Shinji Ikari's Seiyuu & More Join Fall Sci-fi Game Anime, Ingress The Animation's Cast! More Staff & New Key Visual Now Out Too!

Ingress The Animation

Sci-fi, Action, Game

Airing Date:
October 2018


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At the CERN facility in Geneva, in the shadow of the discovery of the Higgs-Boson, a secret project was taking place: The Niantic Project. Scientists have discovered a mysterious substance that can interface directly with the human brain. This substance, called “Exotic Matter (XM)”, has existed since ancient times, influencing human minds and the progress of humanity.

In the wake of this discovery, a battle of powerful nations and corporate giants has been unleashed. Organizations across the globe have embarked on a secret race to exploit XM. It represents both an opportunity and a threat to humanity.

Two factions seek to control XM, and through it, human destiny. The Enlightened view XM’s power as a gift that enhances the human experience and discovery. The Resistance see XM as a hostile takeover of the human mind, choosing technology as humanity’s best path forward. XM, and the mystery behind it, lie at the center of this battle for the fate of humanity.


Now, a new struggle is about to unfold in Tokyo and cross the globe. Dangerous and powerful forces seeking to exploit the potential of XM will collide. This groundbreaking project will mark the beginning of an epic augmented-reality experience combining the three elements of animation, location-based gaming, and the real world.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Yoshiki Nakajima

Makoto is a commissioned special investigator at the Metropolitan Police Department. He has the ability ‘Psycho Memory’ which allows him to read the memories of anything he touches. He meets Sarah, and learns the secrets behind both the existence of XM as well as his own power.


Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

Sarah is a young woman who has lost her memories. As a result of the explosion at the Huron Research Facility where XM was being researched, she ends up meeting Makoto.


Voice Actor: Shigeo Kiyama

Jack is a former mercenary turned agent. He’s a mysterious man on the trail of Sara. He has a power called ‘Flash Forward’ which allows him to see a moment into the future.

ADA (A Detection Algorithm)

Voice Actor: Emi Ogata

ADA is an AI created in order to assist the researchers at Niantic Planning. After coming into contact with XM, she gained emotions.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Niantic, Inc.
  • Director: Yuuhei Sakurai
  • Assistant Director: Keiya Irikawa
  • Script: Souki Tsukishima, Tora Tsukishima, Sou Akasaka
  • Original Illustrator: Takeshi Honda
  • Music: Hidehiro Kawai

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