Inuyashiki - Fall 2017

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Drama, Sci-fi

Airing Date:
October 13 2017


Honey’s Highlights

bee-love Inuyashiki - Fall 2017
Inuyashiki is the Noitamina anime of the season! You know it has to be good. Attack on Titan, Kabaneri and more were Noitamina anime too!
bee-love Inuyashiki - Fall 2017
Cyborgs battling it out. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. WAIT. This is by Hiroya Oku!!!!
bee-love Inuyashiki - Fall 2017
Yeah! You know he did Gantz and Hen as well so you know that this is bound to have the same dark, horror themes.
bee-love Inuyashiki - Fall 2017
Yeah. Ajin and Gunslinger Girl look like they will be similar anime.

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Ichirou Inuyashiki is a boring salaryman reaching old age. He spends his days alienated at work and at home, but one day he is suddenly diagnosed with cancer and falls into despair. That’s when, thanks to a certain accident, he receives super-hero like powers.

Then there’s high-school student Hiro Shishigami, who was also involved in the accident and starts using the powers he received as he wishes.

Is the true nature of humans good or evil? These two who have gained great powers start to move according to each of their feelings.

Three Episode Impression

From the dude who brought us Gantz, welcome to Inuyashiki. Inuyashiki is about an old man alienated by his family. Rude and selfish, they only see him as a source for money and nothing else. One day, he ends up at a park in a depression after being told he has terminal cancer and sees a bright light. The next thing he knows, he wakes up with a super futuristic body full of weapons bequeathed from beings from the light. He decides to use his powers to save people. Hiro, the boy who also received a robotic body, decides to use his powers to terrify people to feel alive.

This show is what we expected and more. Though, Inuyashiki doesn’t really need to sing each time he wants to transform his body. It is slowly building and right after Hiro murders a whole family, Inuyashiki confronts him, and Hiro realizes that he has a rival. The viewer is subjugated to all of these emotions where you just want to leap through the screen and give Hiro and Inuyashiki’s family a smack down, but it seems as if we are just going to have to wait a little bit longer for Inuyashiki to do it himself. A must watch this season hands down.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Ichirou Inuyashiki

Voice Actor: Fumiyo Kohinata

A businessman with white hair and so many wrinkles he doesn’t look like he’s 58 at all. One day, when walking his dog Hanako, he’s involved in a UFO crash and is reborn with a mechanical body. Having lost his human body, he starts to dedicate his energy to helping people in order to feel alive.

Hiro Shishigami

Voice Actor: Nijirou Murakami

A high-school student who lives with his mother. He has a dual nature in that he worries about his mother and his childhood friend Andou more than anyone, but is completely apathetic when it comes to other people. Involved in the same incident as Inuyashiki, he also gains a mechanical body, but instead commits crime after crime in order to feel alive.

Naoyuki Andou

Voice Actor: Kanata Hongou

Naoyuki is the childhood friend of Hiro and the only person Hiro will open up to. His nickname is the chinese reading of his kanji, ‘Chokko’. Because he is so kind, he is teased by his classmates and starts to shut himself off from the world. However, since he feels that he needs to stop Hiro from running out of control with his mechanical body, Naoyuki teams up with Ichirou Inuyashiki to stop him.

Mari Inuyashiki

Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka

Mari is Inuyashiki’s daughter and a classmate of Shishigami and Ando. In contrast with her attractive figure and good looks, she thinks of her aging father as a burden. Her dream is to become a manga artist.

Shion Watanabe

Voice Actor: Sumire Morohoshi

Shion is Ando and Shishigami’s classmate, and lives together with her grandmother. Due to her characteristically frizzy hair, she is teased by her classmates. However, when she sees Shishigami stand up for Ando who is being bullied, she starts to have feelings for him.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: MY HERO by MAN WITH A MISSION
  • Ending Song: Ai wo Oshietekureta Kimi e by Qaijff

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hiroya Oku
  • Director: Shuuhei Yabuta, Keiichi Satou
  • Script: Kouji Seko
  • Series Composition: Kouji Seko
  • Character Design: Naoyuki Onda

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