Is it Worth Building a Digital Anime Library?

Those who consider themselves gamers have long struggled with the pains of deciding between digital or physical games. Having a physical library of games is truly incredible as you get to have a real-world cornucopia of games, but digital means your games will never perish as long as you have a means of downloading them via a digital medium. Anime fans have always been more focused on physical purchases—when they could afford it—but digital anime has still been an alternative thanks to some stores like Apple’s iTunes and Amazon. However, here’s the big question of the day: Is It Worth Building a Digital Anime Library? Today, we’ll examine the reasons why you should go digital and why it can be an easier alternative for collecting and amassing anime titles!

Savings Galore

Easily one of the better elements of leaning towards a digital library is the savings one can net. Anime isn’t extremely expensive—unless it’s from a specific anime publisher who is pretty infamous for their prices—but digital anime is truly a bigger savings. iTunes is the best place to get a ton of anime movies for almost $10-$15 dollars cheaper than physical copies and some classic anime series can be found on Amazon for huge bargains! The reality is simple folks, those looking to save a buck will no doubt enjoy the realm of digital purchases.

Anime on the Go!

Watching anime on a big TV or monitor never gets old but lugging around a 50 inch TV when you go on vacation or a business trip can be a bit…troublesome. That’s when digital anime comes into play! The beauty of digital downloads for anime series is that you can watch them on your phone, tablet, laptop and/or other portable devices. This makes watching anime even easier and so much more enjoyable. Unless you really want to bring a giant TV to your next family vacation. Pretty sure your parents won’t be too happy that you have gone from one house to another just glued to your favorite anime series.

Secure and Organized

We’ve talked about collecting physical anime plenty of times in past articles but we’ve always made sure to mention the pain of keeping your anime library neat and organized. Buying shelves and organizing a series by year of release or alphabetically can be a true chore. Add to that the reality that physical anime could be misplaced, damaged by wear and tear and/or just lost due to negligence. Digital anime libraries don’t have these problems. Even if you accidentally delete a series or switch devices, you can often re-download an anime to another phone and have your device automatically organize a series in a smoother way. Neat and clean is always a good way to be when you’re an anime collector and the digital world allows that to be easier than the physical one.

Might Be the Way of the Future

As games are going more digital, anime could soon follow that trend in the later years. The reality of it is that digital media is always easier for companies to maintain—in terms of cost and value—versus the pains of physical releases. It might be hard to love digital anime but if publishers follow the examples of others, digital content might be the only way to enjoy newer series/movies.

Final Thoughts

Physical anime collections—at the moment—still have more pros in comparison to digital anime libraries. At the moment, a lot of anime isn’t readily available to be downloaded and publishers still rely on releasing anime series/movies via the physical release. However, if digital anime becomes more readily available you can 100% bet it will have plenty of supporters who will show it could be a better alternative to physical anime in the future. Where do you readers stand in regard to physical anime versus digital anime? Do you feel it’s worth buying anime digitally? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts! If you enjoy articles like this one then you’ll find we have plenty more to scour through here at Honey’s Anime!

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