Inuyasha Live Stage Reveals Visuals for Sesshoumaru, Naraku and More!

What You Need to Know:

  • Blast from the past, Inuyasha is getting a live stage play! Just in case you were not in the know, now you know.
  • Today the official twitter has gone on to announce and tweet out images of the following roles for the upcoming Inuyasha Live Stage Play: Sesshoumaru, Miroku, Naraku, and Kaede.
  • Sesshoumaru will be played by Hiroki Sana, Miroku will be played by Yukihiro Takiguchi, Naraku will be played by Ryou Kimura, and Kaede will be played by Kaoru Noguchi. It opens on April 4th and will run until the 16th. Check out the visuals below.

Official Twitter

honey's anime character
I am here for these Sesshoumaru and Naraku visuals. They look JUST like the characters!

honey's anime character
Sesshoumaru looks so dreamy~~~~~~~ This is what happens when you cast things correctly. Clearly Rumiko Takahashi is not playing the radio with her work.

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