Is Goku a Real Hero?

Goku, everyone’s favorite Saiyan from the amazing Dragon Ball series. Whether Goku is in regular form or rocking his yellow hair when he goes Super Saiyan—or the other colors he now has—Goku is considered by many to be Earth’s savior. Goku has indeed saved the blue planet from androids, alien invaders and created creatures so we do agree he has saved Earth numerous times. Yet, we also notice Goku tends to revel in fighting strong warriors and while he has an honorable heart, he tends to sometimes take chances with letting people get stronger before fighting them later. That’s why we want to ask this question we thought of at random. Is Goku a Real Hero? Let us find out as we explore the Dragon Ball series.

Saves the planet from baddies

First and foremost, let’s look at the heroic things Goku has done for humans and aliens alike. Earth has been invaded by evil Saiyan warriors—like Vegeta and Raditz—as well as beings from this planet like Doctor Gero and his infamous Red Ribbon Army. Needless to say, even when Goku was a foolish child, he was still destroying bad people and taking down anyone who threatened others. Goku even stayed dead at the end of the Cell Saga just to keep the Earth from being hunted by more beings that seemed to be drawn to him. Fighting baddies and sacrificing himself to keep his family and friends safe is pretty heroic, if we do say so ourselves.

Allows some baddies some time to get stronger

Now there were some non-heroic moments of Goku’s time such as when Earth was threatened by Buu. When Buu was at his weakest, Goku could have obliterated the pink monster but instead, allowed him to go and get stronger before fighting him. Goku is a Saiyan and, like his brothers/sisters, that means Goku thrives off a challenge and is always looking for one. In this case though, the said challenge could have cost more people their lives—and kind of did cost his son’s life almost—which isn’t a very heroic action…
Tends to endanger his family

Heroes like Batman and Superman we’ve seen in comics allow their sons—or siblings—to fight with them when the odds are down and they need some back up. The concept itself makes sense to have a family of warriors stick together to fight together. However, in Goku’s case, we don’t know how we feel about throwing his academic son into the fray against Raditz or Cell. Goku tends to annoy Chi-Chi by doing this in all of the Dragon Ball stories and we can’t blame her. Goku, just because Gohan wants to be smart, doesn’t mean taking him away from school and throwing him against deadly beings is a good idea.

Never backs down when the odds are against him

Heroes are known for their resilience against just quitting when the odds are against them. Goku is the same, especially when his friends are about to die in front of him or do perish—rest in peace Krillin during the Frieza Saga—and that is quite admirable. Goku will often rush into a fight even after he’s been thrown around a lot and is close to death—example: Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball Z—and that is a hero’s true power. Thankfully though, Senzu Beans are occasionally on hand to help Goku get back some of his lost power.

Isn’t a human

This last header might take you back or make you say “no duh,” but have you ever thought about Goku’s origins? Goku is from the Saiyan race, a race that is known for taking over planets and fighting just for the thrill of it which ultimately means Goku is obviously not human. We think this is an important concept to realize though as Goku doesn’t necessarily have the same concepts as a human would even if he was raised by his adopted parent when he crashed to Earth. What this means essentially is Goku isn’t bound to act heroic like a normal man or woman would but instead has heroism that abides by his personal feelings and thoughts. Can you say a dog is a hero when he rushes to save his master from danger or can you say that’s just his instincts as a pet who loves his owner?

Final Thoughts

In our minds, folks, Goku isn’t a defined hero but has heroism built into his actions as a warrior of Earth. Goku has saved many lives over the course of his lifetime and equally has sacrificed himself numerous times to keep planet Earth safe. Whether Goku did this out of pride or desire isn’t important in our hearts, we just know that Goku is a hero despite sometimes doing some incredibly risky things. With that being said though we’ll open the floor to you readers out there. Do you think Goku is a Hero? Let us know in the comments below so we can discuss our thoughts further! If you liked this article we have hundreds more like it here at Honey’s Anime!

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