeat this prince - along with Dhar’s somewhat unwilling assistance along the way.


Indivisible-Intro-560x315 Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review
Indivisible is a side-scrolling platformer where you mostly control the main character, Ajna, on her adventure. You can run, jump, and crouch your way across the world, using weapons and abilities to face your enemies. Weapons can also be used outside of combat to tackle rough terrain you may face and help you to get past obstacles. A huge part of gameplay in Indivisible is the Incarnation system. Incarnations are people that Ajna meets and connects with and then absorbs to help her in battle. New Incarnations unlock new abilities and weapons, and the more Ajna has, the stronger she is. They reside in Ajna’s “Inner Realm,” a haven within her that evolves as you progress through the game and serves as a place to track quests, level up, and talk to Incarnations to learn more about them.

Combat consists of Ajna and up to three Incarnations that make up a party. Which Incarnations you use are up to you to decide. Each Incarnation is connected to a button on the controller and can be controlled by the player in this way. For example, when an enemy attacks, if you hit that Incarnation’s button at the right time you can perform a block. Perfect timing can earn a clean block, negating almost all damage. You can also attack with any character when their wait bar, called a “pip,” is full, making the combat not strictly turn-based. It takes more of these pips to perform bigger combos, but they can be activated at any time. Each character and Incarnation has three different attacks to learn and experiment with, too!

Indivisible has full trophy support on the PlayStation network so you can track your achievements and compete with your friends.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Indivisible-Intro-560x315 Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review
Indivisible is a great new game for today’s gaming world, taking risks that other independent game companies may not be willing to take. It’s a full-fledged, challenging RPG with lots of characters, abilities, equipment, and places to explore to keep gamers playing for hours on end. Indivisible also features a female heroine of colour with a non-Western accent as the main character, something the gaming world is severely lacking. The rest of Indivisible follows along with that, using characters and environments based on cultures from all around the world instead of only Western ideas of fantasy. While some indie games may only keep you occupied for a few hours, Indivisible promises to give you gameplay for days, if not a few months.

Honey's Pros:

  • Indivisible uses hand-drawn art rather than 3D graphics, which is great! It makes the game stand out and adds something special to it. The art itself is fantastic, in case you were wondering!
  • The world and characters in Indivisible are all based on different cultures and mythologies from around the world. Not only does that make the game very inclusive for today’s audience, but it also offers a unique opportunity to educate people and open minds a little.
  • There are so many playable characters (20 at launch and 10 more free DLC coming later) so you don’t have to worry if you don’t like all of them.
  • All major characters and main plot arcs are fully voice-acted so you don’t have to spend a ton of time reading and lose any feeling of immersion.
  • Your only limits to exploring the game world freely (after completing the linear beginning) are your own skills and abilities, and how much you want to do. You can stick to the main plot and just focus on that, or you can go wherever you want and find many side quests, new characters, equipment, and more. Nothing is blocked off as long as you have the skill to reach it and survive.

Honey's Cons:

  • While most of the voice-acting is fine, sometimes it sounds forced or unbelievable depending on the character.
  • Most cutscenes consist of still images with sound effects and voices, but without anything moving the longer scenes begin to feel boring and drawn out. Dialogue in them can not be skipped to speed them up, you can only skip the entire scene.
  • The platforming controls are not explained very well from the beginning (some are not explained at all), so gamers unfamiliar with this style of gameplay can get easily frustrated by wall jumping, crouching, and more. This may hold gamers back from the combat and story elements that they want to experience.
  • Indivisible uses a save point system, which can be frustrating for gamers with limited time or who are used to the freedom of being able to save any time in the game.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Indivisible-Intro-560x315 Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review
Some people go into indie games with a low expectation, but you can safely set yours pretty high with Indivisible. From the same team that brought us Skullgirls, Indivisible is beautiful hand-drawn fun and it’s own special brand of adventure. Taking gamers seemingly around the world, introducing so many characters, incorporating the best parts of mythology, and offering a real challenge, Indivisible is a great role-playing experience. It’ll keep gamers busy for days to come as they play to discover all of the secrets hidden in Indivisible alongside an already excellent main story. It’s time to get swept away to a mystical land and experience a narrative that is truly original!

Are you excited to try out Indivisible? What part of the game has sold you on it the most? Have you already tried the game now? What did you think of it? How does it compare to other fantasy RPGs on the market? Drop us a comment below!

Indivisible-Intro-560x315 Indivisible - PlayStation 4 Review


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