Is Spending Money in Fate/Grand Order worth it?

If you’ve played almost any—and we mean any—mobile game, then you’ve probably seen the surreal amount of ways you can spend real money for in-game items. Many mobile games from Japan have a gacha theme to them that rewards players who spend money by giving them characters/items albeit randomly. Like loot boxes, these gacha games are a form of gambling as you can spend hundreds of dollars and get nothing or spend a few dollars and win a supremely rare character/item. Fate/Grand Order is no exception to this as it gives players Saint Quartz that can be used to summon servants from the Fate series and/or give them exp related items or equipment cards. It’s enticing to spend some cash to speed up a process that can take hours of game time to achieve Saint Quartz, but today we ask a question many have found themselves asking internally. Is Spending Money in Fate/Grand Order Worth It? We will look at two pros and two cons on spending hard earned cash in Fate/Grand Order and will maybe end this debate once and for all!

Speed the Process Up!

Fate/Grand Order is a ton of fun and gives players tons of missions to do and enemies to slay for rewards and Saint Quartz. However, Saint Quartz takes a considerable time to earn and sometimes only comes as fragments which needs several to make one actual Saint Quartz. Yet, if you spend real world money, you can gain several Saint Quartz—the price ranges from as low as a dollar for one Quartz or almost a hundred for dozens—instantaneously. If you need a new servant—especially the limited time ones—then spending your hard earned paycheck on Fate/Grand Order ends up being quite worth it.

Gacha Can Be Fun

The beauty of gacha games here or in Japan is that it’s kind of fun to gamble from time to time. While you won’t always get a servant you want or need, there are times where you’ll see the summoning circle light up and boom…you got Saber Alter or Arthur Pendragon and want to cry in sheer bliss! Gambling—when done in small doses and by those of the right age—can be exciting, especially when you get what you want. However, that also leads into our first con about spending money in Fate/Grand Order

Don’t Expect to Get Much

Here at Honey’s Anime, we have spent our fair amount of cash in Fate/Grand Order and no plenty of others who have done the same. You know what is one thing we tend to say more often than not? The phrase “it wasn’t worth it.” We have found that even after spending tons of money in Fate/Grand Order, we only got a few good servants or rare ones we desperately wanted. The majority of Saint Quartz we used led us to either having repeat servants or equipment cards we have in bucket loads. It’s hard to justify losing a day’s worth of your paycheck on getting nothing but duplicates and unneeded/desired cards.

Removes the Hard Work

While time is a very precious commodity, playing any game is an investment in time in of itself. When you play a tough game like Dark Souls or the new Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, dying and struggling—while rage inducing—is part of the fun. You’re investing your time to get better and equally making progress that you earned with your hard work and investment. The same can be said of Fate/Grand Order. Playing through the story or doing the weekly missions might be tedious at times, but it allows the player to earn the resources they need and eventually get rewarded—hopefully at least—with that servant they so desire. Spending money to quicken the process removes the hard work element and equally makes the sense of accomplishment become a superficial feeling. What’s more rewarding? Getting something you worked hard for or being given to you for no reason?

Final Thoughts

Fate/Grand Order is an exciting mobile game that is fun and truly enjoyable. While spending money in Fate/GO might be seen as a negative, the reality is it does also help support the developers and allows Fate/GO to continue being updated with newer content and keeps its longevity going where most games like it die off after the first year. Is Spending Money in Fate/Grand Order Worth It? We think yes…in small doses. If you spend thousands of dollars on Saint Quartz for every limited event that comes around…then maybe you’re not doing what you should be with your income. What do you folks think though? Do you agree with our thoughts above or feel that spending money in Fate/GO is completely fine and worthwhile? Comment below to sound off and for articles just like this one, be sure to keep stuck to us here at Honey’s Anime!

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