Inuyashiki Reported to the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization Over Violence

What You Need to Know:

  • The Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization or BPO is a non-profit watchdog that was established to maintain ethical standards as well as push companies to ensure free speech and expression. They generally field complains from the public and share them with the readers of the site while reporting how the public feels about broadcasting to the respective broadcasting entities. Because this is a watchdog organization, anime is often on the chopping block for being too violent, sexy, wild, or anything that can be interpreted as unpleasant.
  • Recently, they posted their findings on their website and wouldn't you know it, the scene where Hiro goes into that house and kills the family in Inuyashiki had a complaint filed against it. Naturally, it was a very dark and distressing scene, and apparently so as they published the comment on their website.
  • The comment is as follows: "During an anime, there was a scene where a character intruded on a home that was not theirs and successively killed all of the members of the family. The cruelty was unpleasant to watch. Even if it is in the late night anime time slot, if this was recorded, I worry that children could potentially see it and be influenced negatively."
  • While these comments are to be expected, it was an extremely violent scene, one should note that these comments come in often and have been lodged in the past against shows like sin Nanatsu no Taizai, Kuzu no Honkai, Osomatsu-san, Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, Yo-kai Watch and more. Thoughts?

Source: BPO Official Website

honeys anime character
Ugh! There are so many other things that happen and this? Come on! There are much worse things that happen. Besides, who randomly turns on a TV at 2 or 3 am and is like 'omg this is too violent! Think of the children!' If you let your children watch scenes like that, the problem is not with the scene, but with your parenting.

honeys anime character
While I do agree that we should take care to monitor what small children watch, that scene was pretty extreme for a television anime. Too many comments against an anime could get it pulled. Let's just hope that there are no more.