Is Anime on Netflix Good or Bad?

In the last decade, anime has become something of a new craze. Those who never even heard of shows like Boku no Hero Academia or Tokyo Ghoul now wear T-shirts and have messenger bags with these shows images/characters on them! Anime movies are now often appearing for several day stints in movie theaters and numerous streaming services are offering tons of anime for fans to enjoy. Netflix in particular has been truly ramping up the release of anime series both self published—though still made in Japan—and shows from the current anime seasons! Needless to say, Netflix is truly bringing the anime—as the kids say—and we have to smile that anime is becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day. However, Netflix streaming anime has also lead to some interesting discussions with fans such as when Evangelion was re-dubbed with a somewhat weaker cast and with some shows being exclusive only to Netflix in lieu of sites like Amazon or Crunchyroll. These thoughts have combined together to make us wonder…Is Anime on Netflix: Good or Bad?

The Good: Wider Range of Viewers=More Fans

When most of us anime viewers were growing up—back in the early 90s to 2000s—we struggled to let the world know of our anime love. Often, we were bullied or treated poorly for a medium most didn’t understand. In recent years, anime has grown to be quite popular with even those who we consider “casual” fans. Streaming services—in this case Netflix—are largely to thank for this emergence of anime fans as people see a show pop up and go…why don’t we check this out? More fans means more anime love and more anime love means more anime being created. In our minds, Netflix scores a big win in helping spread the anime glory.

The Bad: Altered Anime on Netflix

The problem with Netflix having rights to some anime is both a good thing but also a scary one. Back to our original statement about Evangelion. Netflix obtained the right to stream Evangelion on their service, but in the process, altered the show in some odd ways. While the visuals were bolstered quite a bit—Evangelion looks pretty good now for an older series—the removal of the original English cast was a rather annoying one. Add to that, music was removed/altered and even dialogue was changed in concerns to character’s sexuality/love. Netflix might not have altered many shows on their platform, but it worries us if they gain the rights to do this with other older shows. Fans would begin to have mobs ready if classics like Evangelion began to get changed for the worse.

The Good: Look at all the Anime!!!

If you had Netflix during its infancy then you know anime was scarce on the site. You could rarely find shows to watch and if you did, they seemed to only be around for a little while at best. Now in 2019, there are 30+ anime series on Netflix ranging from popular series to even indie anime titles! That amount means it’s rare for viewers to not find a new show to enjoy and Netflix seems to constantly add more anime as the months go on! Pretty soon we might even see shows from the early 90s in droves on Netflix for those who love the classics.

The Bad: Quick Entrance and Even Quicker Exit

Anime enthusiasts know obtaining the rights for any series to be aired on a platform isn’t a cheap expense. Netflix might have a ton of assets at the moment with its 150+ million subscribers, but it also has a lot of expenses being paid out to creators of Netflix original movies and anime series. How often do you see an anime series you love only have a small run on Netflix before getting the boot? Quite often, right? Well folks, that probably will happen more and more as Anime becomes bigger on Netflix. Original shows might have a longer stay on the platform but shows that cost the company a pretty penny probably will only be on the streaming service for a limited time at best. Collecting anime via buying series on either download services or physical release still is the best way to make sure you can re-watch a classic over and over without worrying if it will be purged in a month or two.

Final Thoughts

Anime on Netflix isn’t something we see as 100% bad readers. As Netflix grows and sees a surge of anime viewers emerge, anime will prosper even stronger on the platform so we can get even more series to enjoy at our leisure. However, with every positive we can think of, there are also negative condensations that could potentially hold back Netflix from being the best anime streaming site. What do you readers believe? Is Anime on Netflix Good or Bad? Why or why not? Comment below with your thoughts and be sure to keep stuck to our hive for even more articles like this one done by us here at Honey’s Anime!

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