Is Kirito Everywhere!?!?

Love it or hate it, Sword Art Online forever changed the anime world when it popped into existence back in 2012. Otaku worldwide became obsessed with the idea of entering a gaming world and becoming the next hero and/or escaping our world entirely. Sword Art Online wasn’t the first isekai—don’t forget about .hack//sign—but it created a revolution that can be felt nearly a decade later. You know what else can be felt everywhere in the anime world? Kirito’s presence! Honestly, have you looked around your favorite anime and seen a Kirito there? You probably have and that’s because Kirito—aka Kazuto Kirigaya—is basically in every isekai ever.

That OP Hero Is Like Waldo

Who here is watching Spirit Chronicles—Seirei Gensouki in Japanese—and already noticed Kirito is literally the main star? Not only is Rio—the main protagonist—voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka—Kirito’s voice actor—but the dude is just as OP as our SAO star! Rio’s original body—Haruto Amakawa—was a practioner of Kendo, like Kazuto in the real world and even wears similar clothing as our “Black Swordsman”. Rio even has a bevy of waifu nipping at his heels but seems to conveniently not realize it like Kirito when he was in the world of Aincrad. Anime fans don’t need to be masters of Where’s Waldo books to spot Kirito in Spirit Chronicles, he’s the main star and quite noticeable.

Is That You Again, Kirito!?

Another series Kirito’s spirit can be felt in is Trinity Seven which might be more ecchi focused—oppai for the win—but the main man is, again, quite similar. Again, Matsuoka voices main male lead Arata Kasuga and, let’s be real, Arata is a powerhouse thanks to his extremely special talents. Yes, Trinity Seven and Sword Art Online are two different anime experiences but it shows that Kirito can transcend more than isekai stories and go even into harems! Kirito…why are you so lucky with the ladies!?

Kirito’s appearance can also be found in shows like The Irregular at Magic High School--older Kirito--and Masamune-kun’s Revenge. Even the main man Touya Mochizuki from In Another World With My Smartphone could be a Kirito doppelganger! Maybe we’re just being silly but could it be Kirito’s power has allowed him to make clones that look different but share similar abilities and looks!?

Still Don’t Believe Kirito Is Everywhere?

Sword-Sword-Art-Online-Wallpaper-700x393 Is Kirito Everywhere!?!?

Otaku culture is amazing because we need to see things to truly believe. That’s why we know some of our fellow otaku out there want to fly to the comments and say “No, Kirito isn’t in everything” but here’s where we make your eyes open wide with surprise. Kirito isn’t just voiced in many isekai by the same man but his character design can be felt in most anime…he is most isekai male leads.

Kirito himself isn’t that spectacular of a MC in terms of looks but has a very generic set of characteristics and that is done deliberately. Don’t forget, the point of watching an isekai is to feel as if you’ve been whisked away to another world and given a new lease on life. Kirito works in so many shows with OP protagonists because he looks like a generic young Japanese male. Short black hair, a slender body that’s neither overly toned nor too outlandish, and a typical high school mentality of loving games and wanting to be the best at them. Kirito is everywhere because he’s essentially a poster boy for a normal man becoming extraordinary! Isn’t that a wild revelation!?

Why We Love Kirito

It could seem like we’re dissing our beloved Kirito by making jokes about his appearance in all isekai anime or shows with OP MCs but we’re really not. Kirito has become one of our favorite MCs for being so cool and embodying what it would be like to become an overpowered warrior if given the chance. Our admiration for Kirito is quite high here at Honey’s Anime since let’s be honest, the dude kicks serious butt! How can we hate on anyone like that?

Final Thoughts

Kirito is in almost every anime lately and that isn’t a bad thing realistically. Sure, it can be tiring to see his ideology in a lot of isekai shows and sometimes we do believe he’s way too OP, but that’s the charm of characters like him, they can win even the toughest of battles. Do you agree with us that Kirito is everywhere in the anime world or do you feel we missed the mark? Let us know in the comments below! Continue following our OP hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime-themed articles!

Sword-Sword-Art-Online-Wallpaper-700x393 Is Kirito Everywhere!?!?


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